The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Missing My baby

I pull on some black warm leggings, a burgundy tunic sweater and black knee high boots and my warm coat. I give myself one last look before walking out the closet. Aki knocks the door, “hey came to get your bag.”

Ambi sincerely, “thank you Aki.”

I grab my handbag and follow Aki, Aki continues down the hallway to the elevator where he has all the bags to take downstairs. I take the stairs and head down, mom, nans, grans were in the living room. Gi, Reggie and Sergio arrived at 4:40pm announcing, “the limo is here we can start loading the luggage.”

They help Aki, Brad and Izzy take all the luggage to the limo.

Gi takes a shower quickly rejoining us downstairs, insisting he takes me to the airport Gi drives me no matter how much everyone teases him.

In the SUV Gi starts, “go in the morning?”

I respond sternly, “Giovanni Wyson really?”

Gi continues holding my hand, “I’ll miss you love. Your skin feels warm.”

I reply “we have a wedding in less than a month. I feel a little chilly could be the change in temperature.”

Gi sighs, “you should go with me on Wednesday if you are not feeling well.”

I shake my head, “Giovanni I’ll be fine I have my scar and coat.”

Gi protests, “I’m going to tell mom.”

A little irritated, “Giovanni Wyson I will be fine.”

Minutes later we arrive at the airport and head to the VIP lounge to wait on our flight’s departure.

Arriving back at our home Gino went to get the kids. Anish, dad, uncle Salvatore and Mario, aunt Juliette and Gemma are coming over they were supposed to leave but decided to stay until the wedding. Aunt Juliette and Gemma didn’t want to go to New York in spite of mom’s pleading. Sergio, Izzy and Reggie cleaned the pool house, Charlie and Tyler cleaned the cottage everyone is now moved to the main house they are earning their keep. Missing Ambi already I shoot her a message, ‘just wanted to say that I miss you have a safe flight. Bundle up.’

They announce it is time to board our flight, we are seated on the plane waiting for take off. The flight is 2 hours 55 minutes, everyone is travelling with carry-on the guys are bringing whatever luggage that was left behind. I check my phone a message from Gi. I reply ‘when we’re apart for even a few hours I can’t help but miss you. Thank you, we are taking off now love you’

Seated out on the patio with everyone, I check the message from Ambi and let everyone know that the flight is leaving now.

Sergio “Gi give Ambi a break she’ll leave your ass.”

Dad yells, “Sergio what did you just say? Not under my watch Ambi is not going anywhere.”

Sergio apologetically, “sorry papi”

Dad responds, “you better watch your mouth your mother is not here to save you.”

I add in rolling with laughter, “ha ha you walked right into that one brother.”

Dad chuckles, “you all still behave like children. How do your wives manage?”

The flight landed 10 minutes earlier, we disembark the plane there were 2 limos waiting for us. Exiting the airport terminal we all get in, Mira got off with us at the hotel, Andi took the children home. The suite Mira booked is 2 stories with 7 en-suite bedrooms and a half bath. We settle into our rooms and get to bed. Picking up my phone I have a message from Gi. ′It’s driving me crazy that I have to wait to see you!′

Not ready for bed Nira and Elena convinces me to join them for a walk, after all New York is the city that does not sleep. We get back to the suite around 2am and head to bed.

Waking up at 6:30am my throat is sore and my head is spinning. I check my phone I have a message from Gi ′Good morning my lovely. My arms are missing you. How are you feeling?’ received at 6am.

I send a reply before heading to the bathroom, ‘Good morning love, how was your night? It’s pretty cold… I wish you were here! xoxo’

I packed some vitamins and supplements, I rummage through my handbag to find the pill box with the vitamins I packed.

I sent Ambi a message before I started my workout, she replied to my message at 6:35 am. It was 7:10 am when I was back in my room after my workout, Ambi and her girls are in New York shopping for our wedding.

I reply quickly. ‘Good morning avoiding my question are we? I can’t wait to have you back in my arms.'

I get out of the bathroom, change and make my way downstairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I hear a knock, I walk over opening the door I am greeted by a staff member his name tag is Kevin with an arrangement of eucalyptus leaves, orange roses and yellow lilies, “Good morning ma’am I have a delivery for I hope I pronounce this correctly Ms. Amberline Murlani.”

I respond politely “that’s me thank you, do I have to sign for it?”

Kevin, “Yes ma’am right here.”

I sign the delivery note, “sure thank you, have a good day” closing the door, I put the vase down on a table near the stairs in the foyer to check the card. ′Hey babe, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you! xoxo’ I leave the flowers on the table and give Gi a call.

‘Hello my beauty, are your nipples hard?’ Gi

‘What?’ Ambi

‘You said you were cold and I know how hard your nipples get when you are cold’ Gi

‘Yes they are, and hearing your voice is making me wet what you plan on doing about it?’ Ambi

‘Oh fuck woman what are you trying to do to me? I’ll have blue balls all day’ Gi

‘Well you’ll have to use yours hands’ Ambi

‘Your mouth works better but that pussy nothing could satisfy my cock like that tight sweet sexy pussy my gosh’ Gi

‘Well we have a situation. Not we but you are the one with blue balls’ Ambi

‘I’ll have to devise a plan’ Gi

’You had breakfast? Oh by the way somebody sent me flowers, have any idea who knew where I was?” Ambi

‘Yes I had oats, heading out the door. I have all my brother’s in law on clean up duties. Maria and Sian are coming over to help them out. Our room, the den, the cottage and the pool house is already cleaned. What was that someone sent my woman flowers? Really?!’ Gi

‘Gi, you making them work again? I would have done the cleaning when I got back home. Thank you for my beautiful flowers.’ Ambi

‘They were all happy to help. Nobody will love you as much as I do. Busy day today?’ Gi

‘Yes I am hoping to get it done as fast as possible I maybe coming down with the flu. My throat is a bit sore.’ Ambi

‘What?! You are not going out today. It is too cold Ambi.’ Gi shouts.

“I am fine Gi it’s just the change in temperature see you all Wednesday. Have a great day drive safely love you.” Ambi

Ending the call with Gi there is a knock on the door, Mira ordered breakfast, the staff was setting up the breakfast one by one the ladies were all emerging from their rooms.

Elana/Nira , “hey how come only one person got flowers?”

I respond, “you all need to take that up with your husbands.”

Some of the ladies take their phone out sending messages before sitting down to breakfast. Mira arrives after breakfast with her sitter to stay with the children. My friends are meeting us at the dress shop on 17th Street then we got to Broadway for the outfits for the Hindu ceremony.

Mom,“Ambi please ensure you bundle up, you know you get sick with the slightest change in temperature.”

Arriving at the dress shop I try on my dress and it is perfect. It just needs to be taken in a little.

Gi’s mom “Linda (Portuguese for beautiful) Giovanni will not be able to resist you.”

Nish joins in, “he already can’t resist her. No wonder he why he wants a Vegas wedding who wouldn't want to marry my gorgeous sister.”

Mom smacks Nish’s Arm, “stop teasing your sister. Honey this dress is beautiful.”

Mom trying to hold back the tears, “Stunning. I can’t believe you designed this.”

Nans & grans, “our beautiful princess.”

Mira “they did a great job with the sketch you gave them Ambi.”

Ambi “thank you. Now dresses for my girls”

Everyone had sent in their colour choice for their dress. The style we agreed on was this gorgeous dress in chiffon featuring a flattering one shouldered design embellished with pretty crystal style beading and cut out detail, fitted band to waistline with crystal embellishment to one side a long flowing flared hemline each dress had a personal touch to it while.

Mom’s dress I choose a gorgeous chiffon, sleeveless, flattering V neckline with a fixed band to the waistline embellished with beautiful crystal style beads and a flower corsage in a colour called Flamingo. A long flowing flared hemline with a draped waterfall sash detail to the front.

Gi’s mom dress is in silver/gray chiffon with floral lace detailing, beads and sequin cap sleeves. Sweetheart shaped neckline with flattering pleated detail to the bodice flowing out beautifully to the hemline.

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