The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Pre Thanksgiving


Martin continues, “I was brought up to respect women so I'll try to keep my composure, only authorised personnel has the code to access the elevator that brings anyone to this floor. Did you ask her who she was?”

The assistant now fumbling for words, “not really.”

Martin warns, “had it been any of the Wyson men you would not be standing here. This is grandpa Wyson’s favorite granddaughter in law don’t ever make that mistake again.”

Martin hugs me opening the office door for me, “enjoy the rest of your day Ms. Ambi.”

I reply, “thank you Martin same to you.”

Walking in Gi is leaned against his desk, his ankles crossed his hands in his pockets. Gino was seated at his desk with an unpleasant look on his face. Bi was leaning on Gino’s desk sideways one hand on the desk one on her hip all looking at me.

I smile at everyone, “lunch is served everyone.”

Gino gets up from his chair, “are you telling dad or should I?”

I shake my head, “can we just eat? She was warned.”

Gi shouts, “Ambi! She was unprofessional and your are brushing it off.”

I rebut, "I am not brushing it off I just want to have lunch with my family."

Walking into the lunch room that joins dad and their office, dad and grandpa were already there. Gi still upset about the incident was silent. Dad notices and asks, “son everything OK?”

Gi responds, “no dad.”

Grandpa joins in, “son fire that incompetent assistant now.”

Dad questions, “why?”

Gino adds in, “I am with grandpa do it before today is out.”

Dad pounds his hand to the table causing everyone to jump, “somebody tell me what is going on.”

Grandpa starts, “I was on my way back to the office when I heard Elissa speaking quite rudely. I recognised what little of Ambi’s voice, she barely allowed to Ambi speak. I was going to intervene then I saw Bianca stepping out of the elevator.”

Bi joins in, “when I got there Elissa was on the phone with Martin, she saw Ambi and I being cordial and she still proceeded.”

Dad interjects, “say no more she is gone.”

I make a plea, “she did not know, the receptionist from downstairs did not follow protocol and inform her.”

Dad responds in anger, “Elissa knows to be on our floor a key card or a code has to be issued so for Ambi to be here she had to be an authorised personnel.”

Finished with lunch I get up from the table kissing everyone, “I have to go, got some things to drop off at my old home. See you all later?”

Dad adds, “Ambi have Marcus drop you back here when you are finished. You and Gi can go to the airport from here. We will bring dinner over.”

Stopping at the door, “thank you dad, love you all.”

In unison, “be safe Ambi we love you.”

Arriving at my house I stock the pantry. I open up the windows washing and drying the top sheets putting them back on the bed. While I wait for the sheets to dry I swiffer the floors. Gi mentioned Maria and Sian cleaned my neighbor’s home for me I went across to put some of the groceries for them they were arriving the Saturday. Marcus was coming back to get me at four, I shower and change when I was finished all the chores. Descending the stairs the doorbell rang, I open the door greeting Marcus. He double checks the door is locked and we head to the office.

Walking into the office Gi gets up from his chair to greet me, “hey gorgeous how is the shoulder?”

I whine and pout, “it's fine.”

Planting a kiss on my lips, “I missed you.” We walk out the office locking the door. Arriving at the airport mom and my grandmothers were walking out the arrival terminal. Their flight got in earlier we get out hugging them, taking their bags. Gi glances me a very unpleasant look when I reached for one of the smaller bags shouting, “don’t you even!”

I release the bag, “sorry boss.” I help my mom and grandmothers into the vehicle, Gi finishes loading the rest of bags.

Pulling up to our home my grandmothers oh and ah at the sight. We park in the garage getting out of the vehicle we enter the house from the garage. Using the lift Gi takes the bags up to their room, I give them a tour of our home. After the tour of the ground floor using the lift we take them to the first floor showing them to their room. We offered them their own room for tonight but they opted to share the master guestroom that had two beds.

About thirty minutes later they rejoin us in the living room. Gi’s parents, grandpa, Bianca, Gino and the children arrived. We move the family gathering to the kitchen. The two moms and grandmothers are planning Thanksgiving dinner menu. Gi’s mom instructs, “I will send over for two of the turkeys in the morning. We can do the stuffing and vegetables and some of the other dishes as well you will be over worked.”

My mom, “thank you so much for helping. I was worried how I was going to get it done, I don't want the princess working that shoulder too much.”

I interject, “I am right here people.”

Mom pinches my cheek, “we know you are, but we need that shoulder healed.”

I reply, “I am not an invalid.”

They all respond, “just keep the children entertained.”

I oblige, “you guys know I am a pro at that.”

Satisfied with the plans for thanksgiving dinner we call it a night. Everyone helps me tidy the kitchen before leaving. Taking the steps to upstairs, kissing mom and my grandmothers good night before Gi and I head to our room. Gi and I shower and get into bed, laying in bed waiting to fall asleep I turn to Gi, “you knew grandpa and dad were coming over this morning?”

Gi responds, “yes my love. That is what we were doing on Saturday, grandpa ordered your vehicle the day after our engagement in Vancouver, it arrived here Friday.”

I kiss Gi’s cheek, “you are like the master secret keeper.”

Gi kisses my forehead, “oh yes I am. Where is your new SUV?”

I look up at him, “the pool house garage I don’t want anyone to see it.”

Kissing my hair, “ok princess. Why were you so calm with Elissa? I happened to glance at the cctv when you were walking in. She should not have spoken to you in that manner.”

I lace my fingers between Gi’s, “sometimes you just got to leave people to their own demise. She learned a very valuable lesson she is not going to forget for the rest of her adult life.”

Gi pulls me close to him, “Amberline you are so amazing.”

Singing ‘let me love you’ I fall asleep in Gi’s arms.

Our 6am alarm goes off we do our usual workout. Gi leaves me doing my shoulder exercises returning with an ice pack, “you did not use this yesterday.”

I tease him, “sorry boss.”

Gi smacks my ass as I grab the ice pack from him, "mom is already up." Gi heads up to our room to shower I join my mom in the kitchen she started to work on breakfast, “namaste mom you are up early.”

Mom, “namaste baby I wanted to season the turkeys and put them back in the refrigerator.”

I reply, “mama I don’t want you over working. I’ll be back to help you I am going to shower.”

Gi was getting dressed when I walked in. I shower and change, joining my mom, Gi, and grans in the kitchen. I kiss grans, “namaste grans you slept well?”

Grans, “yes I did Ambi. I love your home.”

Ambi, "you want to move in?"

Gi hands me his cup of tea, “thank you babe.”

In one breath I get it out, “uncle Vin informed me that Christina is coming to the engagement party.”

Mom slams down the jar of seasoning she had in her hand, “what did you just say Amberline?”

Mom continues, “I am sorry I did not mean to do that. My brother did not tell me that she was coming. I hope she behaves.”

Gi rests his hand on mom’s shoulder, “mom Ambi and I will handle Christina.”

Mom rolls her eyes, “she is trouble ask Brad. Giovanni have your breakfast we will wait on naan. We don’t want you to be late for work.”

Gi responds, “I am the 5th boss I can never be late I can wait for naan.”

Just as he says that naan joins us, we have breakfast together then Gi leaves for work. Gi drops off the turkeys at his parents as he was picking up dad and grandpa. We scheduled the limos to do the pick ups, the guests will be arriving from 10am, starting with the group that is staying at Gi's parents.

After prepping the turkeys mom puts them in the cottage refrigerator. Mom continues prepping some of the other dishes, grans, nans and myself helped her.

We finish up in the kitchen at 4pm, we head to our rooms to shower and rest a bit. Our first set of guests were arriving at 6pm. Gi got home at five thirty waking me up with a kiss, “I feel neglected my gorgeous fiancé has not checked in with me all day.”

I get out of bed kissing Gi, “your fiancé was busy in the elf shop.”

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