The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Days Goes By

Jokingly I chime, “Ambi sent food for her fiancé I don’t know about you.”

Dad rebuts, ”nonsense our Amberline is not Tanya she thinks about everyone.”

I add, “ouch that’s a low blow dad even from you. That's twice in one day I had to hear that name ugh. Can we not mention that name ever, forget that day and person ever happened.”

Apologetically, ”I am sorry son that is what you get for teasing your old man. Now let us eat.”

Ambi called ahead she sent enough food for everyone including dad’s brothers. We have lunch while taking about work, pending investments that they want settled before end of the year that is by Friday as we close off on the 23rd and resume Jan 2nd.

Dad orotundly, “son be sure you finish up early so you can pick up Ambi’s mom and grandmothers.”

Silvery and smoothly I respond, “yes father I will be sure we finish no later than seven thirty."

Dad, "great. Remember the older adults are having dinner tomorrow night.”

Finished with lunch we head back to our desks. Getting back at my desk I call Ambi, ‘babe I will be home by eight, we can pick up your mom and grandmothers. Thank you for lunch.’

Ambi, ‘great. You’re welcome. Love you be safe on the road.’

Gi, ‘sure thing my darling. See you later. I love you.’

Getting back to work I make some calls, go over some projections discuss them with Gino before we know it was seven. We wrap up whatever we were working on and call it a day. Gino will meet me at home when we return from the airport. I message Ambi to let her know we were leaving the office.

Arriving home I shout walking through the front door, “babe I am home where are you?” This is one thing I hate about the size of the house I have to shout.

I hear Ambi’s voice echo, “I am changing babe.”

I leave my bag on the table in the foyer running up the stairs, “it is eight you think I could shower quickly?”

Ambi replies, “yes take your time love the flight is delayed fifteen minutes.”

I continue talking to her while I undress and make my way to the bathroom, “are we picking up dinner or did you have time to cook?”

Ammbi adds, “I made a chickpea and kale soup it is in the slower cooker.”

I end, “great they will enjoy that after that long flight.” getting into the shower.

I exit the bathroom Ambi is on her phone tracking the flight, “how much longer until they land?” I ask.

“About fifty minutes.” Ambi answers I am in the walk in getting dressed. I pull on a white tee and a pair of tracks and a jacket, it’s a little chilly out.

Stepping out of the walk in I call out to Ambi, “ready babe?”

Ambi leaps off the bed grabbing her jacket. I kiss her before we walk out of our room, “I love you babe.”

Ambi responds, “I love you too Giovanni.”

We grab our shoes and head out to the vehicle, pulling up to the curb mom, naan and grans are making their way out. Stopping the vehicle we get out greeting them, Ambi helps them get settled into the vehicle while I load their luggage into my suv. I booked first class tickets for them since they had to bring stuff for the wedding.

I get into the driver's seat, “how was the flight ladies.”

Grans starts, “it was too long. Giovanni thank you for flying us here first class it made the flight a little more pleasant.”

Smiling at grans, “you are most welcome anything for my special ladies. What caused the delay?”

Mom joins in, “the runway was busy. I am so grateful to be on land, Ambi you better visit me from now on this travelling is too much.”

Ambi rebuts, “hey no fair. You can move to Florida be closer to me. I am not selling my old home and I don’t want strange people living in it you can live there.”

Mom replies, “ah.........something to consider.”

We continue talking about different things, until we arrive at our home. We had set up the rooms upstairs but they were happy being downstairs. Settling in the two rooms downstairs, mom and naan in one room grans in the other.

They shower change then join us for dinner. Gino arrived as we were about to sit down to dinner joining us, “you know I can never refuse Ambi’s cooking.”

After dinner Gino and I excuse ourselves to work while Ambi sit in the living room with her mom and grandmothers talking.

Going over the wedding check list with mom and my grandmothers just for a little bit they must be tired from their trip. My grandmothers and mother call it a night realising it was eleven. I walk them to their rooms, walking back to the kitchen I grab two glasses of water to take the office for Gi and Gino, “I am bunking with grans tonight.” I tease dropping the water off for them. I get set for bed falling asleep before Gi joins me.

The alarm goes off at six, I get out of bed to change for my workout, Gi got out of bed while I was getting dressed. We were already working out when Gino and Bi joined us, Gi and I finish our workout before them but wait for them to finish.

They head for home, Gi and I shower and change. Walking into the kitchen mom and grans are already up making breakfast. Gi protests, “mom! grans! namaste this is not why you all came to stay with us. Why are you two up this early? Ambi and I could handle the cooking.”

Grans walks up to Gi tugging on his ear gently, “you giving grans trouble? You want me to take my granddaughter back?”

Gi puts his hands up in surrender, “no ma’am. Definitely not.”

Grans loosens her grip on his ear, Gi gives her a hug, “I am very sorry grans the kitchen is all yours.”

Grans smiles, “great glad we have an understanding.”

Naan was not up yet but Gi had to leave for work so we had breakfast without her. Gi leaves us still having breakfast, we were still seated at the table when naan joins us. Gi sends me a message to let me know that he arrived at work. Finishing up with breakfast we start on lunch, grans decide on corn soup as it was going to be a rainy day.

I do a head count of who is at the office ensuring we drop off enough for everyone, we are heading to my old home after we deliver lunch. Mom wanted to take the things they will not be needing until the wedding to my old house. We will be staying there when the festivities start. I load the bags and food into my vehicle while mom, naan and grans was getting ready. When they walk into the garage and see the ride Gi’s grandpa gifted me they were blown away, I had it in the other garage for the engagement so they were seeing it for the first time.

Getting into the vehicle grans with her bluntness, “you see just think you were going to pass up on all this.”

I retort, “grans you know money does not impress me.”

Grans, “I know that sugar what I mean is a loving family that adores you as much as we do.”

I sigh, "I did not want to pass up on it.”

Arriving at the office we pull into the parking lot thankful for the covered parking lot. Martin comes over greeting me, I hand him the basket I packed for everyone and the other one I packed for him and Marcus. “Thank you miss Ambi you are so thoughtful if I ever had a sister I would want her to be exactly like you.” Martin says handing him the food.

Replying, “it’s nothing compared to what you all do for us Martin.”

I am getting back into my vehicle Martin turns to me, “you not coming up to say hi to Mr. Gi?”

I shake my head, “not today we will see him later.”

Driving off in fifteen minutes I pull into my driveway at my old home.

Gino and I were busy at our desk when there was a knock on the door Martin walks in, “honey lunch is served.”

I chuckle at him, “aw thank you sugar you are just the perfect wife.”

He rebuts, “hey why do I have to be the wife? Can’t I be a husband that cooks?”

I concede to his demands, “sorry dear you make the perfect husband. You had lunch yet?”

Martin replies, “no Ms. Ambi packed lunch for Marcus and I we will eat downstairs.”

Gino joins, “nonsense.” He proceeds to call Marcus, ‘Marcus join us in the lunch room bring the food Ambi packed for you and Martin.’

Gino continues, “yes it is uncommon for bosses to eat with their staff but you and Marcus are not just staff and we Wyson’s stray from the norm.”

Dad was already in the lunch room waiting for us. Grandpa stayed at home so did uncles Mario and Salvatore. Dad was elated that Martin and Marcus joined us for lunch, asking them if they were happy and if their was any policies that we need to change or add.

Marcus and Martin excuse themselves, thanking us for having them sit with us for lunch. After they exit inquires, “Giovanni did you tell Ambi’s mom and grandmothers about dinner tonight we will pick them up at six thirty.”

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