The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Putting our House in Order


“Just so you know it is an Italian tradition at an engagement giving you an engagement ring means that you are now mines and that I trust my new fiancé with my wealth. My salary is six figures I can more than take care of you for the rest of our lives. I’m not showing off but you don’t need to worry.” Gi states.

Needing reassurance, “are you sure it’s ok? I can dip into the account I save for travelling as well as an my in case of funds.” I ask.

Still rambling, “I have money saved, my mom has money my dad left for my wedding. Working and planning this wedding will overwhelm me. I was thinking with so much I need to do I won’t be able to concentrate on work. We don’t have much days to plan I need to focus on the engagement and wedding, we have to find and move into the new home before thanksgiving weekend. I’m here and my mom is in Canada we need to have a venue, print the invitations and they need to be sent out a.s.a.p. I decided I’m going to resign until after the wedding to keep my sanity. Like I said I just need enough to ensure we stay on top of the expenses.”
I continue, “I don’t want to spend what I worked so hard on frivolously.”

I smile at my wife listening in on Ambi and Gi’s conversation. I could not be happier that Gi is marrying Ambi. She is the kind of woman we always hoped he would get married to simple and humble.

Taking with Gi there is was a knock on our door I yell, “Gino and Bianca come in you don’t have to knock.”

Walking into my room Gino asks, “hey princess good morning how are you feeling?”

I respond, “good morning, I’ll let you know when I start to move.”

Gino & Bianca, “take it easy we’ll start breakfast anything particular you want to eat?”

I smile at their thoughtfulness, “whatever you make will be fine. Thank you for offering I am a bad host I have you making me breakfast.”

Bianca jokes with me, “don’t fret the next time I am here you will do the cooking I want a full continental breakfast.”

Ambi nods, “agreed.”

Gino and Bianca leave Gi and I to get ready.

Gi and I resume our conversation. He asks, “so what is your take home for the month?”

I put my hand on his chest, “I don’t need my full salary just ensure we have money to cover all the household expenses to not dip into my savings too much. I will talk to my mom and discuss what budget we are working with for the wedding so we will know how much we can spend.”

Gi says nonchalantly, “well I’ll just give you how much I feel like giving you. You worked really hard to save what you have you are not spending a cent.”

Taking my hand in his, “by giving you this ring I trust you with everything I own Amberline.”

I roll my eyes at him, “just don’t make it some ridiculous figure like $100,000 a month.”

Gi looks at me, “$100,000 is pocket change compared to what I make sweetheart.”

I turn my nose up at him, “OK need to flaunt it Mr. Big shot.”

Gi asks, “aren’t you the least bit curious of my net worth?”

I gesture to Gi,“am I marrying you or your money? Don’t get me wrong the VIP lounge, flying first class is nice but I can go back to flying coach. The money does not impress me it’s the heart of the individual.”

Gi eyes light up his lips part curling into a smile, “Amberline Murlani just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more something happens and it makes me love you more than I already do,” planting a kiss on my lips.

I pull away saying, “I love you too, time to get out of bed.”

Bianca and I are in the kitchen making breakfast. “Gi found himself the jackpot didn’t he babe?”, I say to my wife.

Bianca, “yes he has, that girl is too precious. Did you notice not once did she ask Gi how much he was worth. She just asked him to help cover basic expenses. I love that girl when we tell dad about this he would love her even more.”

Gino, “my heart is so happy I can’t begin to describe. Oh yeah I definitely have to tell the family about this Dani and Sergio was a bit concerned. I want to call dad now.”

We dial my dad waiting for him to answer, ‘dad good morning how is everyone?’

‘Ah Gino my son how did the house hunting go?’ Dad.

Gino, ‘great dad Gi is looking for homes in the same development for you and him. He and Ambi made it very clear that when you and mom are ready you all will live with them.’

An excited dad, ‘oh my son you made your father very happy.’

Gino, ‘wait I have more.’

Dad, ‘ok son go on.’

Gino, ‘Ambi had a bit of a panic attack last night stressing about the engagement and wedding. She is ok now.’

Dad, ‘what?! Are you all sure Ambi is fine?’

Gino, ’yes dad. Why I was calling, this morning when we were going to check on her Bianca and I overheard Ambi and Gi's conversation. She is humble dad. She asked Gi to help pay the bills but never asked Gi how much is his salary.'

Dad, 'son I told you that girl is special you know your grandfather is already working on a present for them. This will make dad's decision much easier. Give my love to everyone we will check in later.'

Ending the call with dad Bianca and I finish preparing breakfast.

We get dressed and head out after breakfast. I’m at work waiting to talk to my supervisor Mrs. Alexander. Gi, Bianca, and Gino are at the office building. After my meeting I will walk across to the office it was nice outside today. We have some house listing to look at for Gi’s parents and us.

My supervisor finally calls me into her office.

Mrs. Alexander, “Ambi good morning. How nice to see you, how was the trip to Vancouver? Everything alright?”

Ambi, “Good morning thank you Mrs. Alexander for your time, it is always great seeing family. I’ll cut to the chase I got engaged and my fiancé wants us to get married this December. It’s overwhelming and I decided to resign to keep my sanity, after the wedding I’ll look for a job.”

Mrs. Alexander, “Ambi! What no way we can’t afford to loose you. How about this, Mr. Wallace indicated on Monday that he will be resigning end of December. Let me check one thing here, you have about eighty days compromising of sick days, vacation and some emergency leave. Submit your application for the position and use up your days. You are the best person to fill his shoes. I emailed you some forms you need to fill out and send them back to me.”

Ambi “Oh it’s so sad to see him go, thank you for the opportunity and the understanding. I will email you all the documents. See you in January.”

I stand shaking my supervisors hand and leave her office. I clear out my desk and hand the files over to my supervisor. I say a quick good bye to Gerri and walk over to Gi’s office. I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulder, I can concentrate on the wedding.

I had keys for the building Gi told me which floor they were on I skip into the room they were in greeting them, “hey how’s it going, the place looks great.”

Gi/Gino/Bianca “well somebody is feeling better!”

I exclaim, “yes! I know I should have talked to Gi about it first but I got offered a higher position effective Jan 2nd so I am on leave until then. It does not affect anything. I can plan the engagement, the wedding the only downside is no honeymoon.”

Gi “That’s OK I rather have a sane wife than having to spend the honeymoon nursing you back to health.”

Bianca “Awesome Ambi, we get to concentrate on planning these events.”

Ambi “you have no idea how relieved I am”

Gino “with that being said, Bianca and I are headed to L.A. tonight. You all can oversee the work here until we get back. We will see you all next weekend.”

I make a plea, “do you all really have to go?”

Bianca disregards my plea, “yes we do. We have an entire house to pack up. You want to come to L.A. to help us with the move?”

Gi interjects grabbing my hand, “no she can’t help you move she has events to plan. You all are not leaving yet let’s get out of here we need to go house hunting.”

Bianca shrieks at Gi, “hey she is not yours yet. She can come to L.A. with us we can work on the wedding plans while packing up the house.”

His tone giving off a vibe he is up to mischief. Gi says, “Ambi is not going to L.A. with you guys that is final.”

Bianca and I look at each other with a curious look noticing Gi is looking at Gino they are both smiling at each other. With a stern voice I say to Gi, “I hate to break it to you Mr. Wyson but I’m going to L.A. with Bianca and Gino.”

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