The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Taking It in Stride

I get off the sofa saying, “thank you,” we head upstairs.

I brush my teeth, shower the usual routine. I am changed and sitting on the side of the bed my hands at my side pressed into the mattress with my eyes closed trying to prioritize everything I have to do. Unable to sleep as my mind was being flooded with thoughts about the engagement and wedding, I take the lights out and head to the office. Gino and Bianca are in one of the other bedroom. I get a binder first, I never had a folder of a dream wedding. I am starting from scratch, I’m going to have to rely on Google to help me plan this thing. Great fucking great according to Google I’m behind on everything. Music I need music I hope I don’t wake anyone. I close the door, putting on my music much better music always soothes me.

I start making a Check list :

Date 28th & 29th December
Venue our home: no address
Reception: no address
Favors ???? I don’t know something along the line of elephants. Wait do I have to give tokens out for the engagement too!

Going down the list of things for the wedding I am startled when Gi walks in the room calling out “Ambi?”

In a startled tone, “what the hell Gi you scared me.”

Gi in a very soft tone, “I’m sorry baby, I missed you on the bed what are you doing?”

I start rambling, “I am behind on everything Giovanni! I have an engagement to plan in about 35 days a wedding to plan in 72 days. I have so much to do. All I have is a date. I don’t have a venue, I don’t have invitations, I don’t know what kid of flowers I want, what colours, I don’t know how much people I’m having”........

Gi tries to soothe me, “Ambi calm down,”.....

Still panicking, “I have to decide on music, food, tokens, drinks, I need to get these to start........ ”

Gi voice raises , “Ambi relax, you need to calm down”.........

I continue my rants, “I am not putting my house for sale! I have to pack up this house and move into another place by the next 30 days”........

Gi is trying his best to remain calm he shouts,“Ambi stop it! You need to calm down.”........

I feel my head start to spin, “I have to get outfits for the different ceremonies I.......,”

I went down to get Ambi we came back up to our room I fell asleep while Ambi was in the shower. In and out of sleep I miss Ambi on the bed I get off the bed in search of her. I hear faint music coming from the office, opening the door walking up to her. Ambi jumps at my touch, I ask Ambi what is she doing and she just rambles on and on about wedding plans. I try to get her to calm down but she blacks out in my arms.

I scream out, “Ambi!”

I continuously scream out her name but she does not respond. I shout for Gino and Bianca I hope I did not scare them. Gino rushes in first, “Gi what happened?”

I look at my brother helplessly, “brother I don’t know she was not on the bed, I heard music coming from the office when I opened the door she started going on about the engagement and the wedding and she just fell in my arms when I tried to calm her down.”

Gino asks Bianca, “Bi can you get some ice water?”

I plead with Gino, “brother help me please.”

Gino tries to comfort me,“Gi it’s OK just breathe, let’s put her on the bed. Move the pillow from under her head, elevate her feet.” Bianca was back, “here is the water.”
Gino instructs, “Gi use the wash cloth and apply the cool water to her forehead let me call the paramedics.... “Hel...”
Ambi was opening her eyes I call out, “Gino she is moving she is opening her eyes.”
Gino and Bianca rushes to the bed side,“Ambi! what happened? does anywhere hurt?”

Ambi’s voice a bit hoarse, “what happened? My head hurts.”
I scold her, “baby don’t ever scare me like that.”

I kiss Ambi’s hands, forehead and cheeks, “should we take her to the Emergency room Gino?”

Gino restrains me, “calm down Giovanni. Ambi how are you feeling? Do you want us to take you to the emergency room? Are you still feeling dizzy? Nausea? Anything else hurts?”
Ambi still a little weak, “no, I think I’m OK no need for the hospital.”
I insist, “I’ll feel better if we take her to the Emergency Room.”

Gino trying to keep me calm, “relax she just needs to rest, if she still feels the same way in the morning we can take her to the Dr.” I go along with Gino’s order, “OK lets get you to bed.”
Gino snaps his fingers at me,“Gi she’s already in bed, man like we need to take you to the hospital.”
I ask “Ambi you want to say here? Or you want me to take you to our room?”

Ambi, “I’ll go to our room.”
Gino and I help her off the bed, “just be careful, let us take you.”
Ambi insists, “I can mov....”
Gino and I grab her, “no you can’t.”
We take Ambi to our room, “Gino, Bianca thanks, sorry about this.”

We put Ambi down on the bed, “ouch ”setting her down.
I ask, “what happened, where is hurting princess? ”
Ambi responds, “just my head Gi” putting her hand to her temple. Gino & Bianca, “Good night guys, feel better Ambi. Gi don’t worry we are here for you.”
I turn to my brother and Bianca the scared look still apparent on my face, “thanks guys love you sweet dreams.”
I get in bed with Ambi, “just rest baby I got you” pulling Ambi to my chest. “Good night baby I love you.”

I didn’t hear my alarm go off, I check the time it’s 7am. Gi got his arms and one of his foot on my body pinning me down. How do I get up without waking him. Bianca is leaving later today I need to get out of bed, I sit up in bed Gi feels my movements and wakes up. Gi brushes my face with his hand, “morning baby how is your head?” planting a kiss on my head.
I respond, “it’s better I think. Gi I need to ask you for something.” playing nervously with my fingers.
Gi gestures for me to say what’s on my mind, “sure sweetheart, whatever you need just ask.” putting his hand on my hand.

After last night’s incident we were concerned about Ambi. Bianca and I got up and were on our way to check up on her. On reaching their bedroom door I heard Ambi’s voice so we remain standing outside her bedroom until she was finished not wanting to interrupt their conversation. We did not mean to listen in on their conversation.

I take a deep breath trying to hold in the tears,“ I can’t sell my home. The day my dad got into the accident, he was on his way back from the bank. The down payments, the loan installments was all paid up to date by me. My parents, grandparents, my siblings tried numerous times to give me money they all saved for my education and wedding but I refused it. My dad called me a few days before he passed asking me how much was the loan balance for my home. My grandfather left money for me which was on my dad’s name as I always refused it but that day he called insisting I told him the amount. He went to the bank that morning to transfer the money to my account. He wanted me to pay off for my home. On his way from the bank he called me informing me he sent the money and that he was proud of me and even though he knew I could have paid off for my home myself he wanted to ensure that I did. I accomplished so much without their help and he said he did not want me to have any debts. Ten minutes after I spoke to my dad he was dead. A truck ran a stop sign killing him on the spot. He was seconds away from where Aki used to live when it happened. When I tell you I can’t sell my home I can’t do it.” The tears rolling down my cheeks, I look across at Gi noticing he is crying too.

Gi puts his arms around me, trying to stop me from crying, “Ambi I am sorry I won’t ask you sell this house ever.”

I look up at Gi, “I have one more thing to ask, you never told me much about your job and we never discussed our finances. It may be a silly question to ask but, I need to know if you can help take care of us until the wedding. I’m not asking for a lot just groceries, the utilities, HOA, regular stuff.”

Gi starts to chuckle, “Ambi you are too sweet, that’s what you want to ask?”

I push him, “you really are an ass Giovanni Wyson. You didn’t have to laugh like that.”

Gi puts has his arms around me, “Ambi I can take care of us with my salary."

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