The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Spa Day

Ambi's Mom
Gi’s mom inquires, “what about Ambi? What happened?”

I inform the ladies, “this morning Ambi had some sort of melt down she insisted on a two person bridal part or she and Giovanni will get married in Vegas.”

Gi’s mom gasps, “what? Oh mio!”

She continues, “why? What happened? Did she have a fight with anyone?”

I shake my head, “not that I am aware of she was just stressed about ensuring everything for the engagement was perfect for today. She spent a lot of time with the children and then they picked up Aki. She was her usual self apart from stressing about the wedding.”

Gemma joining in, “oh dear I wonder what happened?”

I shrug, “I have no clue.”

Gi’s grand mom chimes in, “dear don’t worry Ambi and Giovanni will sort out whatever it is. They are a lovely pair those two even though I only just met her. Giovanni and Ambi are so together whatever it is they will sort it out let us just enjoy our spa day. Let the young people deal with their problems.”

Smiling at Gi’s grandmother, “I will drink to that.” I am not sure whose idea it was to have the limo stocked with wine but it felt good to let loose a bit. Since my husband passed away it has left a void in my life. May family and friends have suggested I remarry but after one perfect man I don't want another. If he was here he would have gotten to the bottom of what was bothering Ambi he and Ambi shared a special bond, Nish was his favorite but Ambi she was his princess. Thankfully my mother and mother in law were able to give me the love and support I needed. The ladies pass drinks around for everyone raising our glasses, “here is to Giovanni and Ambi’s engagement today and a successful wedding come December 29th.”

We arrive at the spa about thirty minutes later, we start the day off with body massages, followed by brunch then manicures, pedicures ending with hair treatment. I must say I am enjoying the pampering I haven’t had this is a while. Halfway through the day and I forgot about Ambi and her little melt down. I did not check in with my children they can talk my ear off tomorrow about their problems.

Gi’s Mom
When I joined the ladies this morning Ambi’s mom seemed tense, inquiring about her mood. She mentioned something about Ambi wanting a small bridal party. I’m not quite sure why, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and have a beautiful wedding for Ambi and Giovanni, they both deserve all the happiness in the world. As the day progressed Ambi's mom have relaxed which made me very happy. We continue enjoying the spa time until three thirty when the limo arrived to take us home.

I left my phone in my room. Gi and I arrive at a couples spa, it’s a beautiful beachfront property. They start us off with a side-by-side soothing massage followed by an exotic body renewal treatment. It was 80 minutes of serenity that began with a private, mood-lit couples bath filled with essential oil and milk protein, followed by a Swedish massage and a rinse in their Swiss themed shower. We returned to our room to relax a bit Gi checks his phone, “babe fifty missed calls, Andi, Gino, Dani, Danielle, Sergio, Nisha, Brad, Yash, Izzy, Charlie, Reggie, Anish, Tyler even Veer.”

I chuckle, “are you going to return the calls?”

Gi shrugs, “nah let them sweat.”

I let out a laugh, making my way to the bed, “it’s funny that we had to run away from our own home to hide from them.”

Gi rebuts, “tell me about it.” Getting into bed with me, from our bed we have a beautiful ocean view.

"It hurt to know that these siblings of mines did not know me well enough to tell me about you. I know I am difficult sometimes but they should know me well enough to know that I would not have turned you down. It's still unbelievable that you are single but I guess it was because you were meant to be mines." I say to Gi.

Gi smiles, "yeah I expected Andi to have bigger balls. I mean why would I turn down a beauty like you. Not only are you beautiful you are smart, funny, down to earth, humble, caring and so much more. So what do you suggest we do with these siblings of ours?"

"I have something in mind, Aki is already helping me with it. But right now I just want to enjoy our little getaway." I reply.

Gi pulls me closer to him he loosens the tie on my robe parting it. “My god Ambi you are beautiful.” gliding his hands to my shoulders pushing the robe off. Kissing my shoulder, ”your skin is so soft, smooth, silky.”

Smiling at him, "oh please don't stop."

He continues kissing me moving from my shoulders to my collarbone up my neck behind my left ear tugging on my ear lobe. Moving to my cheeks making his way to my lips, he uses his tongue to part my lips. My hands reaches for his robe untying the tie sliding it off him. I glide my hands down his chest till I grab his engorged penis causing him to release a gasp, his tip already wet with pre cum. I slide my hand down his shaft a few times then down to his balls. I move my leg over him, pushing him on his back. In one move I slide him into me I start to rotate my hips grabbing his penis with my vagina like it was a pencil I draw ’O’s making the ‘O’ bigger and faster with each rotation of my hip.

He releases, “Oh! Fuck woman!” grabbing my hips to control my motion. I move his hands away and continue to rotate my hips. Still on him I turn my back to him with continuing motion. Gi moans out loudly “Ohhhh fuck woman!” I glance over my shoulder to look at Gi. His eyes were closed jaws clenched his fingers digging into my hips. I increase the tempo winding my hips. “Baby I’m coming,” he shouts. I fall back on him sliding him out of me in one gentle motion for him to spill on my pussy.

“That was fucking awesome you porn star,” Gi hugs me trying to get control of his breathing. We remain on the bed until we catch our breath.

Gi continues, “lets shower get something to eat, then we’ll head home.”

I comply, “OK stud. Let’s go,” getting off the bed.

Gi replies, “coming porn star.”

We shower and get dressed in matching outfits we picked up at a boutique. I am in a white and blue horizontal striped skater sundress. A mid-thigh length flared skirt, the skirt flares out from an elastic waist, giving the dress a beautiful twirl. Gi is wearing white shorts and a polo in the same shade of blue as the stripe on my dress, that wraps his defined arms like a glove and let’s not forget his scent I will never get tired of smelling Gi, he stills wear the same fragrance. To complete our look Gi and I are wearing aviator shades. We look like we are ready for a photo shoot. Gi takes a selfie posting it on the group chat and his phone starts blowing up again he sets it on do not disturb so we don’t hear the notifications.

Gi grabs hold of my hand kissing me , “let’s go Mrs. Giovanni Wyson”.

We have lunch at the Spa’s restaurant then head for home. Pulling into the driveway, the limo was dropping off mom, naan and grans. Andi , Sergio, Izzy, Charlie and Brad were out front we did not speak to them we focused our attention on the ladies. Helping them out of the car, grans is the first one out, “wow! you two look picturesque did you all have a spa day too?”

Gi answers, “yes grans I surprised Ambi with a spa day just us two. She really needed it.”

I lean in whispering into gran's ear, "I think I may have convinced her to have the big wedding."

Grans smiles, "good boy Giovanni. I was worried."

Naan continues, “very thoughtful Gi she needed that I don’t know who angered her this morning. She looks more relaxed now.”

I to mom, “mom did you enjoy the spa?”

Mom sounding refreshed, “yes Gi and Ambi, thank you both. How are you honey?”

Gi, “you’re welcome. We’ll schedule one just before the wedding for you ladies.”

Ambi, “a little better the spa helped. Now you ladies up to your room and get fancied up.”

I helped my mom and grandmothers with their make up their hair was done at the spa.

My mom and naan were dressed so they left me to finish up with grans. I take grans hand in mines looking at her freshly done manicure she had this coral orange colour, "oh grans I love this colour on you."

Grans quite bluntly, "thank you. Now what happened this morning missy?"

I smile at grans, "grans let's just forget about it."

Grans, "no I want to know. It's just the two of us here now spill. It's our secret."

I sigh, "grans did you know mom and my siblings were on board with Giovanni long before I even met him."

Grans, "oh trust me someone like Giovanni I was not going to keep a secret from you. Had I known I was coming straight to you."

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