The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Party Done

Looking at pictures from the engagements in the family room waiting for the guys to return.

Mom continues saying, “you have two families that love you unconditionally and one amazing husband to be. You really going to deny us your wedding?”

Nish agreeing, “exactly. I remember when our little doll was born, it was nice finally getting a sister after having five brothers. The only girl in the family Christina came a year before Ambi but they were already living in Toronto.”

Mom reassuringly, ”yes Ambi was the baby for a while. When the doctors and nurses were tending to her they kept saying Ambi’s face was glowing. Did you invite uncle Mark?”

I sigh, “yes mom I did but they already had plans for thanksgiving. Thank goodness there are not much speeches for the wedding you all will bore the guests.”

Mom tugs my hair playfully, “we’ll stop if you give us your word that you will not get married in Vegas.”

I make faces at mom, “I’ll think about it.”

We moved the lime to outside when they guys returned, my uncles decided to cook out by the pool. The joys of living in Florida even in November we get to enjoy outdoors. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago my uncles spent a lot of their years cooking outdoors by the river, beach or even the back yard it was a recreational activity, they are enjoying cooking poolside it’s the closest thing to home.

Gi’s parents, grandpa, uncles Mario and Salvatore, aunt Gemma and Juliette are staying until the wedding. They wanted to spend stime with grandpa. My uncles and Aki were doing the cooking everyone else is either hanging poolside or in the pool, the children were very happy to be out by the pool. The rental company arrived to collect their things. Gi, Andi, Charlie, Tyler, Veer and Izzy are assisting with taking down the lights.

Lunch was served timed with the departure of the rental company. Uncle Salvatore, “Gi I think we will have to move closer to Ambi’s family. I really love this curry duck.”

Gi, “uncle Ambi is amazing in the kitchen too. All you have to do is move to Miami. There are a couple houses near by still available if you like.”

Uncle Mario chimes in, “I don’t know about my other siblings but I will take you up on that offer Giovanni. I can spend more time with my father and brother and have Ambi cook me delicious food. You all sure you not Italians?”

Gino adds, “I asked them the same thing.”

Following lunch we clean up, everyone gets out of the pool, shower and change. By the time everyone is changed it was time for uncles Ish and Vish, aunts Laila and Nina, Veer, Yash, Alexi and their boys to leave. They insisted on taking the limo but Gi was adamant we drop them. Veer, Yash, Alexi and the boys ride with Gi, Izzy drives the uncles and aunts. Dropping them off at the airport with our usual family huddle. Arriving back at home everyone was out on the patio talking. We remain talking until about eight, when everyone retrieves to their rooms or home.

My 7am alarm goes off, my ladies and I are headed to New York to go dress shopping, the guys will join us on Wednesday. Turning to get out of bed Gi wraps his arms around me, “good morning precious. Your skin is warm. You ok?” kissing my cheek. I respond, “good morning handsome. Yeah I feel fine.”

“Don’t go?” Gi says,

I respond with a chuckle, “if I don’t what will I wear for the wedding?”

I get out of bed making my way to the bathroom, Gi follows me joining me in the bathroom, “can I go with you today?”

In between brushing my teeth, “Giovanni Wyson you have work and you my dear fiancé are not supposed to see me in my dress.”

Giving me that puppy dog face, “I won’t look I promise, can’t Mira or your mom and Nish get it for you they know your size.”

“Giovanni Lucas Wyson it’s only two days.” I state.

After my shower I get dressed for my doctors appointment hopefully I can drive now. I put on dark denim skinny jeans, a black camisole tank top and a green cardigan. Walking out with my carry-on leaving it by the bedroom door.

Gi asks, “all packed gorgeous?”

I reply, “yes we fly back on Thursday not much to pack, I checked the weather forecast it’s going to be between 0-7 degrees. Your bag is packed, it’s in the corner by the door in the walk in.” Pointing to it.

Gi hugs me kissing my lips, “thank you babe look at you being the perfect wife packing my bag for me.” Walking into the kitchen mom, nans, grans, Aki, Samara with Arav and the twins Abi and Amara, Daniele, Reggie, Sergio and Nira were gathered. Ambi and Gi “good morning Namaste how is everyone?“

Everyone acknowledges, “good morning and Namaste, we are good how are you all?” everyone starts talking.

Ambi “mom, nans and grans you all packed ?”

Mom “yes we are all packed I checked nans and grans bags already.”

Ambi “OK great we have to be in the airport for 5pm flight leaves at 7pm we are already checked in.”

Ambi “we got mom, Gi’s mom, nans, grans, Bianca, Nish, Samara, Dani, Daniele, Nira, Elena, Andi, Mira, myself and 17 kids (Andi 4 Nish 3, Dani 3, Daniele 3 Samara 3 Elena 1) 29 of us how we doing that airport run?”

Gi “Ambi will go with me, Gino can take 6, Aki can take Samara and the children in Ambi’s car. Sergio can use Andi’s vehicle and drop them off. The rest will take the limo.”

Aki “Gi Ambi can just go in the limo then saving you the drive.”

Gi “I am taking Ambi to the airport end of discussion. She has a temperature.”

Sergio “bro get a grip, it’s only two nights you can do this, you see any of us loosing it?”

Gi “you’re funny Gio.”

Ambi “ Sergio you are a trip and no I don’t have a temperature I feel fine.”

Mom placing her hand on my forehead “you feel ok baby.”

Ambi “who is taking me to the doctor?”

Sergio, “you really asking Ambi?”

I reply, “yes Sergio. You and your brothers have work. What do the rest of you all have planned for the day?”

Mom “not a single thing. I want nans and grans to be well rested, you all run along, we’ll be ready by 4:30pm that will give us enough time to get to the airport?”

Ambi “OK mom sure. Aki you want to take your baby sister to her doctor’s appointment?”

Gi, “I will take you Sergio can go with Andi or Gino I will head to work after. Do you want me to call my boss?”

I reply, “yes please do.”

Gi takes his phone out dialing dad, “hey papi good morning. How are you?”

Dad, “I am great son you boys on your way to the office?”

Gi, “no dad not quite Ambi has a doctor appointment I was going to take her. Sergio, Andi, Reggie, Anish, Tyler, Charlie and Gino were headed to the office now.”

Dad, “son Ambi’s family is here let her brother or brother in law take her in a month time she’ll becomes your responsibility. I’ll send you all home early so you can see the girls off.”

I smirk as Gi hangs up the phone, “have a good day at work, love you.” Kissing Gi and everyone else.

Aki and I make our way to the garage. Gi follows behind me with Sergio, Charlie, Reggie and Tyler.

The doctor gives me the all clear to drive. Arriving home, the guys left to play golf and tennis, Aki leaves to join them with just the ladies and children were in the house. Mom and my grandmothers were resting. Samara was down with the twins. With the exception of Gino’s children the rest of children were in the media room. The other ladies were in their room packing or napping. I head to my room after grabbing a quick bite.

Getting to my room I call Gi, ‘hey handsome how are you?’

Sergio, ‘hey beautiful I am great but I have to let you know I am a happily married man.’

Thank goodness he couldn’t see my face, ’why are you answering my fiancé’s phone?’

Sergio responds, ‘Gi left his phone on the desk he did not want to be interrupted. He is in a meeting with a very hot blonde you should see her six feet tall, slim, toned. I am hearing some moans and screams coming from the room they are banging the desk pretty hard Ambi. What do I do?’

Andi in the background, ‘yeah Ambi it’s really loud sounds like they having fun.’

Tyler as well, “Ambi I’m going to break the door down right now. He can’t do this to you.”

I respond, ‘eh a blonde? That’s not really his type.’

Gino yells, ’you tell ‘em Ambi you are his type.’

Sergio chuckles, ‘he just went to dad’s office. Will tell him you called.’

I end, ‘thank you Gio bye guys have fun.’

I fall asleep waking up at 3:45pm I check my phone realising Gi called me back and sent me a few messages. I reply ’sorry babe I fell asleep. Just got up going to shower.′ I have to admit I am not feeling all that great. Getting out of the shower I check the temperature before getting dressed.

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