The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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New York Shopping

Naan’s dress was a chiffon short sleeves with a flattering V neckline it had a pleated mock wrap over detail the shoulder and side of waist was scattered with subtle beading in blush. Gran’s dress is in peach dust a beautiful tea-length gown with a floral lace bodice and sleeves with sequins scattered all over the top, a ruched waistline that leads to a beautifully flowing knee length skirt in chiffon. Satisfied with the dresses we head to the next shop for the outfits for the hindu ceremony. I feel my condition worsening as my sore throat has worsened and I feel the chills coming back.

At the indian wear dress shop the sales assistants started pulling the outfits from storage when I identified myself. Thankfully the estimated size for everyone was not far off some need to be taken in none has to be let out.

Bianca and Mira has the same colour outfits in orange peel with different working on both outfits ,theirs fit perfectly. Andi and Gino’s outfits are in the same colour theirs are identical. The children’s outfits were in the same colours.

Dani and Daniele had matching cherry red outfits with red thread and sequin working, theirs husband’s outfits in red but different styles with matching ones for the children.

Nira’s is an aquamarine with Sergio’s outfit in matching shade and working in white and light gold. For their mom I selected a beige and gold outfit with a matching one for their dad and a similar one for the grandparents. For Charles and Tyler I selected an coral shade.

My mom’s outfit is buff orange, naan in light green and grans a sky blue. Nish’s outfit was sea green with matching outfits for the kids and Brad. Elana and Izzy in a deep sky blue with a cute mini me outfit for Ash. Samara, Aki and the children in buff orange like mom. My friends outfits are yellow for Ann and rose pink for Kay. Gi’s outfit is a red-orange colour to match my outfit. I left it up to the designer to give Gi’s outfit a look that will complement mines. They bring Gi’s outfit in a garment bag for me to confirm the colour is what I wanted. Jeev, Yash and Veer asked me to order outfits for all of them. Jeev’s family I choose light yellow, Veer in green and Yash’s family in sapphire blue.

Mira “Ambi you did a great job I love my outfit.”

Mom “sweetheart you did great ”

Nish “Thank you Ambi the outfits are perfect”

Nira “how did you know this is my favorite colour?”

Bianca twirling in her outfit, “I love.”

Dani “I LOVE! I LOVE! Ambi you are going to have to take all these outfits back to Miami this is a lot to travel with half way across the world when we will be using them in Miami.”

Nira “yes that’s a great idea Dan makes sense.”

Nish “I conquer.”

Ambi “ok fine.”

We picked out simpler outfits for the mehandi and haldi ceremonies as those are less elaborate functions, some of my aunts asked my mom to get them outfits Nish, Elena, Samara and I help mom decide. We also assisted Gi’s mom with outfits for some of their relatives and our shopping is completed happy with all the outfits we take the ones that did not need to be altered it was 4:30pm and we were in the limo heading back to the hotel. We will collect he outfits that had to be altered on Thursday morning. They gave us priority because of how many outfits we purchased.

Arriving at the hotel just after 5 pm, the kids are all good, Andi came over with their children they were all hanging out.

I rush to my room heading straight for the bathroom I shower and get into bed as the chills came back stronger I just wanted to get under the blankets.

I am bundled up on my bed when Elena walks in , “Ambi you feeling OK? Andi ordered chinese it just arrived come on down and eat.”

I try to respond the words barely coming out, “I might have a fever.”

Elena in a panic voice, “I’m going to get mom and Mira.”

I get off the bed rushing to the bathroom to throw up, I am leaning over the toilet bowl when Elena returns with Mira and mom, mom comes to my side places the back of her hand to my forehead and neck, “Ambi you are burning up.”

Mira walks over checking me, “OMG your skin is on fire. We need to get you to the doctor.”

I wash and dry my face getting back into bed. Mira walks out into the hallway calling, “Andi darling we need you upstairs please.”

Andi comes running into the room, “yes babe.”

Mira instructs, “call doctor Gonzales we need to get Ambi to a doctor.”

I mumble, “Samara is a doctor you know.”

Mom scolding, “Ambi no time for jokes.”

Andi was on the phone with the doctor, when we hear the doorbell.

Mria replies, “the food is already here we are not expecting anyone else.”

Some of the ladies let out screams that echoed all the way from downstairs, followed by the sound of hurried footsteps on the stairs. Rushing into our room, “where is my princess?”

Still in his work clothes, Gi loosens his tie, taking his jacket off tossing it on a chair in the room he gets into bed with me. Hugging me, kissing my head, “what happened princess? Babe your skin is on fire.”

Andi finally gets off the phone, “well isn’t my brother the Casanova. We have it under control Romeo. Doctor Gonzales said we can bring Ambi he will wait for us.”

Gi, “OK great. Ambi come on get dressed.”

A bit hesitant but with five pairs of eyes giving me reprimanded stares I get out of bed, “you all need to leave so I can change.”

They exit the room Elena remains to help me as I wanted to shower again. I get dressed making my way downstairs.

Izzy and Sergio clearly the comedians in the family, “Ambi less than 24 hours and you are love sick for Gi.”

Andi shouts, “guys this is serious she has a fever.”

Izzy and Sergio apologetically, “sorry Ambi.”

Gi, Andi, mom and Mira accompanied me to the doctor. In the limo Gi has me leaned into his chest I drifted off to sleep, Gi nudges me up when we arrive at the doctor. Gi and my mom stayed with me, he took some blood and urine samples and ran some tests.

Dr, Gonzales, “It is just the flu. She is not pregnant. I am prescribing these medication she should be better by Thursday.”

Gi relieved, “thank goodness.”

Doctor turns to my mom, “Where are you all from?”

Mom replies, “Trinidad and Tobago currently residing in Vancouver. My daughter and her fiancé lives out in Miami.”

The doctor responds, “I thought I heard a Trini accent. My in laws are Trinis they are wonderful people.”

Mom responds, “that is great what part Trinidad or Tobago?”

The doctor replies, “they were born in Trinidad but New York has been home for them forty five years they are in their early seventies now they were from San Fernando and Arima met while attending University.”

Mom continues, “that is lovely. We trinbagonians like salt we can be found anywhere. I would have love to chat more but we really should get this princess to bed. Thank you very much doctor Gonzales. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

We get up walking out the doctors office to the waiting room. The doctor walks out greeting Mira and Andi in the waiting room.

Doctor, “it is just a flu.”

Andi, “thank you Dr. what do we owe you?”

Dr, “nah it’s on the house just take care of this little beauty here.”

Getting into the limo Gi asks Andi to stop off at the pharmacy to get the medicine. The guys were staying in a suite on the same floor, just across the hall from us. Gi settles me into bed, he went across to the other suite to get my things. Gi enters the room, Gi “how are you feeling gorgeous?”

Ambi “hungry !”

Gi responds, “let me call Andi see where we can get you soup,” before he could dial the number there is a knock on the door.

Gi walks across to open the door, Nish and Aki walks in, “soup for the princess.”

Gi, “thanks guys I was just about to call Andi to ask where I would be able to get food for her.”

Nish, “when the princess is sick all she wants is chicken soup so I made her special. That is the good thing about New York you can get anything anytime I got what I needed to make the soup for her while you all were at the doctor.”

Aki comes over checking me, “where did you pick up this bug? We are all fine.”

Ambi, “well Gi noticed my skin was warm yesterday morning. Last night Nira and Elena couldn’t sleep so we went for a walk.”

Gi shouts, “Amberline Murlani are you crazy?”

Aki joins in the scolding, “Amberline Aishwaria what the fuck were you thinking?”

Ambi apologetically, “yell at Elena and Nira they begged me to go.”

Gi, “well they are not sick now are they? Look at what that walk caused. This is the second time you made me raise my voice at you after I said I would never do it.”

Aki, “Gi is right Ambi look what that innocent walk caused.”

Ambi , “can I have my soup please?”

I sit up on the bed and have the soup.

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