The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Dealing with the News

Ambi remains silent on our way to the airport. Impeccable timing Aki and Samara are walking out as we pull up to the curb. Aki and I load the luggage while Samara and Ambi secure the children in the car seats. My SUV has 3rd row seats that I secured the car seats in. Aki gets into the front passenger seat, Samara and Ambi in the middle row.

Aki starts up conversation, “what did I miss?”

I respond, “a very delicious thanksgiving dinner.”

Aki adds, “did my sister save anything for me?” turning to look at Ambi.

Aki continues, “princess what is the matter? What is that face about? Giovanni what did you do?”

Ambi hesitates at first, “did you know about Nish, Brad, Andi and Gino’s plan? You knew Mira, Alexi and Elena are cousins?”

Aki sighs, “I told Nish to show you Gi’s picture because you might surprise them and be interested in him. I met Andi briefly at college then for Nish’s wedding then again for Yash and Izzy’s their vibe was positive.”

Continuing he says, “I thought you recognised Mira she gave speeches at all three weddings, Andi was Brad’s best man Gino and Bianca were there too. I think Dani was already engaged to Brad’s cousin as well I think she was there Reggie and Anish too..”

Ambi joins in, “remember I was mad because Christina was drunk and two of the babies were sick too I had my hands more than full.”

“I did tell mom they should have told you all since Vancouver after the engagement.” Aki adds.

Ambi in shock, “mom knew as well? That is why she was so cool about Gi when I told her about him. I really found it strange how easy she accepted him. Here I was thinking our family was getting along. It hurts that they think so little of me to not be forward and tell me about Gi.”

Arriving at home, parking in the garage Aki and I take the bags upstairs while Samara and Ambi head to the family room with the children to greet everyone. The siblings, cousins, Charlie and Tyler were still hanging out. Samara says hi to everyone Arav remains with Ambi’s mom and they take the twins to their room to get them ready for bed. Ambi takes Abi to our room to give him his bath while Samara is with Amara.

I am on the bed with Abi drying him up when Aki walks in handing me his bottle. I finish getting Abi dressed, holding him on my chest I give him his bottle. He finishes his milk I remove the bottle from his grip and place it on the bedside table cuddling back with him waiting for him to fall asleep.

Gi walks in and heads to the shower, he finishes and joins us in bed, “hey gorgeous our guests are in their respective rooms, the other guests departed for their place of residence. Go shower I’ll stay with Abi.”

I hand Abi over to Gi and head to the bathroom. Walking back out to the bedroom Gi is singing to Abi an Italian lullaby. I get into bed with them, “let me take him to his mama and papa.”

Gi says, “he can stay.”

Placing Abi on his chest he pulls me close to him singing the lullaby he was singing earlier. We fall asleep with Abi on both of us.

7am my phone buzzes, Abi is still sleeping half of his tiny body on me half on Gi. I gently get out of bed fixing Abi next to Gi putting pillows around him for safety, I use the bathroom quickly. Walking back out into the bedroom Gi was waking up, walking over to the bed I greet him with a kiss first, “good morning sexy.”

He replies, “good morning yourself beautiful.” Kissing me back.

Gi inquires, “what do you have planned for these siblings?”

I reply wth a smirk, “I’ll tell you later but for now just go along with me.”

I continue, “I’m going to tell mom we’re getting married in Vegas.”

Gi wide eyed, “are you sure babe?”

I nod with a smile, “yes just wait and see.”

Gi shakes his head letting out a chuckle, “oh boy I can’t wait.”

I pick up Abi who is now fully awake telling Gi, “meet you downstairs.”

I knock on Aki’s room door, I hear Samara’s voice, “come in Ambi.”

Walking in I hand Samara Abi, “good morning look who is already awake.” Taking Abi from me.

Samara takes Abi, “thank you for keeping him I hope he was not trouble. Gi was not upset was he?”

Smiling, “who Gi? Hell no he was the one who wanted to keep him. Remember what we talked about last night. Say nothing I will handle these siblings of ours.”

Walking into the kitchen meeting up with mom, naan and grans.

Mom asks, ”you OK baby? You don’t look like yourself.”
I respond, “no, you know I never wanted big fancy weddings, now I am having my 2nd engagement party. Gi and I are just going to do a Vegas wedding.”
Mom sternly, “I will never speak to you again”
I rebut, “For how long? I’m your favorite child.”
I continue, ”Vegas wedding or a two person bridal party Kay and Ann take your pick. I don’t want a big fancy wedding mommy.”
Mom in a pacifying tone, ”Ambi can we talk about it?”
I shake my head, “No mom.”
Mom crossing her arms, “have you spoken to Giovanni about it? ”
I retort, “No.”
Mom counters, “I suggest you speak to Giovanni before making a decision.”
Gi walks in joining in, “speak to me about what? Namaste mom, grans, naan good morning.”
I sigh, “I want a 2 bridesmaid bridal party or a Vegas wedding take your pick or find somebody else to get married to.”
Gi puts his arms around me, “baby what’s wrong?”
I answer, “I just want a small simple wedding, I don’t care what the family tradition is I am making my own tradition Vegas or 2 bridesmaid. They are already getting 2 engagement parties. I can’t do this I just can’t.”
Gi hugs me tightly, “you know I can’t live another day without you. You can have the 2 member bridal party Ann and Kay right?”
Smiling I respond, “yes”
Gi kisses my forehead, “OK maid of honor and 1 bridesmaid, happy?”
Mom in an irate tone,“Gi, you are letting her have her way?”
Gi asks, “would you prefer she takes me to Vegas and get married? Because I’m not marrying anyone else.”
Mom not very pleased, “she has always gotten her way”

Brad and Nish walks in, “Namaste , good morning who always gets their way?”
Mom continues, “namaste. Ambi who else, she just demanded only a maid of honor and 1 bridesmaid wedding or they’ll go to Vegas and Giovanni agreed.”
Nish/Brad exclaims, “after we worked so hard on this you all going to do this to us!?”
Gi/Ambi ask, “worked hard on what?”
Nish pauses fumbling for her words, “uh Brad and I need to go to the pool house we’ll be right back” darting out the door to the pool house.
Mom places her hands on her hips, “what is going on here?”
I shrug my shoulders, “you should know she is your child. On a lighter not Gi’s mom, Gi’s grandma, grans, naan, and whichever aunts want to join you all for the spa day planned for you all the appointment is at 10am it’s all paid for. I’m going to call Gi’s mom, the limo will drop you all and pick you all back up at 3, giving you all enough time to get ready for the party.”

Walking into the kitchen Brad and I were informed that Gi agreed to Ambi’s demands for a small wedding. Brad and I rush off to the pool house on hearing the news.
Nish yells, “Alexi, Elena ! we have a problem these two are ruining our plans, they cut the bridal party down to 2 and none of us are a part of it.”
Alexi retorts, “what? Who do they think they are?”
Nish sighs, “the party is not cancelled let’s just get through that we will handle the brat later.”

The limo driver pulled up to pick the ladies up. I inform, “mom the limo is here for you all. Have fun love you guys”

Gi joins in, “Enjoy !” We help the ladies to the limo some of the aunts were joining them.
I turn to Gi, “we have a lot of time what do we do? There is food in the fridge for whoever is hungry. Can we hideout in the den?”

Gi shrugs, “nah lets get out of here make the siblings sweat a bit and besides if they want to take credit for us meeting then let them do the work and set up for the party later.”
I hug Gi kissing him, “Giovanni Wyson did I tell you how much I love you?”
Gi replies, “yes but I never get tired of hearing it.”

Getting into Gi’s SUV we drive off.

Ambi’s mom
Seated in the limo with my mother, mother in law, two of Giovanni’s aunt, my sisters in law, we pick up Gi’s mom and grandmother and two more of Gi’s aunts on our way to the spa. My mother in law voices her concerns, “D what are we going to do about Ambi?”

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