The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Sitting up with Ambi on the bed after she ate and took her medication. There was a knock on the door. Both moms walks in, “how is the princess?”

Ambi, “I will be OK.”

Still furious with Ambi I ask, “mom do you know how or why your daughter is sick?”

Mom nonchalantly, “it is the flu Gi she probably picked it up from one of the children you know they are germ spreaders.”

I start to rant like a lunatic, “remember yesterday morning I said I noticed she had a fever but said she was feeling fine. When I was driving her to the airport yesterday she still felt warm to the touch again she said it was nothing. Then last night she, Elena and Nira went for a walk at midnight when she was already not feeling well.”

My mom expressing shock, ”oh minha palavra. Muito descuidado. eu estou muito desapontado”

Ambi's mom, ”Eu concordo o quão irresponsável da parte dela. Ela arruinou o resto da viagem de compras.”

I respond, ”Estou furiosa. Gritei com ela na frente de Aki e Nish. Até Aki a repreendeu.”

Ambi's Mom, “this was irresponsible of her especially if she was not feeling well.”

My mom kisses my head, “Gi calm down, you two get some rest we will see you in the morning.”

Blowing kisses to Ambi before they leave.

Five minutes after the moms left my phone rings who else could it be dad off course.

I answer, “hey papi, how are things there?”

Dad, “don’t hey papi me. Give her the phone.”

I continue, “it is on speaker go ahead dad.”

Dad, 'Amberline what were you thinking miss lady? You could have been hospitalised. I am utterly disappointed in you.'

Tears start rolling down her cheeks, 'I am sorry.'

Dad, 'don't I'm sorry me. Get some rest, Gi take care of her and get back to Miami as soon as possible. That cold weather will not make her condition any better. Love you.'

I end, 'will do dad. Love you good night.'

I head to the bathroom, shower and get ready for bed, getting into bed with Ambi she was still sitting up on the bed.

"Babe you ok?" I ask.

The takes a deep breath, "the congestion is making it difficult to breathe so I just want to sit up for a little bit."

I picked up some chest rub at the pharmacy, getting off the bed I retrieve it from the bag. Walking over to Ambi I instruct, "raise your top."

I apply the rub to her back, chest and neck. We both settle into bed hugging my fiancé singing ‘I love you baby’ by Frank Sinatra to her.

I am up at 7am, I kept checking Ambi’s temperature during the night it went down but she still had a fever. Fixated on my gorgeous fiancé, she is turning in bed when her glassy eyes opens, “bella how are you feeling?” pulling her to my chest her skin still warm.

Ambi, “head not spinning still feeling congested. Still have a fever I think.”

I take the thermometer giving it to her to hold under her arm, when it beeps I check it, “it went down it’s 38 degrees but still high.”

Ambi continues talking “you guys have the fitting for the Indian outfits first, then your suits and shoes we already have the ties. I already picked out the colour suits I want the style totally up to what you and your guys want.”

Kissing Ambi on the forehead, “it would have been nice to have you join us.”

Lacing her fingers through her hair Ambi says, “I am sorry.”

A bit angered I get out of bed for the bathroom. I exit the bathroom wrapped in my towel, I notice Ambi looking sad. I get dressed and walk across to check on everyone in the other suite. Both moms and grandmothers were up, I greet them “Namaste, good morning how is everyone?”

My mom, “we are all good sweetheart, how are you? How is the princess?”

Still upset I reply, ”she is improving I left her in our room.”

My mom, “ I’ll be staying with Ambi’s mom and grandmothers you all go, have fun.”
I question, “mom don't you want to see me in my outfits?”
Both moms insists, “no son I will wait like Ambi you all go. We will babysit today.”

The rest of the crew arrives, we have breakfast before heading out. I check on Ambi before leaving, walking into the room the bed is made, I hear the bathroom door open, Ambi walks out.

Kissing her head, “we are heading out now both moms, the grandmothers, Nish and Samara are next door. See you later.”

Shopping was easy all the outfits for the Hindu ceremony fitted perfectly Ambi did a great job with the selections, she really is super organized and specific. The suits we had to collect in the morning they had to be altered.

Nish and Samara was using our kitchen under the pretense of looking after Ambi to prep things for breakfast for their mom tomorrow is her birthday. Walking in I ask, “did you all check on the princess?”

Nish, “yes she only wanted soup, she got her medication. Fever was almost gone.”

I reply, “thanks Nish and Samara for taking care of her if I did not have to try the suits myself I would have stayed with her.”

Samara, “Gi I know you are upset with good reason but I guess Nira and Elena may have forced her into it.”

I snap, “Monday morning her skin was warm, I allowed her to go because she had to get her dress. She did not have to go for a walk at midnight when the temperatures are even lower she could have said no.”

I continue, “sorry Samara I did not mean to snap.”

Samara, “it is ok Gi I understand where you are coming from she could have easily gotten pneumonia. I would be pissed too less than a month away from the wedding.”

“Thanks for understanding.” Walking off to check on Ambi.

Ambi was sleeping when I walked in, sitting on the bed next to her. Brushing a few strands of hair from her face she shifts in the bed, “back already? What time is it? How was shopping?”

Fully opening her eyes to look at me I smile at her, “it was great, the guys loves the outfits you selected for them. Oh and my outfit you will not be able to take your eyes off of me.”

I get a laugh out of her, “I already do that. Are you still upset with me?”

I take the thermometer and give it to her to put under her arm, while we continue talking.

I respond, “yes because I wanted to have mad sex with you tonight.”

The thermometer beeps checking the temperature. I continue, “no fever great.”

Ambi replies, “lovely so we can do something later.” I tug on her nose, “you wish.” We get out of bed Ambi uses the bathroom and we join Nisha and Mira in the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen Mira notices us first, “how you feeling princess?”

Ambi pulls out a stool sitting down, “better no fever just a little congested.”

Placing her arms on the counter she places her chin on her hand, “Elena, Nira and Alexi are pregnant expect babies in July. Dani and Daniele as well”

Mira chuckles, “really?”

I reply, “yes Samara too.”

The kitchen burst out in laughter, "ok OBGYN Ambi."

Brad and Andi joins us, walking into the kitchen, “hey so what is the plan for later?”

I pull Ambi to my chest, “nothing it is too cold for this princess to be out there.”

Brad, “well we will just bring the party to us. We can chill out here then.”

Andi, “sounds like a plan.”

Clasping his hand Andi says, “ok we will make the arrangements.”

Nish joins in, “princess you up for making coconut bake for me for tomorrow?”

Ambi replies, “yes but the only time I am leaving here is to head to the airport you all need to go shopping for me. I will make the list.”

Andi, “coconut bake? I don’t think I ever had that but it does sound interesting can’t wait to try it. What do you need to get princess?”

Ambi jots down what she needs Mira, Nish, Brad and Andi head out. After they leave Ambi and I head over to the other suite to see what everyone else was up to. Walking in some were in the living room, the children were at Andi’s and Mira’s with the exception of Abi, Amara and Ash, Samara was with the twins, Ash was asleep. We greet the moms and grandmothers, “namaste, good afternoon how are you ladies?”

My mom, “son, Ambi how are you all? How was shopping?”

I reply ecstatically, “Ambi is a super shopper, the indian outfits fit everyone perfect she was spot on with the measurements. The suits needed alterations as my men have athletic frames.”

Ambi’s mom, “she put a lot of effort into this project, wait till you see her in her dress and the indian outfit. I am so happy everything went smoothly.”

Izzy and Sergio joined us, “so what are we doing tonight?”

I reply, “we are having a shindig over at our suite later check with Andi, Charlie and Tyler they planning everything.”

Izzy and Sergio goes across to our site leaving us, mom interjects. “you children have fun the next time the siblings gather will be for your wedding so enjoy the last few days of single life.”

Ambi’s mom, “yes you all have fun we will watch the children.”

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