The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Good Bye New York

The evening was well spent, though most of them already knew each other they were still not letting on. Nish, Mira, Samara and Dani were trying to pack as much of the outfits into suitcases. They ensured my outfit went into my mom's luggage so Ambi does not accidentally see it. Nish had everything set for mom's birthday breakfast in the morning except for the dish Ambi insisted that had to be baked fresh in the morning. We call it a night just after eleven Ambi and I went up to bed leaving the squad to clean up.

Ambi and Gi went up to their room Sergio flung a pillow at me yelling, "Andi that was the perfect opportunity to come clean."

I toss the pillow back at him, "why didn't you?"

Sergio teases, "because my wife is not related to any of Ambi's family you coward and Ambi's brother in law is not my best friend."

I change topic, "it's late we will see you all in the morning have a good night."

I roll out of bed at 5:30 when we lived at home we would make my mom breakfast dad used to help until Nish was 11 we started doing it on our own.

Gi gently grabs my arm, “gorgeous why you getting up already?” pulling me back to bed.

I respond, “remember I have to put the bake in the oven.”

Gi jumps out of bed shrieking, “oh shit right let’s go.” We quickly shower and head down to the kitchen.

Everyone was still asleep still Gi helped me, by 7am the bakes were in the oven, I must say the smell was making me hungry.

We go across to the other suite Nish was already at it, “Namaste Nish how is it going here?”

Nish, “Namaste, great the bakes in the oven?”

I nod, “yup.” Checking my watch, “they have about fifteen minutes.”

Nish, “awesome. There are some things in the refrigerator can you bring them across oh and the cake.”

Gi walks back over while I help Nish, returning Gi hands us the stuff he brought over, “is this everything?”

Nish checks everything, “I am missing a container with the salt fish buljol it is in the refrigerator in a green bowl. Aki, Izzy, Samara and Elena are not up yet, when I left my room Brad was getting into the shower. Start setting up the table as soon as the bakes come out of the oven.”

Gi and I go over to our suite again, taking the bakes out of the oven, Gi gasps, "this smells so good. I can't wait to try this.“

We leave the bakes in the pans to cool, walking over to the other suite Nish was making some eggs she asked me to help slice up some avocados. While prepping Nish grunts, "Ambi your brothers are so lazy. Look at the time and they are not up yet. They better not get here after mom."

I grab my phone before I could dial their number Izzy and Elena come walking through the door with Ashwin, Aki, Samara, Brad and the children were coming down the stairs.

Nish exclaims, “impeccable timing mom is not down yet. Finish getting the table ready, Ambi go bring the bake over we could slice them.”

We set the table and tidy the kitchen before both moms and grand moms made their way down the stairs. Walking into the dining area, Madalena expresses, “wow what is all this? whose birthday?”

Gi replies, “Ambi’s mom."

Madalena joyfully, “oh my dear Happy Birthday Dayana, hopefully next year we can have a proper party without all this wedding hustle.” Hugging each other.

Dayana graciously, “thank you so much Madalena.”

Taking turns we wish my mom happy birthday then take our seats to have breakfast.

Dayana shocked, “you children outdid yourselves, remember we have a wedding in a few days and the clothes have already been altered we can’t make any adjustments, don’t eat too much.”

Grans joins in, “yes you all can’t put on any weight until after the wedding.”

Andi and Mira walks in as we were about to sit down, Andi, "namaste we are in time."

Mom, "Namaste Andi, Mira sit."

They both kiss mom wishing her happy birthday they gave her a gift bag then take their seats.

Everyone starts eating when Andi screams out, "OMG this is delicious Ambi I will be over for breakfast often when we move to Miami."

The table breaks out in a hearty laugh.

Gi interrupts, "no you will be invited when we see fit."

Andi exclaims, "my sister in law does not mind cooking for me."

Gi rebuts, "maybe, but my wife does not own a restaurant, she has a job and a husband."

Mom could not control herself laughing, "Andi, Giovanni you two are too much."

We finish breakfast and clear the table, Gi places the cake in front of mom for her to cut, “so mom how old today? We need to ensure we have enough candles.”

I tug his ear, “you don’t ask a woman her age, but since you are asking mom is only 66.”

Gi blurts out, “wow mom you look amazing, does Ambi have the same genetic composition?”

Dayana asserts, “Gi you are hilarious, thank you. Yes my daughter will look just as amazing when she is my age.”

“After this everybody is on a strict diet you hear”, grans warns.

The rest of the crew gradually joined our breakfast party. Aki and Izzy goes up to get all the bags when it was time for them to leave.

Gi blurts out, “oh boy time for the water wells grab your tissues.”

Dayana utters, “Gi stop teasing my daughter.”

Gi asserts, “I was not teasing Ambi it’s the rest of them. They cry when they see how emotional you all get especially Andi.”

Dayana, "why are you on Andi's case?"

Gi, "because he invited himself to our house for Ambi to cook and knowing Ambi she won't say no."

Dayana pinching Gi's cheek, "you siblings are so cute."

I check, “you have everything mom?”

Dayana reassures, “yes baby girl, you have all the outfits for the weddings right?”

I confirm, “yes it was a task but we managed to get everything to fit I just have to fit the outfits we have to collect today. When I get back to Miami I’ll take the clothes to the dry cleaners since we vacuum sealed all the outfits to make them fit. Oh which reminds me after we drop you all off at the airport I have to go collect my wedding dress and the other outfits that had to be altered.”

Mira “Ambi the dress shop is in the opposite direction, you take one car to get the dress and the other one will take these guys to the airport.”

I let out, “perfect let me grab my purse.”

I was walking over to the suite when Gi yells, "and your coat, scarf and hat missy."

Mira, “great let me call the drivers.”

In the other suite I grab my purse I throw on an additional sweater, grabbing my scarf, gloves, coat and hat.

Walking back over to the main suite. Nish starts, ”OK mama safe flight enjoy the rest of your birthday, love you.” Nish and Brad hugs mom then hugs nans and grans.

I blurt out, “Nish you started the water works without me!” I join in the hug huddle. We have one huge family huddle before leaving. My mom, grans, nans, Aki, Samara, their 3 children, Izzy, Elena and Ash are leaving on the same flight. I leave to collect my dress with Gi, Andi, Mira, Nish, Brad, Sergio, Nira, Charlie and Tyler. We are walking to the dress shop when a tall brunette screams Gi’s name, running towards him. Reaching Gi she kisses his lips which Gi instantly pushes her off Andi and Charlie are ready to defend Gi against the brunette.

Gi, “who the hell are you?”

The brunette, “baby don’t you recognise your girlfriend?”

Andi interjects, “what? Who?”

The brunette, “excuse me Andi but this is between Giovanni and I. We never got to discuss what happened between us babe.”

Andi jumps in, “discuss what? That you only wanted his money?”

Andi continues, “Sierra let me introduce you to Giovanni’s fiancé Amberline. She is a well established and successful medical research and development scientist and you are what now?”

Sergio cutting in, “anyway do excuse us we are busy.”

The brunette shouts, "oh please I am the best thing that ever happened to Giovanni."

Gi grabs my hand walking away in a rush, “Ambi I am so sorry for that.”

“It’s in the past.” I reply trying to forget what just happened. We collect my dress and the other outfits then head back to the suite.

It’s 5pm mom, Gino, Bianca, Charlie, Tyler, Gi and I are at the airport awaiting our flight. We were the last of the group to depart, Gi’s mom, Bianca and I are talking wedding talk while Gino, Charlie, Tyler and Gi catch up on business. We finally board at six, arriving in Miami at 9:30 pulling up to home at 10:30. The limo dropped off Bianca, Gino, mom, then Charlie, Tyler, Gi and myself. We exit the car grabbing our luggage walking into our home I exclaim, “wow you guys did a terrific job with the cleaning you all should do it professionally,” I add jokingly. We check in with everyone, I ensured Charlie and Tyler were set up in their rooms before heading to bed.

Seated at the airport waiting on our flight, I know Ambi was a good sport about my ex-girlfriend she said it was nothing. I hope this is the last time this ever happens.

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