The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Beginning to Feel Like Home


Thankful we were finally settled into our room we were going over to Gi’s parents for lunch to finalize the arrangements for the engagement getting out of bed I head for the bathroom. Gi was shaving when I got out of the shower. Walking into our closet I shake my head as I notice Gi laid clothes out for us. A coral ruffle-trim surplice dress with a trendy ruffle and a carefree silhouette. He has a polo in the same colour with a pair of slim fit dark blue trousers. I was putting on my eyeliner and lipstick when I hear Gi. Giving myself one final look over, his scent gives him away every time. I walk over to his section, “damn woman you make clothes look good.”

I glace at him blushing, “so do you Mr. Delicious.”

Making our way downstairs grabbing our shoes from the closet we have under the stairs. I still practice this habit I always take my shoes off as I enter any house.

Arriving at Gi’s parents house the same time as Gino and his family greeting them out in the yard. Walking up to the house before Gino or Gi could take their keys out Maria opens the door greeting us. We are ushered into the living room where grandpa, mom and dad were seated, we exchange greetings. Grandpa starts the conversation, “I got my dancing shoes all ready, Ambi you better save a dance for grandpa.”

Dad jokes, “Giovanni you have some competition there.”

Gi responds, “grandpa you trying to steal my girl?”

Grandpa replies, “no my boy grandpa does not try to do anything he either does or does not and I already have her.”

Gi concedes, “grandpa thankfully I am your favorite grandson you will return her.”

Maria announces lunch is ready and will be served in the formal dining room. Maria prepared a variety of Portuguese / Brazilian dishes. After lunch we move our talks to the patio as it was nice out.

Gi’s dad informs us, “my brother Mario his wife Gemma, one son Stefano wife Nora, their two children, uncle Salvatore and his wife Juliette are attending the engagement. They arrive on Wednesday. Uncle Massimo (dad’s brother) and aunt Aida sends their regards he said they will not miss the wedding. Aunts Carmella (dad’s sister) and her family and aunt Evelin (dad’s other sister) and their family can’t make it but assures they will be here for the wedding.”

Gino interjects, “Stefano, Nora and the children can stay at your place. Uncle Mario, Salvatore, aunt Gemma and Juliette can stay with mom and dad.”

Gi responds, “they can all stay at our place. That house is so huge I can't keep track.”

Mom joins in, “that sounds great. My brother Alfred his wife Hanna son Horace wife Lia and they are bringing my parents. My sister Ines and her husband Fabian are also coming in on Wednesday.”

Gino continues, “grandpa and grandma could stay here with mom and dad. Uncle Alfred and aunt Hanna, Horace and Lia could all stay with Gi.”

Gi, “so grandpa and grandma can stay here with uncle Alfred uncle Salvatore aunt Gemma and aunt Hanna. The rest cant stay at out house so far it's Nish, Danielle, Aki. Izzy, Sergio and Yash that's six rooms. Veer, Tyler and Charlie gonna share one room. That's seven out of the fifteen we have available Ambi's mom and grandmothers are already accounted for.”

Mom agrees, “sounds perfect. What about Ambi's other family?”

I respond, “yesmom. My dad’s brothers uncle Ish his wife Laila their two sons, Veer and Yash, Yash’s wife Alexi and their two sons. Uncle Vish his wife Nina their two daughters Nirala and Anisha. Aunt Maya dad’s sister, her husband Wayne and one of their daughters Sabrina. They are all staying at our old home except for Veer and Yash. Just two of my mom’s brothers uncle Vin his wife aunt Margaret daughter Christina. Uncle Avi his wife Wendy and daughter Sandy.”

Gi interjects, “I am going to meet ‘The Christina’ this weekend?”

Nonchalantly I respond, “the one and only my uncle confirmed yesterday. Mom and naan will figure out what to do with her when they arrive on Tuesday.”

Gi responds, “this should be interesting.”

Dad adds in, “may I ask why?”

Gi replies, “well according to naan Christina will jump at any man.”

Gino jumps in, “should we make special arrangements for you and Ambi or Christina?”

Firm but soft spoken I say, “Giovanni can handle Christina. If she tries anything with Charlie or Tyler she will have some broken bones.”

Mom laughs, ”oh dear. With Christina under wraps. What about food? I have four sons that fights for turkey legs I normally bake more than one turkey.”

Still at Gi’s parents discussing the upcoming days. Jokingly I respond, “I thought it was only in my family that happens. Between my uncles, cousins and brothers mom bakes two to three turkeys depending on the crowd I ordered six turkeys they are between ten and twelve pounds each. The mansion has eight ovens in total and a lot of cooks.”

Mom continues, “we will also help with the cooking dear it is sounding like a lot of people for Thanksgiving dinner, when your mom arrives we will discuss it. Now for the engagement the tables, chairs, tents are arriving on the Friday you said? The linens and everything else on Saturday?”

I nod, “yes. The back yard is yours I was thinking to utilise the patio for the food and bar as it’s already covered.”

Bianca joins in, ”remember we leave Monday for New York .”

Gi concludes, “great seems everything is in order. We should head home. Wednesday evening we can get together at our house for a meet and greet we will get take out no cooking I don’t want to over work Maria and Sian.”

We wish everyone good evening. Still full from lunch we decide on a light soup for dinner. Arriving at home the sky cracked with thunder. Gi insisted I ice my shoulder while he made the soup. We make a list of everything we need from the grocery taking into account how many people we will have staying here. Taking notes, “at my house we have nine people.”

I continue, “at our house it is mom, naan, grans in one of the master guest room. Veer, Tyler and Charlie in one room. Stefano and family in one bedroom, uncle Vin, aunt Margaret and Christina in one room downstairs. Uncle Avi and family in one bedroom upstairs. Nish, Brad, three kids another bedroom. Danielle, Anish their three children in the third bedroom. Aki and family arrive Friday they are missing out Thanksgiving dinner. So your uncles, aunts cousins and their families have the other rooms. Sergio, Nira, Izzy, Elena and baby, Yash, Alexi and their two babies are also in the pool house.”

Gi adds, “nine children, five babies aged two and under over twenty nine adults. Juice and snacks for the children, alcohol for the adults and food lots of food. ”

I conclude, “great I will order the groceries in the morning, it should be delivered by Tuesday.”

Finishing up the list Gi says, “great I think we have everything covered.”

We have our soup clean up the kitchen and head up to our room. Getting into the shower Gi joins me, he starts lathering us both rinsing off we get out of the shower change and get into bed. Gi pulls me to him singing ′ Heaven’.

Our alarm goes off at six we do our workout at the gym. Walking into the den Gi has not done much with the space we are using it as a back up bedroom. The space is 35 feet by 40 feet with a door that leads to the gym. Entering the gym from the den on the left is the sauna and a full bath. The gym is 40 feet by 65 feet, the ten feet wide floor to ceiling glass and steel windows give us a wonderful view of the front yard, the pool house and pool area.

Gi allows me to select the tracks starting with Kes of course. I move a little slower because of my arm. I am cooling down when Gi walks up behind me wrapping one arm around my waist the other he extends my left hand stretching it out gently. He helps me with the exercises I had to do for my shoulder. Finished with our workout Gi lifts my bra top off, spinning me around facing him, leaning in he starts kissing me while he cups my breast with both hands. Gi was not wearing a shirt, I start to tug on his pants pushing them down.

Gi still kissing me moves his hands to my pants waist pushing them down with my underwear, his fingers slither to my vagina, he slowly slides two fingers inside me, using his thumb he is circling and pressing on my clit. I move my tongue to the actions of his fingers. I raise my left leg to his hip. I begin to feel my inside push against his hand. Gi slides his fingers out, with my leg on his hip he slides his penis into me rotating his hips bringing me to pure ecstasy I am ready to cum screaming out “oh fuck Giovanni.” Gi pulls out holding his penis in his hand, he lets out a moan with his cum squirting out. He wipes himself up with a towel, using the shower in the gym we get washed up. Wrapping ourselves up in towels we make our way upstairs to get dressed.

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