The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Almost There

I shriek, “I forgot dad. I will call her right now.”

Dad sighs, "one thing. I asked you to do one thing. Aye aye thank goodness the wedding is soon."

Walking back to my desk I dial Ambi, ‘hey sweetheart thank you for lunch it was perfect rainy weather food.’

Ambi, ’it was grans idea. You’re welcome.”

I continue, ’it slipped me yesterday dad and they would like to take your mom and grandmothers out to dinner tonight. The limo will pick them up at six thirty.”

Ambi, ’sure I will inform them now bye love.′

Ending the call with Gi we spend about two more hours at the house putting everything away. Walking out the house we were greeted by my neighbor Mr. Clarence. “Hi Mr. Clarence how is Mrs. Clarence and your family?” I ask.

Mr. Clarence, “Amberline how lovely to see you, your mom and grandmothers all look lovely as ever.”

I reply, “we are great they got in last night for the wedding.”

Mr. Clarence continues, “oh about that if you like you can use our house for your out of town guests.”

Graciously, “thank you Mr. Clarence that is generous of you offering your place. I will swing by tomorrow and we can go over the details. Give my regards to Mrs. Clarence.” Waving to Mr. Clarence we get into my suv heading for home.

Mom begins, “that is really nice of your neighbor Ambi, we can use their garage, set up the feeding area for the mehandi and haldi ceremonies.”

I add, “yes we can, aunt Maya, Priya and Tanu would be closer to us as well. My room already have you guys, their master is locked for their personal use. So not checking us we have six bedrooms, two living and family rooms.”

Grans chimes in, “oh that works out perfectly.”

We stopped off at the grocery before going home. It was already 5:15pm the ladies go off to get ready for their dinner with Gi’s parents. I unpack the groceries putting them away, I don’t start dinner right away since Gi sent me a message saying they were working until nine tonight. I make some tea while mom and my grandmothers are getting dressed.

I am having my tea when the ladies rejoin me looking quite fashionable, dad calls to say they left home we head to the foyer opening the front door the limo was already pulling up to the house. I walk the ladies out to the car helping them in I greet everyone, “be safe and have a lovely dinner.”

I head back inside finishing up my tea I take a shower and start dinner. I made baked squash stuffed with vegetables. I am finishing up with dinner when Gi walks in from the garage, “they are not back from dinner?”

I reply, “no they must be having fun.”

Gi washes up and we sit down for dinner, “I am sorry I have you eating dinner this late. On a lighter note I have no home work tonight.”

I smile, “awesome I have more great news. My neighbor at the duplex offered his place from the 24th to the 1st they are going on a cruise. I am meeting them tomorrow to finalise the details.”

I continue, “yes I will pay them for the use of their place we will be using up electricity and water.”

Excited Gi exclaims, “that is awesome Mr. Clarence is a gem.”

I add ,“yes so is his wife. Whenever they spend Christmas here we would party so much it was a good thing our building is the last one away from all the others.”

Finishing up our dinner dad calls to say they were outside. Gi gets up walking to the door to let them in while I clear the table. They all join me in the kitchen grans stating, “Giovanni your family are delightful. Grans is happy knowing Ambi is so loved by everyone.”

Nans continues, “Gi your family loves our Ambi a lot, with her being so far away from all of us we worry about her. Now we do no have to but be a little jealous your family is getting to spend more time with her than we are.”

Mom a bit tearful, “Ambi's dad dreamt of this day. The only one he didn't get to see get married. He would be so happy you have found such a warm and loving family. He was so proud of all of his children he loves Brad, Samara, Elena, Alexi and Shreya. I know he would have loved Gi too.”

I hug mom, “oh mama.”

Gi comes over joining the embrace, “mom I love Ambi more than you know. Our offer will never be off the table move closer to us. If Ambi’s old home is too far away we can find you something closer.”

Mom exclaims, “slow down Izzy, Aki and Nish has to agree.”

Gi jokingly, “Izzy is already planning on living in our pool house. It’s a done deal.”

Grans joining in, “the trouble you all will get into if he really does move into the pool house I tell you.”

Mom adds, “it is late we have so many busy days ahead of us time for bed good night. Love you guys.” Kissing us before she heads to bed. We all call it a night, Gi and I shower and get ready for bed. Getting into bed Gi pulls me into his arms singing ‘Hero’ tonight.

Waking up to the sound of our alarm one day closer to our wedding day we do our usual morning workout joined by Gino and Bianca. After our workout Bianca and Gino heads home to get ready for work, Gi and I hit the showers. Walking into the kitchen mom, naan and grans are making breakfast. We sit down and have breakfast together, Gi leaves for work while we clean up the kitchen and get started on lunch. We are helping Bianca out with the children, Bi is booked up with Christmas parties some days up to four events. She had to recruit Sian, Ronnie and Nico as additional staff. I am going over to my old house to meet with my neighbors I will drop lunch off at the office, Marcus will take lunch over to Bi. I'll get the children from school.

When lunch was finished we packed it up, Marcus arrived to take lunch to Bi while I drop lunch off at the office. Pulling up to the car park Martin greets me I hand him his lunch I run up quickly to deliver lunch to Gi. Beth greets me, “hello princess how lovely to see you.”

I smile, “hi Ms. Beth they have you calling me princess too. Lovely to see you I packed you a little snack.” Handing her a container.

She replies, “oh you are a doll Ms. Ambi. Thank you.”

I quickly enter the office, “lunch has arrived Mr. Wyson.” Both Gi and Gino looks up smiling at me.

“Thank you princess.” In unison

Gi getting up from his chair I lean over his desk and kiss him, he hands me the keys to his vehicle while I hand him mines. His suv has third row seats. “Just dropping off before grandpa sees me.”

I continue, “see you later. Love you.” turning to walk out Gino adds, “no kiss for me?”

"Always." I blow him a kiss, he catches it opening his jacket he places it in his inner pocket.

I chuckle, “you are so silly.”

Getting back down to the car park I get into Gi's suv and leave. Arriving at my home Mr. &Mrs. Clarence were out in the yard putting up lights. I park in my driveway and walk over to greet them, “still decorating?”

Mr. Clarence, “yes wanted to put some lights up for you. WOW you got some fancy rides. The Maserati yesterday Discovery today.”

“Aw Mr. Clarence you really are too much. Thank you they are engagement presents from Giovanni’s grandfather. I am using Gi's today since I have to pick up our nieces and nephews from school. One of his brother's children.” I reply.

Mr. Clarence, “well you are a princess after all and you deserve it after everything you have been through. It’s about time you find someone who appreciates you for the gem you are.”

His wife takes me inside it’s a mirrored layout of my home. The master bedroom is locked when they are away, their personal things are kept in there. Each bedroom has two full size beds, I write a cheque handing it to Mr. Clarence, “we will be using water and electricity allow me to cover the cost.”

Mr. Clarence looks at the cheque and shakes his head, “miss lady this is way too much. I can’t accept it.”

I look at him with a serious face, “yes you can if I had to put my family up in a hotel do you know how much I would have to pay? If I was a stranger renting from you this is how much I would have to pay end of discussion.”

He hands the cheque to his wife laughing, “she is bossy, there is no fighting this one we will go to the bank later. See what happens when our neighbor knows our business.”

Mrs. Clarence laughs out, "on the plus side she does take really good care of us."

“I can take you all to the port if you like. I have to leave.” I add.

Mr. Clarence, “oh no we can’t have you do that you will be so busy with your guests. Be safe and we will chat later.”

I shrug, “Mr. Clarence! We will discuss this later. Take care. Be careful on the ladder please.” Taking my leave.

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