The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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See you in December

Kay smacks Gi's arm, “you are a trip. Ambi where are we sleeping?”

Ambi “sleep in Gi’s den.” pointing to the door.
Kay “thank you good night.”

Ambi “come on Mr. Wyson bed time.”

Gi “you will tuck me in?”

Ambi “what did you drink tonight?”

Gi “I had 2 drinks of scotch, but I’m high. High off of love for my sexy, beautiful, smart fiancé. That I want to screw so badly right now. I can't wait until our wedding night I'm going to full your pussy up with so much of my juices you'll be pregnant in no time."

Ambi, “come on stallion let us head to bed.”

Sergio walks in, “yo Gi what’s up?”

Gi smoothly, “my cock. I need to have sex with my fiancé because she made me so hard. What do you need Sergio?”

Sergio shaking his head, “I’m sorry I asked.”

Ambi sternly, “I was saying good night to your brother, my friends are in the den I’m going to join them, good night you two.”

Sergio gawks, “you’re going to do what? Ambi I didn’t know you were kinky like that but then again you did wrap your leg around a woman in front of everyone.”

Ambi bluntly, “that was an accident. Good night Sergio.”

Sergio pleads, “no, come on we are still chilling outside. You rather sleep with two women than hang out with your siblings I am hurt. Well actually that sounds like fun too if I was single.”

Gi jokes, "I’m going to firstly have sex with Ambi then go to sleep you all lock up when you all are done.”

Sergio still pleads, “come on guys it’s early.”
Gi ends, “good night baby brother”
Ambi smiles, “good night guys” walking up the stairs Gi runs up behind her. Sergio retrieves to the patio with the siblings and cousins.


Sergio went to get Gi and Ambi so we can come clean but he returned without them rejoining us on the patio.

Andi,“are they going to join us?”

Sergio, “nope they went up to their room.”

Brad, “are they really going to go to Vegas?”

Nish, “it's Ambi anything is possible.”

Aki, “judging from the slide show, we know they know you all know each other but do they know everything?”

Andi, “Veer did you tell Ambi or Giovanni anything?"

Veer, "fuck no I am not ready to be your next match making project. Although if Bianca's cousin is good looking I don't mind an introduction."

Bianca, "yes she is you'll have to loose those rolls though."

Aki, “there is always tomorrow. I am heading to bed see you all tomorrow. Izz, Yash, Veer you all up for some curry duck? Think we could convince uncle Ish to bubble a pot before they leave tomorrow?”

Yash, “for sure our flight is at 5pm.”

I got up at 5:30 sliding out of bed without waking Gi. Kay, Ann and I made plans to have breakfast before their flight. I wanted to leave the house before anyone woke up, they have to be in the airport by 9:30. We leave the house at 6:30, I did not get a chance to tell Gi about our plans he was too out of it last night.

They load their bags into Gi’s SUV, I will take them to the airport after breakfast. Getting to the diner a little before seven we order, waiting on our food we catch up on everything. Since I got back from Costa Rica we have not had the chance to talk like we used to. Finishing with breakfast I reach into my purse to retrieve my wallet checking my phone I shriek, “OMG Gi is going to be livid I have three missed calls I didn’t even hear my phone ring shit let me call him .”

Kay & Ann, “yes you should we have missed calls from him as well.”


Waking up at 7am Ambi was not next to me. I call out to her “babe.” No answer.

I shower and head downstairs knocking on the den door but no answer. I slowly open the door and notice the makeshift bed is made and there is no luggage. I check the kitchen no sign of them. I called Ambi with no answer. I try her friends and neither of them answers. Looking down at my phone I notice a strange notification. Checking it I realise it's the app for my vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked, started, driven, stopped, switched off and locked. Annoyed she left without telling me at least I know where she is.

A few minutes later my phone lights up furiously I answer, 'Ambi what the fuck are you doing? Please do not tell me you are driving.' Anger raging in my voice while I spoke to my fiancé. Forgetting that I gave Ambi my word to never raise my voice at her.

Ambi 'good morning Giovanni'

Calmly I say, 'I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap you all were nowhere in the house, my vehicle is gone where did you go off to this early? You are not supposed to be driving miss.' trying to control my anger.

Ambi 'Giovanni I am deeply sorry my girls have to be in the airport for 9:30 we wanted to grab breakfast before I drop them off I have your vehicle. We were eating when you called I did not hear my phone ring, please don’t be mad,' in my sincere tone.

Gi 'too late for that sunshine you are not supposed to be driving.'

Ambi 'I’m sorry, we are finished with breakfast. Heading to drop them off at the airport I’ll be home soon.'

Gi 'when you are with your girls it’s like you forget everyone else.'

Ambi 'we are not far from home we’ll swing by and pick you up you can go with us to the airport.'

Gi 'now you want to invite me?'

Ambi 'I said I am sorry and I’m trying to make it up to you'

Gi 'Apology not accepted, you can still swing by I’ll go with you to the airport I don’t want you hurting your shoulder.'

Ambi 'see you in 10 minutes' I get Gi some breakfast and we head home to get him.

10 minutes later we pull up in our driveway Gi is already out front Kay gets out the passenger front seat Gi opens the driver side door, 'OUT!'

I get into the front passenger seat Gi takes over driving.

Gi 'good morning ladies, how was breakfast?'

Kay/Ann, 'it was great thank you for loaning us your fiancé since Costa Rica we seem to have lost our best friend.'

Gi 'you’re welcome ladies. I apologise we will workout a schedule so we don't have that problem in the future.'

Ambi 'I got you a breakfast' Unwrapping the croissant I got for him I hold it out so he can access it.

Gi 'thank you.'

We arrive at the airport about 35mins later, getting out of the vehicle Gi help them with their bags.

Gi 'Thank you ladies for attending the party.'

Kay/An 'anything for our Ambi. Gi see you guys in December. We are meeting Ambi up on Tuesday when she flies to New York for her dresses.'

Ambi 'safe flight guys, love you.'

Kay/An 'love you too.' We hug like there is no tomorrow, Gi joins us our cue to break it up. Getting back into the SUV we drive to my old house to meet up my relatives to take them to our home.

Pulling up to the house, I check on my neighbors I ring the bell but they did not answer. Ringing the door bell of our old home, aunt Laila greets us “Gi, Ambi namaste good morning.”

Gi “you all set?”

Aunty Laila, "yes I was just about to call you."

Piled into the three vehicles we head to our home. Arriving at home all the adults are gathered in the kitchen.

Joining them Izzy initiates, “uncle Ish let us bubble a curry duck for lunch nah?”

Uncle Ish, “no namaste or good morning all you think about is your belly. But yeah I for that, let's go to the grocery.” Izzy, Yash, uncle Ish and Vish leave for the grocery.

Gi states, “OK we have Gino, Andi and myself available to do airport drop offs whoever else will ride in the limos who is leaving first?”

I interrupt for a bit, “before you all depart. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for being here, it means the world to us and we can’t wait to have you all back here for the festivities starting December 26th. Safe travels and we love you all.”

The official wedding day is December 29th being a Hindu I wanted to have a Hindu ceremony before so we are having the henna ceremony on the 26th, the haldi ceremony on the 27th and the Hindu ceremony on the 28th and the official wedding on the 29th.

Uncle Mario “as the eldest Wyson on behalf of everyone here we loved spending time getting to know everyone. The party was nothing short of spectacular thank you for everything and see you in December. Ambi welcome to the family you are the perfect fit into our family we love you and your family.”

The guys departed the airport and grocery we relax in the family room waiting for them to return, watching pictures from last night.

Mom asks, “ is Vegas off missy?”

I shrug my shoulders, "I don't know anybody wants out of the bridal party? Come on do you all really want to be in the wedding party?"

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