The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Another Weekend Approaches


Gino looks at Gi with a concerned look, Gino informs me, “Ambi we got it under control you don’t need to come help us with he move.”

With a raised eyebrow I glance at these two Wyson men, “what are you all up to?”

Innocently they respond, “nothing Ambi. Can we just go ladies the realtor is waiting.” Rushing us out of the building to meet the relator.

House hunting was a breeze, we put offers in on our home and the one for Gi’s parents. Ours is seven nine acres, ten bedroom main house. A three bedroom maid quarters and four bedroom pool house. The structures occupies a little over one and a half acres taking into count the pool, pool house, main house. After the wedding I am going to be spending a lot of my spare time planting up the land. One more thing checked off our list, I can order the wedding invitations. We stopped off for dinner before taking Gino and Bianca to the airport.

Gino initiates conversation, “I wish all house hunting was this easy. Mom and dad will be happy with what we got them. Your new home should be beautiful when it’s completed. Imagine all the parties we are going to have there.”

I interject jokingly, “Gi will be having parties. I’ll be in the sanctuary of my old home.”

Gi jaws clenches while he process what I just said. His eyes dark and piercing, “woman you just love to test me don’t you.”

In a very joyful and optimistic voice, “whatever do you mean love?”

I love teasing Gi especially when his jaw clenches he looks so sexy.

In a very determined and courageous tone, “Ambi I told you already you are going to be with me by my side always.”

I roll my my eyes at Gi, “yeah right until you are up to mischief and keep secrets from me. Just remember you met me in Costa Rica you were travelling for business. So I won’t be by your side all the time Mr. Delicious”

His voice deep and fiery, “I am a man who goes after what he wants. Sometimes it requires me to be very suspicious, defiant and silent.”

Gino interrupts, “Ambi do I want to know why you call my brother Mr. Delicious?”

Chuckling at Gino’s question, “dearest Gino you would be happy to know it is because of how he smells. When I was checking in at the resort in Costa Rica the scent Gi was wearing permeated the lobby I am sure other people indulged in the scent. I did not know his name so I called him Mr. Delicious.”

Gino let’s out a sigh, “thank god I was worried you were going to tarnish the good girl image I have of you.”

Gi interjects, “trust me she is not a nun.”

Gino put his palm up, “I do not want to know anyway it’s time to take us to the airport.”

We drop Gino and Bianca bidding them a safe flight and head for home.

On our drive home Gi and I engage in conversation. “Ambi why do you always need to defy me?” his voice deep and strong but pleasant.

I keep my tone controlled and pleasant, “Gi I do not defy you. You know very well I am not a yes woman. I ask questions.”

Gi breaks out his quiet and gentle voice, “I’m sorry love I am having a difficult time adjusting, the female species usually follow my every command without question.”

In a gentle voice, “Giovanni I love you, I get you are full of surprises, if you want to surprise me remember I am trained to observe and question everything.”

Continuing talking on our drive home, Gi’s voice smooth like butter, “ok sweetheart.”

Arriving home Gi grabs his towel and heads for the bathroom in the office with me on my period he is giving me my space. I head to the master bath to shower. I change into my pajamas and head over to the office, Gi was already doing work, I start to work on wedding planning. Gi left me in the office to get something to drink, he returns a few minutes later with chai, “I figured you would like some tea babe,” handing me one of the cups. I take the cup from Gi and we engage in conversation while we do our work.

Ambi, “Gi what are the chances of us moving in on the 7th November I know the kitchen is still being worked on? We can move in even if the pool house is not finished. We won’t need it until the engagement.”

Gi, “I don’t see why not I’ll put a rush on all the paper work, ask the contractor to speed up the work on the kitchen. It’s newly built there isn’t anything to do other than fill it with furniture. I think the pool and the pool house is almost complete.”

Ambi, “I want to move in on the 7th of November, I want us to celebrate the first night in our home on that day.”

Gi ,“what’s so special about that day precious?”

Ambi, “it’s a festival in the Hindu calendar, Diwali and I want to celebrate it in our new home.”

Gi, “sounds beautiful. We can shop for our home in the meantime.”

Ambi, “great thank you it requires some days of observing a vegetarian diet. You don’t have to it’s ok.”

Gi,“hey I told you, we do everything together no exceptions.”

Ambi, “thank you babe, check this kitchen range do you want something like this in our kitchen? It’s 36 inches, dual gas burner electric oven.”

Gi, “don’t you want a bigger range? Considering how much cooking you’ll be doing.”

Ambi, “you plan on keeping be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen?”

Gi ,“could I?”

Ambi “no I love my job.”

Gi “we both have large families we will be having a lot of family gatherings. The first one being Thanksgiving.”

Ambi continues, “true, but if we get the same size for the pool house remember we have a full kitchen in there. Plus the outdoor kitchen it should be enough even for large parties because we can put the same size into the maids cottage as well. Stainless steel throughout?”

Gi “sounds good, you’re the boss. You will be running the show when Charlie and Tyler get married if they want to live with us which I am sure they will be seeing we are the only family the know we will work out the details with their wives ensuring they are all comfortable. How long do you have here? I’m going to bed.”

Ambi “I have about 30 minutes left. Just one more thing I wanted to get done for tonight.”

Gi “ok babe. Want me to stay with you?”

Ambi, “no it’s my wedding dress and you can’t see it.”

Gi kisses me “ok see you in thirty minutes or I’m coming to get you.”

I had an idea for the dress for the catholic ceremony. I sketch my dress, sending it to Mira along with my measurements.

After thanksgiving mom, Nish, Gi’s mom, grans and naan will accompany me to New York for the wedding dress. After sending the sketch I call it a night. Walking into my bedroom I use the bathroom then get into bed, Gi was still awake, when I got in. He hugs me, “hey babe. You finished with everything? I couldn’t fall asleep without you.”

I kiss his cheek, “aw poor baby. Yes todays to do list is complete.”

Gi puts his arms around me, “what are your plans for tomorrow?” I turn to him, “I’ll stay home and work on more wedding planning while you are at work. When you are finished we can go shop for furniture.”

Gi responds, “sure sounds great about 3pm tomorrow?”

Snuggling into his arms, ”sure, good night babe love you.” Drifting off to sleep Gi sings me ′ Show me Heaven’

We roll out of bed when the 6am alarm goes off, head to the gym for our workout. I keep my workout light this morning since I’m on my period. After our workout we shower I am spending the morning at home to work out wedding details. Gi is off to do work on the new office building. Leaving Gi to get dressed, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I decided on mushroom and spinach omelets, I am working on breakfast when the smell that still gets me weak in the knees overpowers the smell in my kitchen. Gi walks up to me , dressed in a red plaid point collar long sleeve button down shirt and blue slim fit pants. He puts his arms around my waist, “hi gorgeous, yummy mushroom and spinach omelet,” kissing my cheek.

We set up breakfast in the kitchen seated at the breakfast counter I am admiring this fine man I’m about to marry.
Gi starts to speak his voice so deep and sexy, “want to come to work with me?“
I take a sip of my juice before answering, “want to help me plan our engagement and wedding?”
He gives me the assertive tone, “holding my hand up, already engaged babe besides I got my first few greys with Andi and Gino stressing over their wedding. I would love to help you but I have to be at the building p arriving at 9.”

With a bit of wit I respond, “oh then don’t let me keep you Mr. Wyson have a good day, see you at three.”

We finish eating Gi grabs our plates taking them to the sink washing and drying them.

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