The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Between Weddings


The first three rounds I lead the way, the next three Gi leads and the last both Gi and I walk together around the fire. At the end of the seventh circle I move to the left side of Gi indicating that I am now part of his life. Traditionally the mark of a Hindu woman is vermillion. Gi applies vermillion on my forehead this part is done under a sheet covering only Gi and I.

Then Gi’s eldest brother, Andi and Gino asked that they both do this part present me with gifts on behalf of their family making an affirmation that whenever Gi and I are facing any difficulties or problems they will be there for me as big brothers to lend support.

The final ritual to complete the ceremony is when I take seven symbolic steps while pushing a stone along the floor with my left foot with the assistance of Gi. The pundit reiterate the aspirations of our married life each step signifies our undertaking to:

1.Respect and honor each other
2.Share each other’s joy and sorrow
3.Trust and be loyal to each other
4.Cultivate appreciation for knowledge, values, sacrifice and service.
5.Appreciate purity of emotions, love, family duties and spiritual growth.
6.Follow principles of righteousness and moral values
7.Nurture an eternal bond of friendship and love.

The marriage is concluded by me performing aarti the waving of the lamp for Gi as my husband. Gi and I then seeks the blessings from elders of the families the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. We take photos, dance, eat, dance some more to tassa and Indian music then return to our home. Before we head for home the relatives on my side of the family has Gi’s shoes Sergio and Anish were in charge of keeping his shoes safe. Gi had to pay them to get it back.

We have a few more rituals to do but those are done at our home. Gi and I exit the hall making our way to Gi’s SUV we are meet with heavy rainfall. The hotel staff comes to our aid with huge umbrellas and help us to the car. When we arrive at our home the rain was still falling but not as brutal Aki, Izzy, Yash, Veer, Jeev, Sergio and Gino help us out the vehicle.

Gi and I are welcomed by his mother, she performs a traditional aarti we enter our home. I displace a container filled with rice signifying that I am the bringer of an abundance of goodness to my new family. I then dip my feet in a mixture of red vermillion water and enter the house, leaving foot prints on the floor. This ritual is practiced as a bride is considered a form of prosperity and wealth to her new family.

A bowl filled with coloured water and rose petals is placed in front of Gi and I, a piece of jewelry is then dropped in the liquid Gi and I have to fish for it. It is done an odd number of times whoever finds it the most is said to rule over the marriage. We did it five times Gi found it three times I got it twice. Lastly Gi and I feed each other sweet rice and roti completing the rituals.

Our family continues dancing to music in the living room, I wanted to get out of my outfit and secure my jewelry. Shreya, Samara and Nish helped me. I throw on some jeans and a t-shirt. Marcus dropped me off at my home. Walking up to the house the men as usual were in the garage liming, the ladies were scattered some in the kitchen, living room or in their room. I greet the family that was in the living room then head up to my room.

I shower and get ready for bed in my green silk pajamas it is an Italian tradition for the bride to be to wear green the day before her wedding. I get into bed before falling asleep I message Gi, ‘good night my love see you tomorrow.’ I found it odd he did not respond. He must be mad since I left the mansion without him knowing.

Drifting off to sleep I consciously hear a familiar voice that brought me out of my sleep. I open my eyes checking the time it was 10pm mom, naan and grans were not in bed. I know it is Gi’s voice accompanied by music. I follow the music looking out the window I see Gi, his groomsmen and Yash out on the front lawn of my house.

Gino on the drums, Andi, Sergio and Charlie on guitars, Izzy and Tyler on the keyboard, Yash and Brad on the tuner/mixer, Gi on the mic the rest of guys as back up vocals. They were singing Hero, Gi spotted me at the window, ending their first song be blows me a kiss. I Need You was next, mom and grans walks into the room grans hands me a basket filled with all sorts of goodies attached is a rope. Mom ushers me to send the basket down the window with the rope. I looked at them puzzled, Reggie unties the basket and hands it to Gi. Gi blows me another kiss as he is finishing the song, he then sings I’ll love you forever. I am leaned up against the window looking out at the guys when Gi ends the final song I blow him a kiss before I get back into bed.

I was informed that was another Italian tradition of serenading the bride the night before the wedding and by me sending the basket of treats down for Gi means that I accepted the marriage proposal like I could back out now.

I got back from serenading Ambi, ready to fall asleep replaying the events of the last three days in my mind. There were so many activities all of them fun, tomorrow is the final day a bit concerned about the rain, since everything is outdoors. I am more eager though that Ambi will finally be mines forever. I still feel like an idiot for the way I spoke to her when she called me to wish me happy birthday, I haven’t had her alone to talk since then. During the Hindu ceremony when I saw her tear up I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her so tight. I message Ambi, ‘sleep well my one and only love.’

Waking up at 8am the final wedding day! It rained yesterday I am freaking out. Getting out of bed I notice Gi sent me a message, I was fast asleep after they left I did not hear when it came in. I send him a message, ‘last few hours of the fiancé title enjoy it.’ I head to the bathroom getting ready for the day. Walking out of my walk in I check my phone, ‘I got married to you yesterday I am already your husband.’ message from Gi. Joining mom, nans, grans and a few of my aunts downstairs in the kitchen.

Grans “namaste doll how are you?”
I let out a soft scream, “I’m a nervous wreck grans.”
Mom “everything has been beautiful so far, today will be the same.”
Ambi “Rain POURED yesterday in case you didn’t notice and everything is taking place outdoors. How can I keep calm? It’s an outdoor wedding. Are you all ready to head to the spa?”
The ladies staying with me are headed to the spa while those at our home are helping Gi and Bi set up for the wedding.

Mom reassures me, “don’t worry my darling, Gi and Bianca will ensure everything is perfect, your husband has all the hands he needs and then some. Let’s go get you dolled up for that handsome prince of yours. What time are your girls getting here?” Getting into the limo I reply, "at 2pm."

I wake up at seven no message or calls from Ambi, I head to the bathroom shower and get dressed. I knock on Jeev’s door calling out to him, walking down the hall I knock on the other four doors calling out to Aki, Brad, Reggie and Anish, “time to start guys.” Waiting for the guys to wake up I check my phone Ambi finally messaged me not even a phone call wow. The guys finally join me starting with the front of the house we have a huge luxury transparent wedding tent canopy to seat our 350 guests. I had a temporary floor installed over the grass. The tent is positioned against the natural lush green backdrop. To conceal the posts of the tent white fabric is draped and tied around it with bouquets of ivory and lemonade roses accentuated with silver dollar and eucalyptus. At the entrance are two white square pedestals with a floral arrangement each in ivory and green roses with the eucalyptus and italian ruscus greenery. The isle is covered with red rose petals. At the end of the isle where Ambi and I will be getting married is a floral backdrop decorated in ivory and green roses with the eucalyptus and Italian ruscus leaves giving it a very rustic theme, an alter with 3 candles in glass jars. The chairs are natural wood with white cushions.

Moving to the reception area it is set up with six banquet style tables three on either side of the isle, the isle ends at the dance floor on the two opposite sides of the dance floor are two shorter banquet tables where the bridal party will be seated. We will be seated on a white cleopatra love seat a white coffee table with a small centerpiece against a grass wall with ivory roses as the backdrop.

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