The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Setting up for the Party

My hot fiancé decided on heating up my exercise routine.
Gi in a sexy whisper, “you know the effect you have on me Amberline.”

Gi pushes my pants down with my underwear to my ankle, making his way back up he bites my ass cheek, causing me to let out a muddled sigh. He drops his pants and out pops his rock hard cock. He pulls my back into him, I feel the head of his cock pressing on my ass, I heave in pleasure. Gi grips my hip with one hand he drives into me from behind, he felt so satisfying. My pussy muscles clamps down grabbing at his erection. I feel the tension building stronger. Gi’s cock thrusts into my tight pussy over and over again. I rotate my hips grinding into him resulting in Gi moaning out, “oh fuck Ambi I don’t want to pull out,”

I whisper, “don’t stop Gi.....!”

Gi increases his tempo from fast to agitated, the sound Gi’s balls makes with each ram into me sounding so erotic. I throw my head up and back as my body trembles with pleasure. Gi whispers “Oh fuck,” in my ear as he grinds out his last bit.

I let out, “Coming!” Gi pulls out in time and a hot wave of gratification shoots out on my ass, we remain still trying to catch our breath. He reaches for the towel wiping me up before he pulls my pants back up fixing his.

Gi plants a kiss on my lips saying, “you are one fucking amazing woman Amberline.” We get dressed and head back to our room. That sexercise was what I needed, we fall back to sleep. Waking up after seven when our alarm goes off. We shower, change and head downstairs. Mom and grans are the only ones up greeting them, “namaste. How are you all?”

They reply, “we are great. How are you all?”

We respond, “we are great just anxious about tomorrow.”

Mom in her reassuring tone, “everything will be great sweetheart your family will make it a wonderful day for you and Giovanni.”

I inquire, “what is on the agenda for today?”

Mom responds, “we are making breakfast. Your uncles Ish and Vish wanted to make fish broth for lunch so they will be over in a bit.”

I retort, “there are two big pots in the garage they will need to bring those. I have three outdoor cookers in the kitchen patio by the pool.”

Grans asks, “are the tables and chairs arriving today or tomorrow?”

I answer, “the tables, chairs, tents arriving at noon. I ordered these transparent tents to be decorated with yellow lights. ”

Grans adds, “why are you stressing?”

Gi interjects, “because she is a perfectionist.”

Mom adds, “yes that is my daughter.”

Continuing I ask, “what is for breakfast?”

Mom retorts, “we made a paste with the leftover turkey meat, so it is turkey sandwiches. Lunch is the fish broth and dinner well we have time to decide. Remember Aki’s flight is arriving at 9pm.”

Gi acknowledges, “darling would you like to pick them up or send the limo?”

I nod, “we can fetch them but we will have to get car seats for the children.”

Gi chuckles, “funny you would say that. Did you check your vehicle?”

Confused I reply, “no I did not.”

He continues, “grandpa had both vehicles outfitted with car seats it was probably in the boot. So we have them, where is your keys? I’ll put them in.”

I retort, “it’s in the office.”

I help mom and grans make the sandwiches. One by one the guests are waking up. The children are no trouble they brush their teeth, shower, eat their food and head back to the media room. They ask to go in the pool. I told them I will take them a bit later when my uncles are out there cooking.

My uncles and aunts arrived and started making their famous fish broth out by the pool. I love my Caribbean food, it takes me back to my childhood. The children were out by the pool, the rental company arrived with the tables, chairs and tents. Bianca and Giovanni show them where to set up the 60x80 feet tent. The guys help arrange the tables and chairs. The children finally call it a day at six getting out of the pool. Nish and Danielle are making them dinner while the adults have leftovers and fish broth my uncles made an additional pot after the first two were done.

All the family came over around seven, the siblings and cousin took over the pool area. The grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts were in the family room. Gi was in his office I was in the media room with the children.

I decided to do some work in the office until it was time to collect Aki and his family from the airport. The family members were split up in different parts of the house. I can hear the siblings and cousins talking out by the pool. Izzy, Yash and Sergio were trying to convince everyone to get in the pool.

I hear Andi’s voice, “I am so happy this is finally happening. I loved Ambi for Gi since the day Brad & Nish got married. I just did not know how we were going to get them together.”

Daniele adds, “me too, the way she held the attention of the children, tending to everyone’s needs.”

I continue listening to the conversations smiling to myself because I got the girl without them introducing us. I freeze when Ambi enters the office, as I am not sure how she will react on hearing this. We continue listening to them in silence.

Brad, “for Andi’s wedding I was only engaged to Nish so I held off on saying anything about Ambi then. After our wedding when we met again for Gino’s wedding we agreed to at least tell Gi about Ambi so he could at least consider her. I saw him again for Dani's then Danielle’s wedding but the dude did not even remember me I felt hurt.”

Nish retorts, “for Izzy’s and Yash’s wedding we tried to introduce Ambi to Andi and Mira but my sister hates being set up. When mom mentioned she was going to Costa Rica for her birthday I figured we had to try.”

Brad adds, “when Nish mentioned Ambi was going to Costa Rica I called Andi, only to find out Giovanni was also headed there at the same time. We ensured Ambi stayed at the same hotel by giving her it as a present. She took the bait as planned.”

Daniele interjects, “when I called Andi he mentioned the plan and I was excited.”

Veer jumps in, “OMG you all are the worst. I wonder who you all going to set up next?”

Nish rebuts, “say anything to Ambi and you will be next Bianca got a really pretty cousin. But you got to get rid of those rolls first.”

Andi continues, “it took some convincing to get Gi to agree to head to Costa Rica. I had to convince Charlie and Tyler to go wih him so he would agree to go. When Gi sent me the picture of them on the horse I was over the hill, I sent the picture to Brad. When the help saw Ambi’s dress in Gi’s room I had to reassure my parents that Ambi was the real deal not some bimbo after Gi’s money. She is still not influenced by Gi's money she still mindful of how much she is spending.”

Nish “Ambi has always been like that, selfless and humble, if my sister found out we set her up she would kill us. Please don’t say a word.”

Andi “for sure.”

Mira adds, “can we just tell them I am so tired of pretending I do not know my own first cousins Elena and Alexi.”

Anish, “you telling me remember Brad, Reggie and I are cousins too remember.”

Mira interjects, “right Anish on Brad’s dad side, Reggie on his mom. Funny how we did not have to do any work with the other matches but Ambi and Gi those two were harder than a mathematics exam, all I can say is finally!”

Horace joins in, "damn you guys are the worst. Then again you all did hook me up with my wife so here is to the match making crew I love you guys."

Andi, “I’ll drink to that. Cheers!”

Charlie joins in, “man you all should have been in Costa Rica it was entertaining.”

Dani joins in, "I feel terrible for having to give Ambi the third degree. I already loved the girl but I had to put up a front."

Izzy adding in, “OK time to get into the pool, by the way where are the lovebirds?”

Elena adds, “I'll go find them. Hopefully they not off having sex that will be downright rude.”

Ambi is staring at me, I hope she does not call everything off. Ambi turns and walk out I follow behind her.

Dad approaches me as I walk into the family room, “hey son where is Ambi?”

I respond, “I am looking for her we need to go pick up Aki, I thought she was in here.”

Ambi’s mom “no we haven’t seen her.”

I respond, “OK where are the siblings squad?”

Mom answers, “they are out hanging by the pool”

Elena walking in, “hey guys where is oh.....Gi you and Ambi come join us by the pool.”

I inform Elena, “going to pick up Aki, when we get back.”

Turning to the rest of the family, “be back in a bit.”

Everyone, “be safe Gi.”

Opening the media room signaling to Ambi time to go. Getting into my new ride we leave for the airport.

On the drive to the airport I take Ambi's hand kissing it, "how mad are you?"

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