The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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And the countdown begins

Still not feeling my best I decided to sleep in a little late skipping my workout. I am awaken by the scent of Gi’s cologne, opening my eyes he is standing at the foot of the bed watching me wiggle myself awake. “Well good morning my precious. I was just about to wake you.” Gi says.

“Good morning what time is it?“ I respond.

Gi, “seven ten. Charlie, Tyler and I have to be at the office for 8am. Taking them to the airport after work.”

I get out of bed using the bathroom I shower then get dressed joining Gi, Tyler and Charlie downstairs.

“Good morning guys.” greeting Charlie and Tyler.

They greet me, “good morning Ambi, how are you feeling?”

Ambi “I’m great, still a little congested. I am starting to make a mental list of everything I have to get done before the big day.”

Continuing, “you two have a safe flight and we’ll see you all in a few weeks.” giving them a hug.

Charlie hugging me, “ will do. I am going to miss you. Do not let this guy boss you around.”

Tyler, "if he gives you any trouble call me."

Gi cutting us off, “ babe sorry we can’t stay to have breakfast with you. We have a long day, enjoy breakfast have a great day love you.”

I finish up my breakfast, I am cleaning the kitchen when my phone rings I have a special ringtone so I know it’s Gi. Grabbing it, “hey missing me already handsome?”

Gi, “your medicine is on the counter drink up yes I miss you. Every second we are apart.”

I uncover the medicine taking it while on the phone with Gi, “thank you sweetie.”

Gi, “you’re welcome sunshine. Enjoy the rest of your day love you.”

I lounge around a bit before heading upstairs to unpack the outfits they were packed according to each family I'll get them laundered and placed in everyone's room. Yash, Gio, Izzy, Veer, Charlie and Tyler in the pool house. Aki, Nish, Dani, Jeev, Danielle in the main house. Mom, my grand mothers and my outfits will be kept at my old home along with the ones mom got for my aunts and uncles.

The dry cleaners I use is close to work, I make lunch for Gi and the guys since I am headed that way. Still using my old vehicle as grandpa and I have to have the official first ride in my new suv. Arriving at GLW I park in Andi’s spot most of the guards know me. Walking in I greet everyone on my way up to the top floor where the guys offices are. Dad got rid of the assistant so I am meeting the new one today.

They hired a more mature assistant, Beth I would guess late thirties, petite, plump, red haired lady with a very warm personality she greets me, “good morning ma’am how are you today?”

I smile extending my hand to greet her, “good morning I am wonderful thank you. I am Amberline Murlani I am...”

She shakes my hand, “Mr. Giovanni Wyson’s fiancé. You are even prettier than the picture. They showed me picture from the engagement. Go right in.”

I smile at Beth, "aw thank you Mrs. Beth that is very kind of you enjoy the rest of your day."

Opening the door to their office Gino, Tyler and Charlie look up from their desk all smiles.

Gi looking up from his desk when the door shuts, “gorgeous what a pleasant surprise.”

Charlie, Tyler and Gino turn staring at me, “yes gorgeous what a pleasant surprise.”

I chuckle at them, “hi handsome I brought you all lunch enjoy I'll see you later.” Kissing Gi,

Gino, Tyler and Charlie joking, “no kiss for us sweetheart?” I laugh walking into the adjoining lunch room leaving the food in there. Rejoining the guys in their office Gi gives me this puppy face, “join us for lunch?”

I sigh, “OK thirty minutes no more.”

Gi picks up his phone, “hey dad Ambi brought lunch.”

Gino calls Bianca, “babe your favorite sister in law brought lunch.”

I made grilled salmon and vegetables. Bi walks in, “Ambi you are spoiling us. Can I put in a request for Monday?”

Grandpa replies, “yes she can but she can only drop off, she has a wedding to plan. No more lunch dates with your fiancé he gets easily distracted and we are on a very tight deadline. You can send lunch but lunch dates are limited to once a week, if you all want to enjoy the festivities.”

Everyone burst into laughter at grandpa's orders.

“So grandpa you and I have a date tomorrow.” I say to grandpa.

Grandpa responds, “music to my ears gorgeous pick me up at 9am? You can bring that fiancé of yours if you like but he rides in the back.”

Laughing, “sure thing grandpa see you at 9am. I will take my leave now guys. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

Everyone, “bye Ambi thank you for lunch. Be safe."

I drop off the first batch of clothes at the laundry and head to my old house. My old home will have some of my mom's and dad's siblings, mom and my grandparents. Ronnie and Nico were finished when I got there, they arranged all the furniture like I requested I wanted to ensure we had enough room for all the guests. They take their leave, I make the beds before heading for home. Locking the front door I notice my neighbors outside. I say a quick hello giving them the invitation to my wedding. "Hi Mr. & Mrs. Clarence welcome, you guys all settled in?"

Mr. Clarence, "Ambi dear thank you for the groceries and for cleaning the house."

I nod, "it's nothing even though I don't live here anymore we look out for each other plus I had some help."

Mrs. Clarence, "oh really?"

I add, "my fiancé asked their help to assist since I had a shoulder injury."

Mr. Clarence, "fiancé? So we did hear the message right. We got in late Saturday sorry dear. When is the wedding?"

I reply, "yes I am engaged. The wedding is December 29th here is your invitation."

Mrs. Clarence, "now this just hurts, the children planned a cruise we leave Christmas eve."

"What?! No !! You guys have been waiting on this day as much as my family. Well we will surely celebrate when you get back. I am really sad you guys won't be here. I have to leave but we will catch up another day. Take care bye." Taking my leave.

Arriving at home I hop in the shower then start on dinner it was already five thirty. I am making Caprese Chicken for dinner, working on dinner Gi messages at six he is dropping Charlie and Tyler off.

Sometime later I hear footsteps echoing through the corridor from the garage Gi's voice resonating, “oh my someone is making my favorite. You sure you are not Italian?”

I gesture, “go wash up dinner is ready.”

I dish out the plates setting it on the kitchen table, while Gi gets washed up. Walking into the kitchen Gi kisses me, “I missed you. How are you feeling?”

Sitting down to dinner we talk about our day while we were talking Charlie sends us a message their flight is about to leave. I put forward, “I'm a little better. So for tomorrow's outing with grandpa how about the golf club it is about one hour away we can have brunch there.”

Gi agrees, “sounds great. I will be working late a lot of days even some weekends dad wants everything closed off by the 21st. I'm not sure how much wedding planning I could help you with.”

I retort, “while I understand. You did give me your word you would help me.”

Gi picks up, ”I appreciate your understanding love. Gino is coming over we have some work to finish.”

I nod, “ok I am going to start decorating for the holidays even though we are having a wedding it is our first Christmas here. I want it to be special.”

Finished with dinner I clean up the kitchen, Gi heads up to shower. I was still in the kitchen when Gi walks in to get some water. Wearing a pair of sweats and a white tee that hugged his upper body, I kiss him before heading upstairs, "love you." Climbing the stairs the doorbell rang, Gino arrived. I let him in, “hey there brother in law forgot your keys? Have a fun night.”

Gino, “I did not want to walk in on anything so I announced my arrival. I rather be home with my wife but we got to do this if we want to party on the 29th.”

I reply, “I hear you I am going to start decorating. Gi is in the office. Have a good night.” I continue up the stairs.

I bought some galvanized buckets, I hand painted the words ‘PRAY, JOY, PEACE, LOVE, FAMILY, HOPE, WISH, BELIEVE, BLESSINGS, HAPPINESS, TOGETHER, FRIENDS, MEMORIES, FAITHFULNESS, GOODNESS, KINDNESS.’ I fill the buckets with some remote battery operated white lights strung on garlands arranged to look like branches and place them on the stair threads. I call it a night after finishing up the project it was already 11pm. Gi and Gino were still working I shower and get into bed.

My alarm goes off at seven thirty, I turn in my bed Gi was sound asleep. He looks so divine, out cold they must have worked until late. I get out of bed checking my phone, Gi sent me a message at one to say they were still working and Gino would sleep over when they do call it a night.

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