The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Party !

I was blown away with the décor for the wedding and reception. Bianca and her team executed everything perfectly. The reception is well on it's way with Tyler and Sandy as the masters of ceremonies.
Sandy, ‘as per Italian traditions we won’t be having much speeches tonight. Servers will be bringing your meals to you, the menu is on your table kindly indicate the items you wish.’

Tyler, ‘while the meals are being served we just have a few short speeches first being Ambi’s uncle Ish’

Uncle Ish ′good evening to everyone marriage has no guarantees. If that’s what you’re looking for, get a set of new tires ...always remember to love and respect each other, have trust and communication. Ambi and Gi know that your family members are here for you if ever you need us. We love you’

Tyler ’thank you uncle Ish’

Tyler, ‘we need you to check under your chair as there may be a piece of blue paper stuck to it. If there is we will need you to come up to the dance floor.’

Tyler and Sandy gives the guests some time to check their chairs. a total of 12 guests make their way to the front. Sandy is holding a fishbowl with pieces of folded paper in it. Tyler asks the first one, ‘are you from the bride or grooms side?’

The first one is a business associate I remember him from the office launch party. “good evening I am from the grooms side, Mr. David Russo.” The crowd cheers him on.

Tyler continues, “Mr. Russo I need you to pick one of these cards we have here and read what is on the card.”

Mr. Russo obliges, he pulls the card out reading it to himself he lets out a hearty laugh.

Tyler, ‘now remember if any of you can’t do what is on the card you will have to give the bride a hefty amount of money.’

Mr. Russo reads the card aloud, “using words starting with the letter ‘S’ describe the bride.”

Mr. Russo hands Sandy the card and proceeds, “Smart, sophisticated, special and with all due respect to my wife and everyone else I'll have to say SUPER sexy.”

Mrs. Russo stands saying, “it’s OK my darling husband the bride does look very sexy in that dress she is wearing. Here is to the happy couple cheers.” Raising her glass.

Mr. Russo walks over to where Gi and I were seated, he kisses my cheek placing money into the sack I was carrying. Shaking Gi’s hand, “I mean no disrespect Giovanni.”

Gi reassuringly, “I have known you and Mrs. Russo for far too long to think otherwise. Enjoy the evening, thank you again for attending.”

Tyler continues, “next person.”

The next person was one of Gi’s cousin, “good evening I am Alexandre I am Gi’s handsome single cousin.”

The card he pulls is, “what advice would you give the couple.”

Alexandre, “well the only advice I could give is have sex like you are still dating that is as often as possible.”

Gi pinches his nose bridge laughing at Alexandre.

Alexandre walks over to us greeting Gi, “you can’t stop me from kissing your wife today.”

He gives me a thirty second peck on my lips totally catching me off guard. He also places money into the sack saying, "Giovanni damn now I know why you were in such a rush to get married. I would be too."

The next person was Dan, “if you were Giovanni tell us what you would say to Ambi on the wedding night.”

Dan takes the mic speaking confidently, “gorgeous when I saw you walking down the isle I wanted to ditch the reception and start the honeymoon.”

Gi stands clapping, ’you are on point Dan that is exactly what I wanted to do.”

Dan walks over greeting Gi and I before taking his seat.

This goes on for the next nine persons keeping the guests entertained Gi and I had no part of this hot seat game but it was fun. After the game we have a floating mic where ever the mic was when Tyler or Sandy spoke that person had to get up and say something.

Ambi and I make our way around the tables having different courses at the different tables while the speeches were going on. We are down to the deserts ending at the bridal party tables Ambi with her girls me with my guys. I can’t stop staring at my wife, she is mines all mines I can’t believe I did it. Ambi looks so stunning tonight, I can't take my eyes off her. Her eyes has a twinkle brighter than the lights her smile is illuminating.

Grandpa stands with his glass in his hand “sorry for the interruption I was 92 two days ago I’m growing older with each speech. Gi, Ambi we all love you if we didn’t we wouldn’t be here celebrating. We wish you all a lifetime of wedded bliss and lots of good sex. Grandpa is wearing his best dancing shoes.” causing the crowd to cheer and laugh.

Sandy & Tyler ′well as per grandpa’s request the last speech for the night the man of the moment Mr. Giovanni Wyson.’

With my glass in hand I walk over to Ambi extending my hand, “we are Mr. & Mrs. I wouldn’t be making this speech if it wasn’t for you. It was us from the moment we laid eyes on each other.”

Taking Ambi’s hand she picks up her glass we walk over to Tyler and Sandy. I did not have a written speech the lawyer in me knew what I wanted to say, “good evening I want to start by raising a toast to my parents, my pillars of strength, thank you for all the good values and the unconditional love that you bestowed on my siblings and I with over the years, even as adults you have always been a guiding light for us.” Raising my glass to my parents.

I continue, “to my siblings, my extended family and my friends who continue to be a remarkable support system to me especially my Grandparents, big brothers Andi and Gino.’ raising my glass to them.

I pause looking at Ambi’s mom then to the sky..... “To Mrs. Murlani, and your entire family thank you for raising such a wonderful woman, to dad even though we never met”....I pause taking a deep breath.... “I will always take care of your princess. She is as precious to me as she was to you.” Raising my glass to the sky.

Continuing, “and of course to all of our guests, the caterers, bartenders and servers, thank you all for making this day even more complete.”

Placing my arm around Ambi’s waist, “lastly, thank you to my beautiful Ambi my wife we all know I am a determined man, I gave Ambi one week to fall in love with me and 70 days to plan our wedding, she worked tirelessly with the help of our family and friends to make the last four days a success. Ambi., Sei il migliore delle mie aspettative. Sei la mia per sempre, intendo trascorrere il resto della mia vita con te. You are better than my expectations. You are my forever I intend to spend the rest of my life with you......You all mean the world to me. I would not be up here if it was not for each and every one of you. Cheers’

We were walking off to take our seats when we hear
’In Napoli where love is king....When boy meets girl here’s what they say............
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore
When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine
That’s amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling...........′ the singing continues it’s Grandpa and uncle Salvatore that was our cue to cut the wedding cake.

Ambi and I make our way to the cake table, the cake was 5 tiers the top layer was fruitcake, second lemon, then chocolate, red velvet finishing with fruitcake again. The 1st and last tiers were white fondant the other layers were cream cheese frosting. The cake is covered with fresh flowers in ivory and green roses and greenery cascading on one side of the cake. Our cake topper was a “Romantic Dip” dancing bride and groom couple figurine. We cut the cake, grandpa keeps prompting us to kiss I oblige with grandpa cheering me, “that’s my grandson.”

The children surrounded the cake table with their plates in hand, we cut them slices and they are off in the direction of the house. We were then ushered to the dance floor where all the guests surrounds us. During the dance, guests hold colourful streamers they attached to our hands, wrapping us up in streamers, with well wishes and love as we continue to dance.

As that song ends we invite the parents and grandparents to dance with us Ambi dances with grandpa, grandpa Ellis and grandma Yelena. I with Ambi’s mom, Ambi’s uncle with the grandmothers and my parents to ‘Do I make you proud’. After the family dance we dance with the bridal party to ‘Footsteps’. The next song is for the uncles and aunts ‘Nice time’ I think that will be our family theme song for every party.

Officially opening the dance floor, everyone is on the floor including the grandparents. Ambi dancing with grandpa made his night, not even grandpa’s children or grand children have given grandpa that much attention. We keep the tempo mellow for the first hour so all the grandparents can have fun, Aki and Izzy are dancing with their grandmothers this is so sweet seeing grandparents on the dance floor I hope the photographers gets pictures of them.

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