The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Early Presents

Dressed we head back down to the kitchen, making oats for breakfast and vegetable quinoa for lunch. The quinoa was simmering while we were having breakfast.

Gi in his sexy voice, “babe you ready for the weekend?”

I chuckle a bit, “no are you?”

He responds, “want to go Vegas?”

I reply, “when do we leave?”

Gi kissing my hand he says, “babe we got this trust me.”

Finished with breakfast I work on the vegetable and quinoa while Gi washes up the breakfast dishes. I pack Gi’s lunch, walking with him reaching the door leading to the garage. I wait to see him off before walking back into the house. Sitting at the breakfast table with the laptop I place the order for the groceries. I get the notification that it will be delivered on Tuesday around midday.

I get a message from Gi ′Just got to the office. Aside from being sexy all day long, what else you got planned?′

I laugh as I read his message responding ′house chores, just ordered the groceries. It will arrive tomorrow.′

I put my phone on the counter, and start to work on the turkeys. First step is to brine them, after setting that up I wash up. I stock each room with clean towels, extra sheets, pillows and blankets. The bathrooms with all the necessities I spend some time setting up the media room. I take a break for lunch, picking up my phone while eating I have messages from Gi, my mom, sister, my two best friends and the group chat.

I give my mom a call, “hey mama namaste, you all set for tomorrow?”

Mom, “namaste yes we are sweetheart, I just wanted to check in.”

I respond, “we are good mom.”

Mom, “OK sweetheart we will see you tomorrow.”

Ending the conversation, “bye mama love you.”

I respond to Kay and Ann they are trying to be here for the engagement.

I respond to the group chat with ‘can’t wait to see you all hugs and kisses’

I call Gi, ‘hey handsome missing me?’

Gi responds, ‘hey gorgeous I want to make you wet.’

Gino in the background, ‘dude what the hell I am in the room.’

Gi back to Gino, ‘cover your ears.’

Gi back to me, ‘sorry about my brother babe he has no manners. I am missing you.’

I reply, ‘I am not getting between you and your brother. How is your day?’

Gi to me, ‘had some meetings. Dad and grandpa were in earlier they just left to get lunch. Gino ate half my lunch but I ate half of his so we are even.’

I hear Gino in the background ‘can Ambi make jerk shrimp wraps for lunch tomorrow?’

I say, ‘let Gino know yes I can. I will put the shrimp to marinate when I get off the phone with you.’

Gi adds, ‘babe he is married. Hey I am sorry to cut you off we have a meeting we need to get to. I’ll be home around seven. Love you gorgeous.’

Ending, ‘bye sweetheart I love you too.’

I get back to stocking the rooms, all the bedrooms have a seating area all are en suite with the exception of one bedroom upstairs. I decide on an Indonesian fried rice for dinner. Gi shoots me a message that he was leaving the office at 6:15. I finish making dinner at 6:30 giving me enough time to shower quickly. I was making my way downstairs when I hear the garage door opening.

Gi walks in, heads to his office to put his things, he washes up and joins me for dinner. Finished with dinner Gi takes our plates to the sink he kisses my forehead, “I have some work I need to finish up will be in the office for a bit.”

I respond, “OK sweetheart I’m heading upstairs have some wedding details to work on.”

I head upstairs with my laptop, I sit outside as it was a cool evening. I do some work until ten Gi was still working. I wake up to the sound of the alarm at six with Gi’s arm around me. I try to get out of bed but Gi pulls me back, “I am going in late today.”

I snooze the alarm for an hour and snuggle back with Gi. The alarm goes off at seven. Doing our usual workout, we finish our workout and shower. Seated in the kitchen finishing our breakfast the doorbell rings. I glance at Gi asking, “expecting anyone?”

With a blank look on his face Gi replied, “no babe.”
The look on his face alone tells me something is up. We head to the front door, looking through the glass pane, “grandpa and dad? at 9am?” I say to Gi.

Opening the door Gi still silent, stepping outside grandpa and dad has huge smiles on their faces. They were standing in the front porch.

Dad very jovial, “Amberline my princess good morning.”

I respond surprised, “good morning dad, grandpa. How are you all? Is everything ok?”

Grandpa laughs, “your really do question everything? Just be happy we are here to see you this early in the morning.”

Gi lets out a hearty laugh, “you see what I have to put up with grandpa. This is her everyday!”

Focused on grandpa and dad I did not notice the two brand new vehicles parked in the driveway. A black defender and a very classy looking white SUV both with silver bows across them. I give Gi a puzzling look, “Giovanni Lucas Wyson explain please.”

Before Gi could get a word in grandpa walks up to me, “allow me to officially congratulate you and my grandson on your engagement Amberline.” Placing a key in my hand kissing my cheek. I look at the key it had the Maserati logo on it.

Placing the next key in Gi’s hand who was standing next to me, “congratulations my grandson on nabbing such an amazing woman to be your life partner.”

Grandpa turns to me, “now miss you are not allowed to drive for another week right? We will take this baby for a test drive when you return from New York.”

Giving grandpa a high five, “you got a date grandpa.” Hugging him.

Gi joins in, “grandpa what are you doing to me? A date with my fiancé? I am standing right here.”

With a laugh, “afraid of some competition my grandson?”

Gi responds, “nobody could steal my girl not even you.”

Dad joins in laughing, “ok you two. Gi you ready?”

Gi adds, “yes dad let me grab my things.”

Dad comes up to me, “Amberline grandpa wanted to do this for you two.”

I give dad a kiss on his cheek, “I appreciate it but it’s expensive.”

Dad cuts me off, “nonsense Amberline. Giovanni is very dear to us and so are you.” Pinching my cheek.

Our conversation was cut short when Gi rejoins us, “all set.” The men kiss me, walking down to the driveway Gi removes the bow from the defender and they head out.

I wait for them to drive off I park my suv in the pool house garage before I head back inside. I asked Marcus to come get me around 11. I put lunch on pause when the groceries arrived. I put the cold and frozen stuff away leaving the rest for later. Finishing up with lunch, I packed up all the items I was taking over to my house and a change of clothes as I was going to do some cleaning. I took the turkeys out of the brine and place them in the refrigerators.

Marcus called to say he was driving up to the house, greeting him he helps me with the bags. First stop is the office, I get out and head up while Marcus parks the car. The receptionist Samantha on the main floor sends me up. I met her the day the building was officially opened.

Getting off on the floor where the offices are, walking up to the assistant, she never met me before a pretty, tall, slim, brunette in her mid twenties. Reaching the reception area she accosted me, “good morning only authorised personnel are allowed on this floor.”

I fumble a bit, “my apologies I am Ms. Ambe....”

Cutting me off, “I don’t care who you are you are not allowed up here without authorisation. I will have to call security.” Picking up the phone she dials speaking into the receiver.

Bianca walks in hugging me, “Ambi ! How is everyone’s favorite sister in law?”

I respond, “I am great just dropping off lunch.”

Bi replies, “you are spoiling us Ambi what are we going to do when you return to work?”

I chime in, “I am a pro at meal prep don’t worry you all will be fed.”

At this point the assistant informs me that security is on their way. Bi shoots me a puzzling look, I shake my head. Bi continues into the guys office asking me if I was coming in I respond, “no I have to wait on security.”

Martin walks in hugging me, “Ms. Amberline nice to see you are no longer wearing that hideous sling. Ready for the weekend?”

We share a laugh as I respond, “me too, no driving for another week. I need more time to prep for this weekend.”

Martin continues, “Marcus said you brought us lunch.”

I chuckle, pulling out one of the wraps from the lunch bag handing him, “I always pack extras for my buddies.”

Martin gives me a hug, “you are the sister I never had Ms. Ambi. Thank you so much doll.”

Martin turns to the assistant, “who do you need me to escort out the building?”

The assistant responds, “well this person came up without being announced so I called for security.”

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