The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Wedding

The venue is covered with transparent marquis tent, with soft yellow lights covering the roof of the tent to give a firefly effect. The chair tiebacks are in champagne gold chiffon fabric, the six large banquet tables draped in white table cloth adorned with six feet long floral table runners in the ivory and green roses with eucalyptus, italian ruscuss and silver dollar, in-between the table runners are electric candles in 3 heights.

The two bridal party tables decorated with ivory sequin fabric draped to the front of the tables with a table runner in varying types of eucalyptus, ruscus and green roses only. The pool was covered for safety, using the pool patio as the cocktail area. The food and bar will be laid out on the covered patio that extends from the kitchen of the main house. The guys are placing the tokens at each place setting, I glance at my watch it was one pm and we were finished. Thankfully the yard was not water soaked.

I turn to my crew, “wow guys we pulled it off with time to spare, thank you all so much.”
Gio responds, “no worries big brother.”

The ladies showered first since they were meeting Ambi up at 2pm to get dressed. The children were also ready Jeev, Veer, Yash, Sandy, Nirala and some other cousins were keeping an eye on them. The guys and I were in the den it was now 3pm thank goodness the property has 18 bathrooms showering was a breeze the ceremony starts at 4pm. I haven’t see or spoken to Ambi for the day except for the one message this morning and my heart is aching.

Andi helps me slip on my gunmetal grey slim fit styling jacket with self-framed lapel, an elegant purple satin lining and matching modern slim fit pants with belt loops. Paired with a matching vest for a classic 3-piece suit look, white shirt with my ivory tie tie completing the look brown shoes and belt. Andi hands me the piece of iron to put in my pocket another Italian tradition, “have you forgiven us?”

I reply, “had you shown me a picture of Ambi we would have been married a long fucking time ago man. Have you seen the woman I’m marrying not only is she beautiful, she is smart, confident, caring, kind, selfless. I love her Andi!”

Andi hugs me, “I am sorry my brother.”

Brad comes over joining us, “sorry Gi we really did one on you but you are marrying the woman we all wanted you to.”

Shaking my head, “you guys are the worst.”

Anish walks over with shots he poured for everyone. I protest, “I need to remember my vows.”

They plead, “just one.”

After the shot I scan my guys in their graphite grey waistcoat, the impeccable structure and clean lines flatter their masculine frame and slim fit pants each with their different colour tie. Charlie was helping me secure my boutonniere the other guys were assisting each other. My boutonniere was made using the green rose with pieces of eucalyptus attached to the rose I joke, “we should have done this before the shot.”

Spending the day at the spa with the elder women in my family was as relaxing. My mind kept wondering off to what was happening at home and how things were progressing. Nobody sent me pictures or updates I was so anxious. It’s now 2:45 everyone is dressed they were putting the final touches on me. Nish hugs me, “are you still mad with your big sister?”

I squeezer her, “yes! Have you seen my husband?! You made me waste a lot of years. What woman in her right mind would say no to Gi. All you had to do was show me a picture of him shirtless.”

Nish giggles, “I am sorry.”

Danielle, Bi, Mira, Nish, Elena, Samara, Dani, Nira, Kay, Ann, Shreya and Alexi even though they did not want to be in the bridal party I still insisted they be here joining in a group hug before I put on my dress. Walking up to Mira, Alexi and Elena with my arms crossed, “you all should consider acting.”

Elena clasp her hands, “sorry princess.”

Mira, “you really are blunt gezz.”

Alexi, “I was just going along with the plan.”

Mira adds, “I wanted to tell you it was very difficult pretending I did not know those two.”

Finally it was time to get me into my dress. They double check everything before I step into my gorgeous ivory dress. It was an A-line dress with a plunging V-neckline bodice in lace, it had embellished beads and heavy beading work, creating a rich look, adding to the sexy and glamorous vibe was illusion sleeves, complimenting it was a soft flowing satin skirt with a finished hemline, a plunging V neckline accentuates the back of my gown. The back of my dress has subtle sparkle and zips up beneath crystal buttons. They zip me up, fixing my veil tearing an end for good luck. It was a tradition not to look at myself unless I removed a glove or shoe I opted not to look. Another tradition was no gold except for my wedding ring. My something old was a silver bracelet I got from grans, new a pair of sliver earrings from my mom, borrowed a necklace from Mira. Blue the satin sash for any money people give me.

I can’t believe I am about to get married. Ann gives us the time check at 3:10pm my mom and most of the ladies left in the first limo once they saw me dressed. Uncle Ish walks me down the stairs where Martin was waiting on me in a vintage car. My grandmothers and uncle Ish rides with me everyone else with the other limo. Pulling up to our forever home driving up the driveway I get butterflies as I notice the huge enclosed tent out front beautifully decorated in white and green roses accented with eucalyptus. Martin brings the car to a stop, Izzy and Aki helps naan and grans out first, Aki taking my right hand Izzy my left they help me out of the car they both kiss my cheek once I am standing fighting to hold back the tears, “you look beautiful princess. We are so happy for you.” Aki and Izzy kisses me again hugging me, uncle Ish joins them in the hug the water works start. Grans comes over telling us not to cry but she is also crying.

Gino asked Tyler to retrieve some water for us from the bar, handing us the water we take a few sips settling ourselves. Charlie hands me my bouquet kissing me, “a special delivery for a very special bride.” It was perfect I got my lemonade and ivory roses, two types of eucalyptus baby blue and silver dollar. Mom gives me one look over kissing my cheek, uncle Vin walks her down the isle. Each groomsman takes their turn kissing me before taking their walk down the isle.

Andi first, “thank you for saying yes to my brother.” Wiping tears from his eyes.

Gino, “you look beautiful Ambi, Gi will not be able to contain himself when he sees you.”

Tyler, “GLW is one lucky man.”

Sergio, “my turn! Welcome to the family gorgeous.”

Izzy, “you will always be my little princess.”

Aki, “I love you beautiful cub.”

Reggie, “Gi did good with a little help from us.”

Anish, “you look beautiful. Welcome to the family sister in law.”

Brad, “you will always be my favorite sister in law. I am proud of you kiddo.”

Charlie kisses my cheek, “I don’t know what my best friend and brother did to deserve a woman as phenomenal as you.”

The ladies adjusts my veil and we are ready.

Celebration of The Holy Matrimony of Amberline & Giovanni

December 29th

‘Choose a seat not a side. We’re all family once the knot is tied’ Love Ambi and Gi

“We look good!” praising my boys before we head out. The guys started handing out the confetti and bomboniere to the guests until we see the cars pulling up with everyone that were at Ambi’s home. My mom and dad walked me down the isle.

My maternal grandparents joined me followed by uncle Mario and aunt Gemma who walked grandpa down before seating him on the closest chair next to me dad and mom holding hands with grandpa and mom's parents they light one of the two smaller candles on the alter.

Uncle Vin walks Ambi’s mom down the isle. He flashes me a smile walking past me he says, “our doll looks absolutely amazing.” I was unable to get a good look of Ambi but I did notice all my groomsmen kissing my wife I felt a little jealous.

‘It’s now or Never’ starts to play, Andi comes trotting down the isle first grinning on reaching me he whispering in my ear, “she looks breathtakingly stunning.”

One by one the other groomsmen line up next to me all taunting me telling me about Ambi. Then the moment I have been waiting for.

I hear ‘Can’t Wait’ Ambi chose the tracks. The younger kids walk down more like dance down the isle with chalk boards.

Gino’s boys ‘Uncle Gi yuh party done’

Laila and Andi’s boy ‘Wait till you see the bride’

Jeev’s 1st son and Dani’s girls ‘Aunty Ambi is worth it’

Daniel’s girl and Jeev’s second boy ‘You’ll be the happiest man alive’

Followed by the page boys and flower girls, Andi’s daughters and Yash’s two boys. The song changes to ‘It’s the final countdown’ then comes:

Ann, Nira, Elena, Samara, Danielle, Dani, Nish, Bianca, Mira, Kay

Again Ambi’s choice another soca Phenomenal

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