The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Veer retrieves to the patio, I grab some water rejoining the ladies in the living room. Our family are swapping stories of Gi and I. I protest, “any embarrassing stories and I am leaving.”

My mom in a pacifying tone, “we already told those.”

I lean on mom, I did not get to have any personal time with Gi's maternal grandparents but they are just as delightful as grandpa Wyson.

Charlie and Tyler surprised everyone by arriving earlier. Our get together is broken up when grans shouts "it's eleven thirty." Everyone gathers their crew. Gi announces, “dinner should start by 5pm tomorrow. Love you guys safe drive.”

Nish, Danielle and Elena help clean the kitchen while everyone else goes off to their rooms. It was just after twelve when we turn off the lights.

After a quick shower Gi and I was changing when Gi states, “Christina is a character.”

I respond, “what did she do?”

He continues, “she came onto me in the kitchen which was interrupted by Gino and Brad.”

I gawk at Gi, he responds, “we gave her a stern warning.”

I reply agitated, “a warning Giovanni?! I wonder how far things would have gotten had Gino and Brad not interrupt.”

Continuing, "she came onto Brad at his engagement too. She does not respect anyone." Storming into our bedroom I get into bed away from Gi, he tried pulling me close to him saying, “Ambi why are you mad at me?”

I turn to him, “you knew what she gives, we warned you about her.”

Gi falls back on the pillows, “I am sorry.”

I turn my back to Gi saying, “she better keep her hands off Charlie and Tyler or I will hurt her.”

Gi jokes, "why those two?"

Still red with anger I turn to face Gi, "I don't know the other family members yet."

I chuckle, "Nish's children asked me if I became a zillionaire to be living in such a big house."

Gi gets closer to me hugging me laughing, "what did you tell them?"

I smile at Gi, "I told them that it's your house and now that you and I are getting married it's my home too."

Gi's face now serious, "now it's my turn to get mad. It's our home."

I sigh, "yeah but you invested more than I did."

Gi pouts, "Ambi don't test me."

I ask, "did your sisters tell you they drilled me?"

Gi hugs me, "yes and they said they gave you an A+"

Raising my eyebrow, "it was a test?"

Gi nods, "yes they warned me about what's her name but it was too late it was the night before the wedding."

"You could have warned me." I say turning my back to Gi he hugs me singing 'Second chance.'

Awaken by our 6am alarm we snooze it for an hour, skipping our workout for today getting out of bed we shower and head downstairs. My mom, naan, grans, aunt Margaret and aunt Wendy were already up mom and grans were working on getting some pies in the oven while the turkey comes up to room temperature, the others were working on breakfast.

The main kitchen has double ovens plus the range oven so eight pies that they were making for lunch went in. Announcing my presence, “namaste need help with anything?”

Mom responds, “namaste, no sweetheart. You can check on the children in the media room.”

Checking on the children they were still asleep. I head back to the kitchen, Gi went to the office. Mom and her crew had the kitchen under control. By nine everyone was slowly making their way out of their rooms. They made pancakes, hash browns, eggs and toast for breakfast using the patio kitchen. My mom and her crew had thanksgiving dinner under control. After breakfast Gi and I take the children outside to play games. While we have the children outside Daniele, Nish and Elena tidy up the media room.

The children beg to get into the pool I give in and let them swim for an hour. The men were setting up for dinner in the patio that extends from the kitchen. Veer keeps coming over and bugging me to help them, “Ambi you are so lazy.”

I tease Veer, “look who talking mister rolls. You are the only one out of shape shame on you.”

Once they have finished setting up Veer, Izzy and Sergio joins us in the pool. Gi, Charlie and Tyler went with Yash to setup the music, giving me a time check of three thirty I signal time for the children to get out of the pool. I get all the children out ensuring they are not dripping wet then I send them to the house to shower and get dressed for dinner.

In our walk-in Gi jokingly, “ready Mrs. Wyson?”

I reply with a giggle, “as ready as I will ever be Mr. Wyson.”

Walking up to me, “you need to ice the shoulder later and the exercise.”

Rolling eyes at him, “I can stop now.”

I am wearing an emerald green dress with a sleeveless top, a ruched waist leading to a floating flared skirt that falls to knees. With a beautifully draped cascading ruffles for an added flare. Gi has on an emerald green slim fitting suit with a white slim fit shirt the first two buttons undone and his cologne still gets me weak in the knees still this Mr. Delicious.

Walking into the living room everyone is gathered greeting them. Andi and Gino and their guests were on their away. On their arrival we make our way to the dining area, Gi invites everyone to have their dinner.. Seated by age at the head of the table is grandpa, grandpa Ellis, grandma Yelena then my grandmothers, Gi’s elder uncles his parents, my mom, the other uncles and aunts making our way down to the end of the table. At the children’s table we have the eighteen and under which is all the children as none of them are over eighteen.

Starting with grandpa everyone gives their thanks. Grandpa was thankful that Gi and I found each other so were Gi's maternal grandparents. My grandmothers were thankful for our strong family unit, our parents, uncles and aunts expressed the same sentiments. Andi and Gino were happy that we were all living closer making Sergio hint that he wants to be closer. Our siblings, cousins, our extended family Maria, Sian, Nico and Ronnie are thankful we are all together. The children were happy to not have school and to be able to spend time with their cousins.

As the host Gi stands prompting me to stand with him, “not officially my wife yet. Although in the Italian tradition the engagement is an official transfer of the bride to be from her parents to the groom and his family. On behalf of my wife Amberline and I we are grateful and thankful to have each and everyone of you here with us. Aki, Samara and the children could not be here today but we will see them tomorrow. Grandpa, gramps, gammy, grans, naan we are truly blessed to have you all with us. Our parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, as well as Maria, Sian, Ronnie and Nico. As you all know Ambi had two accidents a few weeks ago thankfully she is with us to celebrate the first of many more dinners to be held at our home. Here is to family, love, laughter, togetherness and respect. Enjoy !”

Everyone is silent the first few minutes until grandpa breaks the silence, “wow compliments to the chefs this is the best thanksgiving meal I ever had.”

Gi adds, “thanks to our beautiful mothers and their teams they did all the cooking.”

We continue talking in small groups on the table until we were finished with dinner. Sian and Maria helped the moms and aunts clear the tables, the guys pack up the tables and chairs that were not in use. The children retrieved to the media room, the men in the patio and ladies in the living room. Yash, Izzy, Veer, Tyler and Sergio break out the bar pouring everyone an after dinner drink. Dad’s brothers brought some authentic Amaro that is made the same way as it was back in the 1800s in Italy. Perfect for after dinner they recommend.

I opt for tea, likewise Mira, Bi, Nish, Dani and Daniele. We rejoin the rest of the party with our tea. It started getting a little chilly so the men joined us in the living room. Both families are so similar, I am thankful our neighbors are family because we are loud. Our party wraps up at ten. Exhausted from the day Gi and I shower and head to bed. Within the first two lines of take my breath away I am asleep.

I get up at 4am nervous about the party tomorrow, I slip away from Gi’s arms and make my way to the gym. I’m setting up when I feel someone behind me startling me, “beautiful couldn’t sleep either?”

I respond, “how did you know where to find me?”

Gi add, “I know you are nervous about the party and the only thing that relaxes you is music and exercise. Although sexercising relaxes you too the house is full of people.”

Ambi replies, “Sexercising hmm?”

Gi gestures, “we have a house full of people!”

Ambi rebuts, “and? It’s 4am whose awake right now? Lock the door, the blinds are closed the lights are dimmed.”

Gi walks over locking the door, walking back to me pulling my ass to his hips I feel his hard on.

I tease, “hmmm somebody wants this more than me.”

Gi exclaims, “your fault princess.”

I blurt, “yeah blame me.”

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