The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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We are Hitched


Glancing up I see my bride standing at the entrance with her two grandmothers. In a gorgeous ivory A-line satin and lace dress, a plunging V-neckline lace bodice with bead work, an illusion sleeve making her look like a classy seductress. The flowing satin skirt gives the dress a princess finish. The veil covering her face makes her appear so dreamy. Making me weak in the knees thankfully Andi and Charlie had their eyes on me and caught me.

Ambi and her grandmothers dance their way down the isle stopping midway Ambi’s brothers, sister, sisters in law, Brad some of her cousins and their spouses join her in dancing the rest of the way stopping at the first row where Ambi’s mom takes over for nans and grans walking Ambi up to me placing her hand in mines joined by Ambi’s brothers, at first Aki and Izzy hold on to Ambi’s hand not letting go.

Andi belts, “hey she is already ours.”

Sergio jokes, “hand her over it’s a done deal.”

Still holding on to her hand Aki says, “not at all she is still ours.”

Charlie jokes, “nope she is already a Wyson.”

Jeev joins them, “don’t be intimidated guys I got your back.”

With my right hand to my chest I extend my left hand to them, “I will take care of Ambi for the rest of her life.”

Jeev turns to the crowd asking, "what do you guys say yes or no?"

Some members shouted yes some said no.

They finally give in and let go. Aki and Izzy along with their mom light the other smaller candle on the alter.

The priest begins with the service. We have the opening prayer and the service continues. Andi and Gino give scripture readings. Finally the Blessing and Exchange of the Rings and Vows which Ambi and I have written.

Standing at the alter with Gi going through the wedding ceremony. It was time for the ring exchange, Charlie places the rings on the pillow for the pageboy to hand the officiant. We exchange rings to these words Gi and I wrote:

With this ring I give you my life, my love and faithfulness. As this circle is without end, my love for you is boundless. As it is made of indestructible substance, my commitment to you is without end. I declare from this day forward you will never walk alone. My heart would be your shelter, and my arms will be your home. I take you to be my trusted confidante and partner for life.’

I look down at the ring and my heart skipped a beat, my jaw dropping I wanted to scream with excitement. Giovanni is amazing, my ring is a white gold replica of the elephant ring I wear. The elephant eyes are yellow diamonds. The priest hands me Gi’s ring, his is a larger version of mines with. I slip it on his finger now on to the vows.

I take you to be my wife/husband, my partner for life, my one true love. I will cherish our friendship. I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever. Trust you and honor you I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will love you faithfully through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy. What may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold So I give you my life to keep.


The closing prayer, blessing and the part I have been waiting for since I saw Ambi walking down the isle. Not waiting for the priest to instruct me to kiss my wife, like I need anyone’s permission. Ambi’s veil is already up and my lips are on hers. The crowd burst into cheers and laughter, the guest exits first making their way out they wait for us just outside the tent while we finish up the legal aspect of the marriage. Exiting the ceremony tent a light drizzle hits us lasting no less than thirty seconds. Once outside we were showered with bird seeds and rice by the guests. Gino gives me the vase in a sack for safety to break. With one toss it shatters into countless pieces, Reggie opens the case for us to see. The photographer uses the front of our home for the backdrop for all the photographs, taking pictures with all the guests before they head to the back for the Aperitivo or cocktail hour.

The rain starts to drizzle a little heavier this time which does not affect anything as I ensured the back area was covered with huge transparent tents. The photographer takes us inside they are blown away with the décor they insisted on a few more pictures of Ambi and I. The photo session was finally finished after what felt like 1000 pictures, everyone was out by the pool enjoying cocktail hour. I take this opportunity to sneak Ambi away to our room.

Ambi protests, “no you have to find your name first.” showing me the henna art on her hand. I let out a sigh, “woman we are married my name is in your every breath.” I hug her walking her into our room I help Ambi with her veil, unzipping her dress. Wasting no time my jacket and vest is already off while Ambi is getting out of her dress. Hurriedly I take my shirt and pants off, all she has on now is panties and her garter belt her bare, firm, plump breasts looks so appetizing it makes my cock harden instantly. I release my cock from my briefs making it spring to life. I pull down her panties, not wanting Ambi to mess up her hair I motion her get on her knees on the bed. I press my rock hard cock on her wet pussy for lubrication before slamming into her, I press my chest into Ambi’s back biting down on her shoulder grabbing her breast I move our bodies in sync with each other. I want more time to enjoy Ambi’s body but we have 350 or so guests waiting for us in our back yard. I feel Ambi’s muscle tighten around my cock she is ready to cum I pull out fully, thrusting into her grinding my hip into her we both cum. It felt so good not having to pull out of Ambi. I remain in her until her breathing normalises, I release a pleasurable grunt rubbing the spot where I was biting, “sorry.”

Ambi replies “no you are not” she looks at me from over her shoulder. I pull out of Ambi pulling her up we head to the bathroom to clean up. She gets back into her dress, I zip her up while getting myself dressed. Ambi ditches the veil showing off a floral crown in white mini roses.

Giving Ambi a kiss before I leave, “I’ll send Kay and Ann to help you.”

Reaching the front door Kay, Ann and Elena were walking in I tell them Ambi is in our room, they head up the stairs Elena smacks me saying, “couldn’t you wait a little longer stallion.”

I blurt out, “have you seen my wife? She is hot! I want to tap that every day.” heading out the door.

Elena shrieks, “I am going to pretend I did not hear you say that about my husband’s baby sister.”

Gi and I just had a very quick session the first as husband and wife. I was readjusting in my dress when there was a knock on the door, “come in.” Kay, Elana and Ann, enters in unison they greet me “hello Mrs. Wyson”.
I respond, “how disheveled do I look?”

Elena replies, “one hundred times better than me on my wedding day. Don’t you remember how long it took me to come back out to the reception? We did it like three times. Your makeup is not even messed up. I have to give your husband credit.” We burst out laughing, they help me fix my hair, makeup and dress. Meeting up with the rest of the bridal party at the cocktail are, they were having shots, the guests were now seated in the reception area. Gi’s groomsmen takes Gi’s tie off and proceeds to cut it into pieces. Now I see why they told me do not spend a lot on it. Time to start the wedding. The two emcee for this evening are Tyler and my cousin Sandy.

Good evening everyone I am Sandy welcome and thank you for sharing this day with The Wyson and Murlani family my cohost Tyler will be joining me shortly. In the mean time let’s give it up for.

"Nans - Mrs. Pamela Singh escorted by the brides uncle Mr. Avi Singh.
Grans - Mrs. Ashana Murlani escorted by her son also uncle of the bride Mr. Ish Murlani,
Gi’s maternal grandparents Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Yelena Cavalcanti
Gi’s Grandpa Mr. Vincenzo Lucas Wyson
Ambi’s mom Mrs. Dayana Murlani
Gi’s parents Mr. Sebastian and Mrs. Madalena Wyson,
Bridal party - Dr. Annushree Bhalli and Mr. Tyler Ferreria,
Mr. Sergio & Mrs. Nira Wyson.
Mr. Izzy & Mrs. Elena Murlani
Dr. Aki & Dr. Samara Murlani if anyone falls ill we’ll be covered
Mr. Anish & Mrs. Daniele Bakshi
Mr. Reggie & Mrs Dani Arantes,
Mr. Brad & Mrs Nish Burman
Mr. Angelino & Mrs. Bianca Wyson
Mr. Andino & Mrs. Mira. Wyson
Mr. Charlie Mariano & Dr. Kay Fletcher

Sandy & Tyler “on your table you will see bandanas in little bags please remove them put them up in the air and start to wave them as we welcome for the first time Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni Wysonnnnnnn.”

Tyler ‘the groomsmen will be passing around to auction off pieces of the grooms tie and later on the brides garter belt it is considered good fortune for you to own a piece of the wedding garment so please feel free to make a purchase.’

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