The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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We love to Party

Uncle Ish adds, “Party when? I am in. You know the party doh stop.”
I laugh at my crazy family, everyone was suggesting we party new years eve. I listen to them, with little input, I love my family they are so sweet and loving.

Andi adds, “Gi and Ambi owes me a birthday party, I’m down for a party.”

Gi grabs the pillow from behind us flinging it behind Andi, “Oh we owe you a birthday party? Really? Ambi and I getting married is the best present you could ever ask for.”

Uncle Ish “I’m in for an ole years night party.”

Aunt Laila, “Ambi and Gi just got married, I think they need a honeymoon away from all you crazy people?”

Andi states, “with the size of this house after we all leave they can spend a night in each room.”

I exclaim, “you all can have the party, I’m not cooking.”

Gino walks in from outside “yes! I want jerk chicken”

Izzy jumps in, “me too.”

Sergio pleads, “No fair cognata I never tasted it. You have to for me please. If you don’t I am not leaving.”

Izzy joining in, “Sergi I am with you if we don’t get jerk chicken we nah leaving.”

Gi in agreeance, “I’m all for ringing in the new year with my gorgeous wife and loving, crazy ass family.”

Izzy adamant, “we just have to clean up from the wedding. We have enough hands to help cook the food. Come on Ambi please make the jerk chicken please we’ll help.”

Mira joins in, “Ambi you have one more tradition you need to complete”

Inquisitively I ask, “and that would be what exactly my dearest sister in law?”

Mira, Danielle and Nira start to chuckle, “you are not going to like it, as the bride you have to make treats for your guests to thank them for attending the wedding.”

I grumble, “why did you all make me give out tokens? I just wasted all that money for nothing?"

Danielle, "aww no we love those tokens but we love your cooking even more come on."

I pout, "fine New Years Eve party at casa di Giovanni e Amberline.”

Gi kisses my neck, “somebody learning Italian?”
Izzy, Sergi, Andi, Gino, Gi uncle Ish, Vish and the rest start to plan the party.

The family wanted to have a New Years Eve party which I don’t mind I love having the family around.

I exclaim, “OK everything is set New Years Eve party is all a go.” we continue planning.
Aunt Laila points out, “Gi Ambi is asleep.”
I gasp, “OH shoot let me put her down, you all are not going anywhere. I do not want any of you all on the road this late even if we have to share beds it is just for a few hours, the drivers are all gone anyway. I’ll bring blankets, pillows, towels, clothes whatever you need. I will sleep better knowing you all are safe, Ambi will kill me if anything happened to any of you. There is a bed and a sectional in the den. At least four of you all can sleep on our bed it is massive. Both family rooms have huge sofas and rugs. The bedrooms have sofas too, I'll be right back.”

Aunt Nina asks, “where are you going to put Ambi?”
I state, “Ambi and I will sleep in the office. Who needs what? It’s already 2:20am everyone get some sleep we will reconvene at 10am.”

I take Ambi to the office, the office has plush newly installed carpet. We were supposed to swap it for hard wood flooring but decided to get it done after the wedding. I put her on the sofa grabbing two quilts and pillows from the closet with all the spare bedding and towels in the laundry room. I make the bed quickly, setting her down on the pillow covering her with the quilt. Leaving her there I check to ensure everyone is settled in, I return to the office snuggling in with Ambi. The next thing I know it is morning, the rental company was clearing out their things. I check the time it was 9am Ambi is still knocked out. Good thing Ambi suggested blackout curtains for the office it is dark but the noise might wake her. I leave her to request the guys to do it quietly.

Walking out of the office I hear my mother-in-law along with Naan, Grans and some of the uncles. They were here already, uncle Rav was out with the rental company ensuring they move out everything. Ambi had already paid them in full, they just needed to move out. I speak with mom giving her an update on everything she gestures me to go back to Ambi they will handle everything. They had cleared most of it already, I rejoin Ambi in the office still in the position I left her, I lay down next to her placing my arms around Ambi she wiggles a little, I fall back asleep. I am reawaken when Ambi moves, “good morning gorgeous” I take her hands kissing them.

With a confused look, “good morning Gi, how did we end up in your office? I remember talking about the New Year’s Eve party after that what happened?”

I chuckle, “you fell asleep while we were planning the party. I brought you to the office, I gave up the beds to the uncles and aunts. I did not want them driving back to your old house and the divers we already dismissed for the night. So they all crashed in the family room, the living rooms, the pool house, our room and the den.”

Ambi shrieks, “Oh gezz.”

Calmly I say, “I gave them blankets, clothes, towels, whatever they needed. Relax they are all OK, the rental company collected everything. Cleaners are coming in to clean the living room, the two family rooms, entertainment room and kitchen around noon. Later the guys and I have a mission.”

Raising her eyebrow, “A mission? Care to elaborate?”

Nonchalantly, “Yes a mission and no you know the man you married.”

Ambi sighs, “Giovanni Wyson why did I marry you?”

I hug her kissing her cheek, “Because you love me.”

She blurts out, “Love makes people do questionable things.”

I nudge her, “yeah like propose to a woman I only knew for three weeks.”

Agreeing with me, “yes crazy things like that! You want your ring back?”

My face turns serious I bellow, “are you mad woman? This is the second and last time you make that joke. Ambi I am serious that is not funny. That can and will never be a joke.”

Ambi kisses my forehead, ” I apologise but your mysterious behavior drives me crazy.”

I playfully brush her off, “you hurt my feelings it can’t be undone.”

Ambi motions to get up off the makeshift bed. “I’m going to shower,” exiting the office. I get up fold the quilts and comforters placing them on the couch.

I passed Kay and Ann in the living room while heading up to my room to shower and change, their luggage was by the stairs they are flying out today to spend New Years Eve with their family. My aunts were sleeping in our room but were up when I entered our room. I get into Gi’s shower stall, I am dancing in the shower when I feel Gi pressing against me. “Partying without me sexy?”

I rebut, “you forgive me?”

Kissing my lips Gi lifts my right leg up to brace against the edge of the bench Gi’s shower has built in, “I can never stay angry with you.” He slides his heat-seeking missile into me, Gi starts rotating his hips I meet his rhythm and start moving with him it feels like I’m having sex with Gi for the first time, a feeling of excitement and unwavering pleasure. I dig my fingers into Gi’s back tilting my head back moaning out “Oh fuck Gi, don’t fucking stop!“

Gi increases his tempo I feel my body tense up ready to spill. Gi back us up to the wall we both cum, he puts my leg down and we finish shower. It felt different having Gi release in me, if he keeps this up I’ll be pregnant before Valentines Day for sure.

We change and head downstairs, Gi is wearing a slim fit black jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt that reads ‘I have Everything I Need’ I am in skinny black jeans also, my t-shirt say ‘I’m His Everything’.

Everyone is gathered in the living room and kitchen they complement us on our t-shirts. Aunt Laila, “Ambi why is there two shower stalls in your bathroom?“.

I reply, “his and hers mines is more of a tropical rainforest waterfall Gi’s has massaging jets.”

Standing in the kitchen with the family gathered around I announce, “I have an announcement! As you all know we’re having a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow night, I realise our family loves to cook so I ordered the meats it will arrive around 3pm we can prep it and have it marinate overnight with that out of the way less work to do tomorrow.

I continues giving everyone a breakdown of tomorrow’s events, “everyone wants Ambi’s jerk chicken, Uncle Ish & Vin making last night’s duck and chicken was delish. uncles Rish, Kish and Patrick in charge of side dishes, uncles Avi, Rav & Bhim supervised by Ambi are on team jerk chicken, uncle Vish & Wayne on fish broth, we have drinks from the wedding all we need is ice and glasses. Deejay Yash on the 1′s and 2′s.”

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