The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Counting the Days

Ambi jokes with Gi, “great we can use you in the nativity.”

Gi tries to grab Ambi but she dodges him a chase ensued, Gi runs behind Ambi onto the grass. While running Gi trips Ambi and they both hit grass. Gi is on top of Ambi, “now what were you saying about using me as a donkey?”

Nonchalantly Ambi says, “you called yourself an ass. We need an ass in the natavity.”

Gi tickles Ambi, “you calling me an ass.”

Ambi pleads, “no you did. Now stop!”

Their moment is interrupted by a honk. Gi sighs, “I’m going to be cock blocked until the fucking wedding.”

Gino and Bianca came over to help with the decorating.

Gino shouts as he pulls up to the house, “break it up you two.”

Gi helps Ambi up they walk over greeting Gino and Bianca. Greeting Bianca she states, “we brought lunch.”

Bi continues, “Ambi I love what you did with the porch I can’t wait to see it later when the lights are on.”

Ambi and Bi head inside. Bianca is blown away, “ WOW ! I love it Ambi.”

The guys were outside finishing up the lights Bi and Ambi worked on inside. They decorated the mantle keeping with the theme of white, pewter and eucalyptus leaves, white candles on pewter candle stands. To complete the look a rectangular pewter frame is hung above the mantle with the words ‘Family is a gift That Lasts forever’ in white against a black background. They set up the nativity on one side of the mantle and the tree on the other.

Waiting for the guys to help them with the tree, using an artificial one so they can reuse it, Gi and Gino put the tree together. They help Bianca and Ambi hang the decorations on the tree when they were almost finished Bi and Gino’s children, Gi’s parents, his uncles, aunts and grandpa arrived. They were mesmerised by the decorations. Gi and Gino help grandpa put the angel on the tree calling it a night.

Everyone helped us decorate our home for Christmas with our home being the Murlani-Wyson Family hub and the main house for this year festivities. I have not seen Ambi much except for the two days she brought us lunch since Gino and I have been working late everyday.

One Saturday we worked until one, then helped decorate my parents home for Christmas. Their decorations were on a less grand scale, mom still wanted her home decorated for the holidays with a nativity, a tree, a wreath on the front door. Ronnie and Nico put lights on the roof, finishing up with the decorations we had dinner at my parents before heading home. Ambi and I were so exhausted we showered and was quickly asleep I hardly sing to her these days.

I turned off our alarms before we went to bed, with the wedding day approaching Ambi and I will have less time together. I wake up checking the time it was ten. I was getting out of bed when Ambi turned to hug me realising I was not there she opens her eyes, “hey you did not wake me.”

I reply innocently, “I wanted you to get your beauty sleep my love. I’ll be right back go back to sleep.” I wait a bit for her to fall back asleep I use the bathroom then head down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Finished with breakfast I head upstairs to wake Ambi, “hey wake up princess.” Ambi rolls around a bit before getting out of bed. She uses the bathroom while I head back down to get our breakfast. I set breakfast up on the sundeck attached to our bedroom. Ambi emerges from the bathroom dressed in her robe, “you don’t need to change.”

Ambi smiles at me, “you are too sweet. How did I get so lucky?” Walking out to the sundeck we sit at the table, I had toast four ways, passion fruit juice and tea. Finished with breakfast we head back in I take the dishes downstairs while Ambi changes.

Our wedding is two weeks away today we are on tokens and bomboniere (hard candy coated almonds) duties. For the Hindu ceremony we are giving guests a silver elephant candle holder. It is crafted resin, finished in a matte silver color with intricate details on the back of the elephant. They came in individual boxes wrapped with a green organza ribbon we just had to add our personalised tags.

For the reception the tokens are mini appetizer boards 3 solid mini-boards tied together with a rustic natural twine string and bow. We had to add our personalised tags to them too. Ambi was adamant that they arrived in ample time so she skipped the personalization stage insisting we could do that once we have them.

The bomboniere were placed in a masterfully crafted crystal box with matching lid. We tied the box with white ribbon these will be given out to the guests as they enter for the Catholic ceremony. The final count is 350 guests, things seem to be coming together nicely. We have everything for the respective ceremonies stored in the den in storage bins with labels so nobody gets confused.

In the den sorting all the bins I remind Ambi, ”babe in two weeks you will officially be Mrs. Amberline Giovanni Wyson.”

Sighing Ambi replies, ”finally this crazy rollercoaster ride is ending. I can’t wait!”

Continuing Ambi reiterates, ”remember mom, nans and grans arrive tomorrow night.”

I kiss her, “yes my darling I will try my best to get home early. Are you sending the limo for them?”

“The flight is going to get here at 9pm if you can’t go with me I will take the limo.” She says.

“Sure thing babe. They will be staying here right?” I ask.

Confirming, “yes until the festivities start we have Yash, Izzy, Gio Veer, Tyler and Charlie in the pool house, Dani, Danielle, Nish and Aki in the main house. Jeev and his family in one of the guest room, the other three rooms for whoever asks first. I don’t want anyone using the den until the wedding is over. I don’t want to misplace anything in there so that will be a last resort room and the three rooms in the cottage is free too.”

“Great!” walking out the den closing the door behind us.

We made beetroot pasta for dinner, calling it a night. We have a long week ahead of us, heading up to our room we shower and get into bed. I am in bed waiting for Ambi to join me, as much as I want to make love with my hot fiancé I am holding off until the wedding. Finally Ambi joins me in bed I wrap my arms around her sexy waist singing ‘(Everything I do)....I do it for you’ falling asleep.

Our alarm goes off at six we head to the gym, Bi and Gino were waiting on us. The gym has an entrance from outside the house which Gino has a key to. We workout for an hour, Gino showers and gets dressed in the den, he is riding with me to work. Bi has to set up a party for a client. Ambi and I head up to our room to shower and change. We return to the kitchen with Gino already making us breakfast.

I investigate, “what you making sugar?”

Gino says, “just some oats with apples and cinnamon sweetheart.”

Finishing up with breakfast Ambi’s mom calls to let us know they were at the airport waiting on the flight. Ambi was washing up the dishes when Gino and I leave for work. Getting into my vehicle Gino initiates, “you ready to do this?”

I laugh, “yes! Ambi is my life I can't live without her Gino.”

Gino chuckles, “good you’re finally ready. Do you remember what you said when I asked you the same question the last time?”

Very mundane I reply, ”what was it I said?.....umm I think it was I am hoping for the best.”

Gino shakes his head, “all you had to do was say no and Tanya was out of there you damn idiot!”

Very graciously, “I admit it was not one of the better choices but I learned from it.”

Walking into work we head straight into a meeting with dad, his brothers and grandpa before going into our office. I send Ambi a message to check how she is doing, ‘gorgeous I miss you. How is your day?’

I get a reply instantly, ‘I miss you too. Going over the wedding check list. You need to check in with the florist to confirm the order.’

I respond, ′ will do boss.′

I get on the phone calling the florist, ‘good morning this is Mr. Giovanni Wyson I have an order in for flowers on the 28th and 29th December confirming everything is on schedule.’

Florist, ‘good morning yes Mr. Wyson I just got off the phone with the farm and everything is scheduled to arrive the day after Christmas.’

I continue, ‘perfect my fiancé will be delighted. Thank you very much.’

I send Ambi a message ‘flowers are confirmed boss anything else?’

She responds, ‘try to finish work early lol !’

I smile as I message back , ‘will try my best darling.’

I continue working when Marcus walks in carrying the lunch Ambi sent over tortellini with pesto and roasted veggies.

Gino and I break for lunch, getting off the phone Gino he smiles at me, “Ambi is too sweet she had lunch sent over to where Bi is working.”

Dad joins in startling us, “yes our Ambi is precious taking care of everyone. What did she send for us today?”

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