The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Engaging Engagement

Gi continues, “for starters you look so damn sexy in this dress my balls is full 2. Making out with out with a woman 3. I’m wearing white pants it's going to be difficult to hide the bulge I have. That is grounds for punishment later.”

Flirtatiously I say, “are you going to spank me?”

Gi in his sexy voice, “yes although it seems you will find it pleasurable. I’ll have to come up with something more torturous.”

Our flirting is cut short when Andi takes to the mic, ’good evening everyone thank you for joining with our family to celebrate the engagement of my brother Giovanni who we nicknamed Gi to his exquisite fiancé Ambierline who we fondly call Ambi. For those of you still standing we’ll give you a few minutes to get settled in your seats, remember to keep those glasses filled.”

Andi continues, “I am Andino the first half of Gi’s eldest brothers the other half is my brother Angelino. I would like to start our speeches off with the most senior person here we are extremely honored and privileged to have our grandfather with us Vincenzo Lucas Wyson.”

Grandpa, “ Good evening to all the beautiful guests and a special good evening to my favorite grandson Giovanni. I love you Gi, and now you have decided to add the sparkle of Ambi to your life. All I have to say is Love is a commitment, not a feeling, always prioritize what happens in the bedroom. It takes more than sex to build a strong relationship, but try building a marriage without it and you’ll see it’s darn impossible, love you. Now keep those speeches short I got my dancing shoes on and Ambi has reserved a few dances for grandpa.”

Gi raises his glass to grandpa, “grandpa, thank you”

Gi kisses my neck whispering in my ear “I hope you were listening to grandpa.”

I cheer grandpa, “woohoo! grandpa time to get this party pumping.”

Gi pinches my exposed leg with a smirk on his face, "the other part."

Kissing Gi on his cheek, "oh please you would still love me unconditionally even without the sex."

Gi blushes, "true the sex just takes it over the top."

Andi then invites their paternal grandparents to the mic, they are 88 and 85 years old and still very active. Grandpa Ellis and grandma Yelena, "our darling Giovanni we wish you and your beautiful bride to be many years together filled with joy, happiness, love and a lot of good sex. Just like your grandma and I."

The crowd burst into laughter. I do love these grandparents they are so full of spunk.

Andi takes to the mic again, “now I get why you two are so happily married sixty three years and counting. Continuing with the speeches, reserving the wedding day for dancing, drinking and celebrating. We invite Amberline’s grandmothers next.”

Naan, ′Giovanni and Ambi remember you are partners in everything, you’ll either win together or lose together. Work together to find a solution never argue with each other. Congratulations and I love you.’

Grans, “Ambi , Gi congratulations as long as grans is alive she will be here for you all, always give your best to each other, be patient and Ambi watch that temper. I love you.”

Andi returns to the mic, “thank you naan and grans, we invite everyone to join us for dinner the food station is located across there” (pointing to the food station in the patio)

While dinner was being served we had a siblings huddle
Nish “Ambi and Gi are keeping their distance.”
Andi “let’s just get through tonight. We will tackle them later.”
Elena “just see how the night plays out”
Dani “let’s eat I’m hungry”

Everyone is now seated eating, Andi continues, “I trust everyone has gotten dinner, if not please ensure you do there is plenty of food. Now we have the epitome of class, elegance and beauty the woman responsible for Ambi Mrs. Dayana Murlani.”

Mrs. Murlani, “good evening to everyone. I wished my husband was here to enjoy this day. I am elated to be giving this speech now and not on the wedding day. Ambi my daughter Giovanni my son I wish you both a happily married life filled with more joys than sorrow. More happiness than sadness. A home filled with love, family and friends. I would like to welcome not only Giovanni to our family but the entire Wyson and Cavalcanti (Gi’s mother’s side) family to our family. Cheers to the beautiful couple and to our continuously growing family.”

Andi, ′aw thank you mom. I am elated to be a part of your family as you all are to ours. We now invite my parents Mr. & Mrs. Wyson the two people responsible for all of us being the persons we are today.’

Gi’s parents, ′when children find true love, parents find true joy. Here’s to your love and our joy. Son when I first heard about Ambi I knew she was the one, meeting her only confirmed what we already knew in our hearts. We are overwhelmed with happiness that Ambi will finally be yours. We love you both congratulations.”

Andi, “thank you mom and dad. When Gi first laid eyes on Ambi he had two wing men. I now invite our brothers Charlie and Tyler to the floor.”

Charlie and Tyler make their way to Andi, Charlie glanced at Gi with a smirk on his face.

Gi shouts, “better be nice Charles you will regret it later.”

Charlie rebuts, “Ambi will never let you hurt me.”

Charlie and Tyler takes to the mic, “good evening to this beautiful gathering here tonight. We are all gathered here this evening because on the 22nd Sept in the lobby of a resort in Costa Rica two individuals set eyes on each other and what can I say it was the beginning of something spectacular. My buddy Tyler and I were sent on some unusual and strangely odd tasks, from picking out a dress for someone Gi had us following. Sorry Gi I had to include this in the speech....”

Gi, “you will be sorry you did that.”

Charlie continues, ”Sorry about that interruption, to ziplinging over rivers. It was an exciting week in Costa Rica, Amberline brought out a side of Giovanni Lucas Wyson Charlie and I have never seen before. Thank you Ambi for revealing that side of him since we got to see just how determined he could get when he gets scared of loosing someone as invaluable as you. While Gi was the one to make Ambi furious he was also the one to calm her down. All I can say is fifteen vases of fifteen roses. Seeing first hand how enchantingly they interacted with each other I can only describe them as quintessence. They brought out the best and worst versions of each other. Gi I love you my brother Tyler and I wish you both all the best. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been witness to this captivating love story we can only hope that our love story is as beautiful as yours. Congratulations guys we love you.”

Tyler and Charlie walks over to Gi and I hugging us. Gi poking fun at Charlie, “thank you Charles, I will get back at you later.”

Hugging Charlie, "I'll save you Charlie."

Charlie smiles, "see Ambi still loves me."

Andi winding up, “the final speech for tonight. The man, the myth, the legend, everyone’s favorite brother Giovanni Lucas Wyson.”

Gi takes the mic, “thank you my wonderful big brother he is the favorite not me. Good evening everyone I would like to thank you all for joining us tonight it means a great deal to have you all here. Charlie, Tyler, Ambi and myself are the only ones in our immediate family that are yet not married. Ambi and I wanted to reminisce on the weddings of our siblings with a slideshow. Enjoy.........(the guests aww, oh and ah with a chuckle here and there over the slide show after the slide show Gi’s speech continues) that was beautiful it makes me wish it was our wedding day already I can’t wait any longer to make this amazing woman my wife Ambi thank you for saying yes. What do you think about a Vegas wedding?”

On cue the music starts I hear.......Yea, Eh Na na ny ny Gi extends his hand to me, dancing to a medley of songs the dance floor was definitely lit. After our dance I take to the mic......“this one is for my girls Kay and Ann lets get on the dance floor ladies.” The d.j plays ‘Phenomenal’ Gi felt left out and joined us.

After that dance we do a parents and grand parents dance. I partner with grandpa, grandpa Ellis with grandma Yelena, Gi’s parents with each other, my mom with Gi, my two brothers with naan and grans to ‘ah feeling to party’. Following that dance we invite the sibling on the floor to the tune of ‘like ah boss’. Opening the dance floor after, the uncles and aunties waste no time joining us we move and groove to the tune ‘Nice Time’. The party goes on until late, even the grandparents stayed up till 11 enjoying themselves. Gi walked the last few guests out to their car a little after 12. I went in search of him, he was walking through the main doors.

Ambi “hey Mr. Delicious, I haven’t hugged you for a while, could you remind me what it feels like?”

Gi “with pleasure you sexy woman come here.” hugging me squeezing my ass.

Ambi “ready to do Vegas?”

Gi “Vegas sounds great right about now.”

Kay joins us, “you are not taking our best friend to Vegas without us.”

Gi “sure we’ll need witnesses.”

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