The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Party can't done

Walking across to grandpa, I put forward, “hey grandpa can I have a dance with your gorgeous dance partner?”

Grandpa replies over the music, “two more songs and she’s all yours.”

Not having much of a choice, “you know I never say no to you grandpa.”

I walk across to Ambi’s mom, “mom I lost my wife for the next two songs to my grandpa care to keep me company on the dance floor?”

Ambi’s mom “sure thing.”

Mom and I engage in talk, "thank you Giovanni for making my daughter so happy."

Smiling, "mom it was nothing. There is nobody more deserving."

Mom holding back the tears, "she is so precious to us Giovanni."

I hug mom, "I know mom like I said earlier she is as precious to you all as she is to me. Do you know why Ambi did not want a big wedding?"

Mom, "she was never really into all this fanciness."

I respond, "actually no it's because her dad and grandfathers were not here she just felt it was not worth the fuss if all the people she loved was not here."

Mom, "oh Giovanni thank you for sharing that with me we all miss them but I didn't think it affected her that much."

Ending our dance I join my groomsmen having a drink with them giving grandpa one more dance. I let out, “I lost my wife to my grandpa guys.”

Sergio chimes, "it’s grandpa any other person would have run away with her already.”

I nod, “true. To the best grandpa, cheers!” downing another shot of chilled limoncello. I grab two bottles of water leaving the bar I head to the dance floor to get Ambi. Walking over I notice Ambi and grandpa walking off the dance floor. Reaching them I give Ambi the water I was drinking from and I open the other one for grandpa, “there you go grandpa, I got you some water”

Grandpa “thank you for letting me dance with your beautiful wife, you made me very happy, I love you Giovanni.”
I reply hugging him, “I love you too grandpa, you want me get you anything else to drink?”
Grandpa says, “A scotch on the rocks.”
I add, “sure grandpa, Ambi and I will be right back.”

Grandpa replies, “I’ll be right here.” Ambi and I walk back to the bar, taking Ambi’s hand in mines, “thank you for dancing with grandpa.”

Ambi says, “you’re welcome mines died seven and five years ago it’s an honor having him with us. I did not get a dance with grandpa Ellis yet though.”

While we wait on grandpa's drink, Andi hands out shots to everyone I swap Ambi and my shots for juice. I leave Ambi talking to Charlie and take grandpa’s drink to him. Ambi later joins me with Charlie and her cousin Nirala, we make our way to the dance floor the d.j. starts playing soca one of my favorites, ‘kes-body’ I think Yash did that on purpose. I notice he is smirking mischievously, my arms wrapped around Ambi she is grinding on my hips we have danced this song before but it feels different tonight because I’m dancing with my wife. I take this opportunity to plant kisses on my wife’s neck. I can tell she is blushing.

Yash worked up a mix for us to dance The Tarantella dance. Mixing it with traditional Italian music and soca. The Tarantella is the dance guests perform to wish the newly married couple good luck. Guests hold hands and rotate clockwise as the music speeds up, and then they reverse directions. During the dance the men would open and close their jackets to show that they were unarmed. After the dance some of the guests walked off the dance floor.

We were walking off the dance floor when the guys push us to centre stage, they put Ambi to sit on a chair, Yash lines up the song ‘what she want’ giving the crowd a teaser, the guys tie my hand behind my back with Sergio’s tie. They help me to my knees, I get down grabbing the edge of the skirt on Ambi’s dress I slide it up to mid calves giving me enough time to get under Ambi’s dress before the dress skirt falls over my head. Nobody can see what I am really doing thank goodness. I take full advantage and tease my wife using my tongue and lips I slide up Ambi’s calves to her legs all the way up until I reach the garter belt. I start sucking on Ambi’s inner leg I know this is driving her crazy she gives me a stiff wiggle I love it.

After the Italian dance it was time for the garter removal. Gi has been under my dress for some time he is not even concentrating on removing the garter belt he is sucking on my inner thigh that is going to leave a mark for sure. The guys take the mic and start teasing him.

Aki, ‘he is still not done?’

Sergio, ‘are you lost big brother?’

Izzy, ‘what’s keeping you brother in law?’

Charlie, ‘need help Gi?’

Gino, ‘come up for air.’

Brad, ‘you need instructions?’

Andi, ‘you want me draw you a map bro?’

Anish, "Gi you should be done by now."

Gino, ‘are you sure you know what you supposed to be doing down there Gi?’

Gi is unfazed by the taunts, he is enjoying his time.

I feel Gi’s teeth graze my leg when he grabs the garter pulling it down. He comes out from under my dress to cheers from his guys. Charlie takes the garter from him and proceeds to cut it up to sell. Gi hands still tied gives me a lap dance to Conkarah’s version of the banana. I look around for the grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts they were all looking on in amusement. After that lap dance they finally free my husband moving on to the bouquet toss next.

I do my bouquet toss to ‘eye of the tiger’. I did not use the bouquet Gi gave me but a mock bouquet, Ann caught the bouquet. After that Yash takes to the mic calling for a dance off between the bride and groom’s families. Behind me are my brothers, Brad, Jeev and Veer. Behind them are Nish, Samara, Elena, Alexi, Shreya, Ann, Kay. The next three lines my other cousins and some of my uncles and aunts.

Gi lines up his side and we start our dance off, the audience cheers my side more than Gi prompting him to ask for a rematch with the guys on his side the ladies on mines, which I still win. By this time everyone was in need of a drink leaving just a few people on the dance floor.

My mom and grandmothers call it a night it was almost midnight. Nico and Ronnie took Gi's grandparents home. A few of my aunts and uncles headed home with my mom. The children were all knocked out in the media room. Maria and Sian and the two other help that flew in from Brazil were helping us keep an eye on them. Alexi’s two boys, Izzy’s boy, Gino's boys, Dani's girl and two boys, Laila, Aki’s twins and Jeev’s last boy were up still dancing with us.

The caterers and servers did most of the clean up. The tables, chairs, bar ware, tents and the portable washroom will be collected in the morning. The table linens and chair tiebacks rented as well, I take a garbage bag and start removing the tie backs and throwing them in the bag. Kay, Ann, Nira, Nish, Shreya, Alexi and Elena help me.

Gi comes up asking, “gorgeous what are you doing?”
I reply, “what does it look like I am going sweetheart?”
Gi continues, “yes but why?”
I blurt out, “it has to be done might as well get it done, we are almost finished anyway.”
Gi sighs, “OK let me help.” fifteen minutes later we were finished.
I exclaim, “and we are finished, thank you everyone.”
Kay comes up to me, “Ambi, Ann and I are ready to turn in, we are in which room?”
Ambi “umm the last room before the garage is supposed to be empty.”

I missed when Gi’s parents left. A few of my uncles, aunts, cousins siblings and in laws were still dancing. Uncle Ish puts his hands on my shoulders, “Ambi you owe your favorite uncle a dance.” I dance with him, uncle Vish cuts in , followed by uncle Vin. I exit to go up to my room I shower and change into the first thing I get my hands on, a 3/4 sleeve olive green long jumpsuit. I head back down by this time the party moved to the pool house. My uncles made curry duck and geera chicken. Uncles Ish, Vish, Vin, Avi and Rish , aunts : Laila, Nina, Wendy, Maggie, Maya and Priya. Izzy, Aki, Sergio, Andi, Gino, Brad, Nish, Bianca, Mira, Daniele, Reggie, Nira, d.j. Yash on the 1′s and 2′s, his wife Alexi, Charlie and Tyler and some cousins were still partying.

I join my aunts, they were seated in the living room of the pool house, talking about the wedding. The music is loud enough for us to hear but soft enough the main house can’t hear. Gi joins me on the chair I was on he was now showered, changed and smelling delicious. He had put a change of clothes in the den. I lean into him devouring his scent he positions me to sit on his lap. Sergio, Izzy, Andi, Mira and some cousins are sitting on the floor in the living room, eating duck and chicken, some were out by the pool.

Izzy blurts out, “uncles this hit the spot ! What are the plans for ole years?”

Sergio chiming in, “ole years?”

Aki joins in, "that's a trinbago slang thing. New Years eve."

Sergio yells, "party what else! Gi said he wants to start the year with a bang."

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