The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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All set to Party

“What really hurt is that they have known me all my life and thought so little of me. You, Aki, dad, ajaa, and nana were the only ones who really understood me.” I confess to my grandmother.

Grans takes my hand, “listen to me you and Giovanni were meant for each other or else you would have gotten married to other people. Giovanni pursued you in Costa Rica with no prior knowledge of who you were. They way I see it they may have known you and Giovanni before you met but none of them had the balls to say or do something about it so don’t let them take credit for Giovanni’s doing it was all him.”

I chuckle at grans hugging he, “I love you grans.”

Grans, “I love you too Ambi. Now how do I look?”

Smiling at grans, “like my beautiful grans. I love your dress.”

Grans was dressed in an elegant knee length dress that featured jewel neck, mock embroidered-mesh jacket layered over a sleeveless shift featuring shimmering metallic threading the dress was in a light blue and silver.

“Thank you I bought it just for tonight. I’ll see you downstairs,” grans says as she and I walk out the room.

I walk grans to the stairs Nish and Brad were making their way down as well.


I’m in our walk in getting ready for the second engagement, I can’t believe in a little over a month Ambi will finally be mines. The setting for tonight is a little more casual so I’m wearing white slim fitting pants, with a royal blue shirt no tie and a light blue sports coat.

Slipping on my jacket I turn around standing there looking like a goddess in a royal blue maxi dress draped in georgette fabric a V-neckline across a banded waist with a full maxi skirt with a sexy side slit. The necklace I gave her around her neck, I take her arm spinning her around the back has a deep v showing off just enough skin she is looking sexy as fuck making my cock twitch. Examining her I whisper in her ear, “behold my twitching cock you look stunning.”

Ambi places her arms on my shoulders leaning in to kiss me she says, “behold my pulsating vagina you look good to devour. Although I already did that today didn't I?!.”

I look at my watch, with my other hand on Ambi's back I slowly glide my index finger up and down her spine, "yes you did. We do have time for a quick round though. We are the guest of honor we can be late if we want to. Let those siblings of ours sweat it out a little more."

I giggle uncontrollably as Giovanni's touch is turning me on.

Ambi tugs on my ear lobe with her lips, "I don't see why not."

"Music to my ears woman." Removing my hold on Ambi I take my jacket off placing it back on the hanger. I unbutton my shirt quickly with some assistance from Ambi. I find the side zipper on Ambi's dress I slide the zipper down removing Ambi's dress she is a vision to be hold. Her plump breast she was wearing just a blue lace bikini underwear. I pull Ambi close to me our nose touching I smile at her, "you are so fucking gorgeous Ambi."

Kissing Ambi I slide my tongue into her mouth slowly, using my tongue I make circles on Ambi's hard palate. I bring my hands up to Ambi's breast and slowly caress them causing her to moan out in my mouth. I glide one hand down to Ambi's centre and she is dripping wet I slide her panty down. Ambi lifts her feet up one at a time tossing her underwear to the side.

Ambi unbuttons my pants undoing the zipper she pushes my pants down with my boxers. Stepping out of my pants picking Ambi up wrapping her legs round my hips I walk her out of our closet to our bed. Placing my right knee on the edge of the bed I lower Ambi onto the bed. Pulling away from our kiss I move my lips down Ambi's neck stopping off at her breast I tug on her left nipple I have realised that the left is more sensitive than the right. Ambi releases a sensual sigh.

Moving down lower I reach Ambi's pussy I trail my tongue all over. Ambi grabs the sheets unable to control herself, I grab hold of my penis and drive it into Ambi's glistening wet vagina. Ambi moans out in pleasure with my first thrust into her. I continue driving into Ambi with quick deep thrusts. Ambi lifts her upper body off the bed releasing one scream as I feel her juices start to flow. I pull out squirting all my semen on Ambi's pussy. Falling into Ambi's chest we were trying to nomalise our breathing when my phone rang.

Grabbing it from the night stand it was Andy. Trying to sound normal I answer, 'hey Andi. Everything ok?'

Andi, 'no it's six thirty and our guests of honor are nowhere to be seen.'

I part my lips giving Ambi an evil grin, 'yeah sorry about that Ambi had a wardrobe emergency.'

Ambi smacks my arm while giving me a shocked look.

Andi, 'do you want me to send the girls up to help?'

Gi, 'no we got it under control we'll be down in a few minutes.'

Andi, 'ok.'

Ending the call I grab Ambi up off the bed getting into the shower Ambi smacks my arm again, "putting the blame on me are you?"

Kissing her neck, "I'm sorry."

With a smirk I ask, "want another round?"

Ambi giggles, "Andi might send them to pound down our door."

Smiling at Ambi, "so true."

We finish up in the shower, Ambi had to redo her hair as I got it wet in the shower. I help her with her hair then get dressed.

Exiting our room holding my gorgeous fiancé, “Amberline Murlani what will I do with you?”

She responds coyly, “I already have you marrying me, so there is only one thing left to do.”

I inquire, “Oh do tell my love.”

Innocently responding, “love me unconditionally” hooking my arm.

I lean into her whispering in her ear, “but I already do my love.”

Walking out to the patio the emcee announces our arrival. Everyone did a great job with setting up strings of mini white lights covered the roof of the tent giving the ambiance of a sky full of stars. The outer perimeter of the tent had strategically placed white path lights, up lights, down lights and flood lights. The table linens were royal blue with sunflower arrangements in square vases placed on burlap table runners. The tables were arranged in a family style seating. It’s synonymous with any Italian family gathering.

Trotting across we greet the grandparents, Ambi’s mom, my parents, our uncles and aunts. Mingling with the other guests, some attendees were business associates. We are accosted by the siblings squad, the ring leader Andi, “ Gi what was with the disappearing act you pulled today?”

I respond nonchalantly, “what do you mean? I had a spa day planned for Ambi I didn’t want anyone to disturb us. Ambi has been through a lot.”

Andi inquisitively, “you sure? Nish said Ambi wants a 2 person bridal party and if she does not get that you all going to Vegas to get married, what’s that about?“

I snap, “Andi I told you I don’t want to stress Ambi out because she might get anxious and decide to cancel everything that’s why I took her away from the house. We didn’t talk about anything wedding related. I got her to relax. You know twice Ambi had thoughts about changing the wedding date. I need her to be calm as fuckingly possible.”

Andi backs off, “OK I’ll leave it alone let’s enjoy the party.”

I rebut, “Yes! Ambi put a lot of work into this along with Bi and mom.”


I was speaking with some guests when my mom called out to me, I look up walking through the living room my best friend Kay. I leave the guests running towards her I don’t know how it happened but my right leg ended up around Kay. I feel another pair of arms around us, my other bestie Ann pulling away from our hug everyone was looking at us. My friends and I start to laugh when we realise why. Gi joins us introducing himself to Kay and Ann. Standing next to me he leans in whispering, “that was hot can I get a private show later.” Giggles rolled out of me like waves, I could see the mischief lurking in Gi’s lips and eyes as he spoke those words.

“Oh baby you will not be able to handle all that hotness.” I tease.

My friends greet my mom, the grandparents and Gi’s parents. Gi places his arms on my shoulder, “you are woman enough for me babe.” Continuing Gi says, “you are too hot for this dress, I can’t control my cock. It's still semi hard from the quickie we just had and you are making it worst.”

Ambi, “what you going to do about it?“

Gi “hmm you giving me options?”

Ambi “maybe.”

Forgetting we are surrounded by a hundred and fifty plus guests, I pull Gi into a kiss. Our kiss interrupted by grandpa shouting “keep doing that and your marriage will last forever.”

Gi blushing, “thank you grandpa.”

Gi whispers in my ear, “you keep that up and I’ll have to punish you.”

Innocently I bite on my lower lip, “what did I do?”

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