The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Starting the To Do List

Getting dressed for my date with grandpa, I walk out of the bathroom into the closet. I select a green spaghetti strap V-neck split long dress paired with a grey cardigan and a hat. Still in the closet Gi emerges from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Good morning handsome.” I greet him.

He walks over to me, “good morning gorgeous.” Kissing my lips. He continues, “you did a great job with the stairs.”

“Thank you it’s just a start. You did not want to sleep in a little?” admiring him getting dressed.

Gi shrugs joking, "no to make grandpa feel he got my girl all to himself no way."

I giggle, "you two are just too cute."

Dressed in a pair of grey slim fit pants and a green light sweater. We head downstairs grabbing our foot wear and exit through the door to the garage. Gi checks in on Gino letting him know we are leaving.

Gi opens the driver side door for me, for me to get into my new ride. I admire the luxurious interiors with leather upholstery, it is detailed and elegantly finished. Everything looked so precise and classy. I am a little intimidated I have never driven a vehicle this expensive before. I slowly back out of the garage and head to Gi’s parents house, “Gi I am a bit nervous. This suv is too fancy.”

Gi gives my leg a squeeze, “it’s ok love just take your time it is just like driving any other vehicle.”

I add, "yeah except if I crash it I might not be able to afford the repairs."

Gi reassures me, "babe really? We can afford it and please don't think about crashing." Arriving five minutes before nine, I pull up in the driveway Gi gets out and opens my door, walking up to the house Maria opens the door before we even get there, “good morning Mr. Gi Ms. Ambi.”

“Good Morning Maria, grandpa all ready?” we ask.

Grandpa belts making his way to us, “yes I sure am.”

We go in saying hi to mom, dad, uncles Salvatore and Mario and aunts Juliette and Gemma. Grandpa hooks my arm, I take him out to the SUV, Gi goes to get in the back but grandpa cuts him off, “grandson it was only a banter, sit up front with your girl.”

Gi hugs grandpa, “grandpa you tease. I love you.”

Ensuring grandpa is settled in the back we drive off. Grandpa initiates conversation, “princess do you know why I love Gi the most?”

Ambi takes a guess, “because he listens to you. He was there to help with the company while dad was helping to nurse you back to health. Gi respects you no matter what you say to him even when you tease him about stealing his girl. He was born on your birthday?”

He laughs, “oh Ambi you are a smart one. All of the above plus when growing up Gi was never too busy for his grandpa and his grandma until she passed away after Dani's wedding. After his parents we came next. He checked in on grandpa everyday even up till today. You know when I was sick Gi spent every night next to me so his grandma could rest.”

Enjoying the drive to the golf club grandpa talks about how Gi was very close to him growing up. Playing sports, reading, listening to music it was always grandpa and Gi. Arriving at the club I park, we head to the club restaurant for brunch.

We are shown to our table, after brunch walking back to the car. Gi asks, “grandpa what do you want to do next?”

Grandpa smiles, “I will leave you two to decide.”

Gi looks at Ambi, Ambi looks at Gi. Together they say, “movies!”

Grandpa exclaims, “wow I haven’t done that in a very long time.”

Arriving at the Cineplex they decided on Robin Hood. Grandpa wanted to get the snacks. After the movies we take grandpa down to the beach for a walk then head home. Walking grandpa up to the house, grandpa thanks us for spending time with him. Opening the door we walk out to the patio mom, dad, the uncles and aunts were enjoying the cool Miami weather. We join them for a bit as they were having tea. The uncles and aunts decided to stay until New Years as they were both able to do whatever work from Miami. We bid them good bye heading for home.

Arriving back at the house Gi goes to his office while I continue decorating. For the rails of the stairs I continue with the soft white lights and garlands using white and pewter decorations with eucalyptus leaves. Keeping with the theme for the pillars and arches on the front of the house, the doorway and the wreath for the door. I finish the look with similar buckets I used on the inside on the outer steps, on either side of the pillars and the door I painted ‘Wyson Family’ on the buckets for either side of the door.

Walking back inside Gi was in the foyer, “hey I was coming to look for you. The stairs is beautiful.” hugging me he continues, “I can’t believe you did all of this yourself.”

I smile taking his hand, “out side is done too come have a look.” We walk out on the porch standing out in the courtyard Gi takes in the work I have done. Gi gasps, ”Ambi wow this is beautiful.” He grabs my waist kissing me.

We break from our kiss, “thank you Ronnie and Nico are going to put up the rest of lights tomorrow white lights all around the roof. Time for bed.”

Walking into the shower Gi wastes no time he starts kissing me, breaking from the kiss grabbing my hair staring at me with love, lust and passion. His breathing is deep his body looks so desirable watching his chest rises and fall with each breath. Gi grabs his love dart, heading straight for my pool of moisture, placing his knee under mines for support he rests his foot on the edge of the shower. I let out a loud moan as Gi slams into me I counter his thrust with the rolling of my hips, Gi leans his head back as he screams, “oh fuck Ambi !”

Hearing him scream like that sends me into overdrive I rotate my hips faster. Gi’s eyes looks as if they are starting to roll back into his head, he grabs my hips preventing me from moving. He pulls out a few inches and slams back in.

“I’m going to work this pussy out tonight,” with every thrust a shock of pleasurable pain hits every nerve of my body.

I bite down on Gi’s shoulder, he continues thrusting into me. My muscles tense up around his love missile, I release my grip on Gi’s shoulder screaming, “I’m ready to cum babe.”

Gi out of breath, “just a little more,” he continues grinding into me. I feel my juices start to release, Gi pulls out shooting out his cum on my pussy. We finish up in the shower and get ready for bed.

Walking to the bed Gi says, "we are sleeping in late tomorrow.”

I shrug, “you wish.”
Getting into bed I sing ‘That’s what love is for’ Gi smiles with a surprised look on his face. “Wow gorgeous you have a beautiful voice.”

We are awaken by the ringing of our phones, my mom on my phone Andi on Gi’s. Calling to check in with us, after talking to them we fall back into bed. “Are we getting up now?” I ask.

Gi responds, “it’s only eight we were supposed to be sleeping still.”

I quickly call Ronnie, “hey Ronnie good morning checking to see if you guys were here yet?”

Ronnie, “Ms. Ambi yes we started work around seven, we have everything we need.”

We fall back to sleep for an hour, waking up we shower and head downstairs, Gi checks in Ronnie and Nico. The lights were basic and easy to string I was working on breakfast. Gi joins me when breakfast was ready, “the guys are getting through?” I ask.

Gi replies, ” yes they are half way completed on the house already.”

“Awesome one thing less on the to do list. Did they need anything?” I exclaim.

“No they had snacks and drinks a few minutes ago. How much more items are on that to do list?” Gi asks jokingly.

I pause, “um oh about 100 more.”

In his cheeky voice, “99? Babe you know I am super busy with work to get sex out of me 99 times before the wedding I will be worn out. We won't be able to celebrate our honeymoon.”

I laugh heartily, “Giovanni Wyson you are too much.” tugging his shirt pulling him I give him a kiss.

Breaking from our kiss Gi remarks, “babe we are at the breakfast table behave.”

Finished with breakfast Gi helps me clear the table. Standing at the sink Gi walks over kissing my cheek, “got a conference call.”

I nod, “OK babe.”

Finishing up in the kitchen I join Nico and Ronnie outside, they completed the main house roof, working on the pool house. While they are working on the roof I tackle the areas I can reach. I was up on a ladder arranging some lights over the garage door when Gi walks up shaking the ladder catching me off guard I misbalance falling off the ladder. Gi catches me in a panic he yells, “oh fuck, oh fuck! Babe I am sorry.”

Gi sets me down my heart still racing I reassure him, “I am OK.”

Gi apologetically, “baby I am an ass. I am so sorry.”

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