The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Festivities Start

I set my alarm for eight, with so many family members we are doing a gift exchange we each had to select one person. Everyone is making dishes to bring over this morning. Dani, Danielle, Samara and Shreya has put me out of my own kitchen. Elena, Alexi and Nira also don’t want me helping them. Mom, naan and grans are at the old house with the uncles and aunts. Gi and the rest of men were setting up the patio with tables and chairs. I retrieve to the media room with my minions. Some of the kids were already showered and watching Christmas movies while the rest went to their parents room to shower and change.

Guests and family start arriving just after ten, they allowed me to help set up the food out on the patio. When everyone arrived we sit down to eat, both grandpas, grandmothers and dad gives their speeches thanking everyone for being here, it warms their heart having all the family here grandpa has his 6 children and 23 grandchildren, grampy and gammy too it has been a while they were all together, finally we eat. All the family chatter was enlightening hearing about the traditions and family memories. We clear the tables just after 1:30 cleaning up we spend the rest of the afternoon exchanging gifts. Aki and Gi left us to pick Nish and her family up skipping on those who were missing.

I got Gino, I gave him a set of personalised socks which made some of the guys jealous. Sergio got me, he gave me an exquisite teardrop necklace and earring set in my birthstone. We finish up the gift exchange when Nish’s family arrived. Gi got Elena’s mom and my mom got him. My mom gave him a pair of silver elephant cufflinks. After the gift exchange we clean up the mess calling it a night. The wedding festivities start tomorrow I am moving over to my old home tonight. I already had everything I would need and some extra for emergencies at my old home. I was walking out with my mom, grandmothers, uncles and aunts when Gi accosted me, “where are you going?”

I look at Gi with confusion, “to our old house! Hello wedding festivities start tomorrow.”

Gi adds sarcastically, “I know that but I am taking you.”

I chuckle, “Gi the limo has room I can go with everyone else.”

Insisting, “I am taking you.”

I sigh rolling my eyes, “Giovanni I can go with my mom and other relatives.”

Gi adamant, “Ambi I am dropping you end of discussion.”

Rolling my eyes letting out a steups, “you spending the night too?”

Gi places his hands on his hips, “did you roll your eyes at me woman?”

Getting into Gi’s ride I blurt out, “yeah do something about it.”

Gi chuckles, “oh what I want to do we will be doing a lot of it after we are married. I will be all up in your face woman. Every single day.”

I shriek, “yeah right.”

Arriving at my home I get out kissing Gi bye until the wedding day. Walking inside the ladies were in the living room, the men were next door in the garage hanging out. I head up to my room to shower, change and get ready for bed.

Getting out of the bathroom I was changing when I get a message from Gi, ‘I am home gorgeous, Abi and I are going to bed we miss you,’ with a picture of Abi and him on our bed.

I reply, ‘I miss my favorite guys too.’

Getting into bed, I am drifting off to sleep when Gi calls me singing ‘I just called to say I love you.’

I wake up at seven, I get ready for the day, it’s the first day of the wedding festivities. Arriving downstairs it is a buzz everyone was helping with decorations, prepping food to cook for later and making indian sweets.

Tonight is the Mehendi Ceremony this is a ceremony where they apply very intricate, elaborate and artistic henna designs to adorn the bride’s hand and feet. It says the stain of the henna is an indication of how much love the husband has for his bride. The darker the stain the deeper the love. I found a henna artist that do henna parties a total of eight henna artists will be arriving later. All the women from both sides of the family are gathering to get henna designs applied. Gi did not say if he was coming later or not. This event usually takes place with a lot of dancing and music by all the attendees.

Getting ready for this evening everyone is adorned in more simple traditional Indian outfits. The garage and tent out in the driveway is decorated with floral garlands in orange, yellow and green along with brightly coloured fabric draped in swags. The mehandi party is in full swing both sides of the family are singing and dancing showing off their dancing skills, while some get their henna applied. A couple of the guys came with the ladies including Gi no surprise. My sister and cousins insists that Gi has to henna my name on his hand. “My love’s name is written on my heart I don’t need it to be anywhere else.” He teases. He eventually get’s it on his arm we wrap up the event around eleven.

Day two:

Waking up at six I head downstairs to call Gi, it’s his and grandpa’s birthday today the second day of festivities.
‘I can’t believe it’s my birthday and I can’t even see the love of my life.’ Gi answered my call.

I switch the call to a video call so he can see me, ‘thank you, you are so thoughtful,’ Gi replies with sarcasm.

I blurt out, “hey I did offer to change the date so don’t whine. I called to wish you a happy birthday and this is what I get in return. Good bye enjoy your birthday Giovanni.” ending the call.

I put my phone down on the counter heading back upstairs to shower it starts to ring, knowing it’s Gi I leave it to ring and continue upstairs. I do my usual routine when I get back downstairs I check my phone five missed calls from Gi and some messages to call him. Everyone was still asleep, I sit on the sofa in the family room having tea before I could call Gi he calls again, I answer ‘hello....good morning.’

I hear, ‘Good morning Ambi, I’m sorry I did not mean to speak to you like that,’ from a very soft spoken Gi.

Trying to hold back tears, ‘Happy Birthday Giovanni I wish that life gives you everything that makes you smile, I pray that God always bless you with a lifetime of good health, happiness and peace. You deserve nothing less you’re an incredible person. The most amazing man in my life, I love you. Have a wonderful day sweetheart.’

Gi sighs, ‘I am deeply sorry for earlier, please forgive me.’

I reply, ‘it’s fine Gi, I wanted to call you before it got busy. Love you. I’ll talk to grandpa later but if you speak to him before I do wish him a happy birthday for me.’

Gi ends, ‘thank you Ambi I love you so much baby.’

I end the call with him I remain on the sofa having my tea. Today is the Haldi Ceremony, firstly a gift along with traditional sweets are sent to the groom’s home along with the items needed for the Haldi Ceremony is exchanged by the brothers and brother’s in law of the family. Aki, Izzy, Jeev and Brad are taking Gi’s gift along with the birthday present I got him and grandpa. I also baked them a birthday cake vegan off course as the persons taking part in the ceremonies must observe a purification of the body by observing a vegetarian diet for some days before the festivities.

The Haldi Ceremony is a very common ritual among almost all Hindu communities. It is one of the most fun events during a Hindu wedding. It starts off with first paying respects to mother earth, the ceremony begins with a ritual which involves the women going outside to get dirt to bring back to the home where a prayer will be done. This is done with the tassa drumming leading the procession. The Haldi ceremony is connected with beautifying the bride and the groom for their big day.

The colour yellow is also considered auspicious, and is said to ward off the evil. Turmeric is ground to a paste with some oil. This paste is applied to the bride and groom by the older women and little girls. Ceremonies are occurring simultaneously, at both places for Gi and myself. The family members split up with half over at our home for Gi’s ceremony while some came over to my place for mines. When my nieces were instructed to rub my face and arms with the paste they went crazy covering me with the paste, their little hands were going all over the place. After the ceremony was completed, everyone ate wrapping up the day’s event at eleven.

Day Three:

It was 6am when my alarm went off still on my bed my nervousness starts, the Hindu Wedding is today traditionally the bride’s parents host the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony depicts a story of the meeting of the bride and the groom at the wedding alter, the bride’s parents giving her away to a worthy man, the couple committing to each other in front of the sacred fire followed by the couple taking the seven vows of commitment to the marriage.

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