The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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This Gi is a Mystery

Belting out the plans for new years eve. After delegating teams Ambi’s mom asks, “wow you have it all planned out. What do you want us to help with?”

I reply, “the only thing we need help with is prepping the meats.”

Aunt Priya inquires, “dessert?”

I add, “well Ambi says she’s not making anything except for the jerk seasoning.”

Aunt Nina “Nooooo Ambi remember what Mira told you last night.”

Ambi chimes in, “I fell asleep during that part.”

Bianca joins in, “let me remind you. I did it and you have too no getting away from it, as the new bride it is tradition.”

Sighing Ambi says, “fine, fine, fine.”

Aunt Nina, “Thank you Ambi can’t say no to us!”

Wrapping up our conversation, “men we are on a mission, we have to be back here by 3pm. Let’s roll out.”

Ambi rolls her eyes at me, “oh? You have a wife now. I thought you said you were going to be by my side 24/7/”

I nod, “yes I am know, notice my ring isn’t it magnificent? My best man got it for us. See my t-shirt? I’ll be back in a bit love you.” kissing Ambi, I lead the way with all the men following.


Putting my hands on my hips, “what the hell was that?”

Mom looks at me, “no clue ask your husband.”

Putting my hands up, “Kay, Ann you all ready?”

Kay/ Ann, “Yes we are, Mrs. Murlani thank you for everything.”

Mom, “you don’t have to thank me it was all your best friend’s doing, the only child whose wedding did not give me gray hair. My feet hurt from all the dancing but that is it.”

Kay/Ann, “that’s our Ambi.”

I gesture, “let’s go. Mom your son-in-law made arrangements with cleaners to take care of the heavily trafficked areas. Living room, family room, kitchen, media room, foyer, the hallway to the garage, the half bath. They should be here soon.”

I had to stop off at my old home to get some stuff before heading back to the mansion, two of my aunts joined me. Arriving home the cleaning crew was at it. We had some left over food my aunts, female cousins, sister, in-laws were eating outside in the patio while the cleaners tackled the kitchen.

Mom instructs, “grab a plate the food is still warm.”
We grab plates dishing out some food everyone is seated around a table on the deck.

Inquiring, “so anybody have a clue what these men up to?”

Nira “they were talking in code.”

Inquisitively, “Hmmm ?”

Elena “Izzy was talking to Sergio but couldn’t make much sense out of it.”

Throwing my hands in the air, “fine. About this party tomorrow what is the dress code?”

Mira “stepping in style.”

I sigh, “Mira! seriously? I don’t want to go shopping I am shopped out you name it I have shopped for it in the last 70 days I don’t want to hear that ‘S’ word for a while.”

Aunt Laila “You all decide on the dress code I’m going to check out the his and her showers in Ambi’s bathroom.”

I chuckle, “fresh towels in the closet in the laundry room upstairs. Have fun.”

The cleaning crew informs me that they were finished they were swift, we sit around eating talking about the wedding.

I ask, “I have to buy ingredients for the cakes and the jerk seasoning anyone wants to go with me? ”

Mira, “yes let’s go!”

Nira “me.”

Elana “me too.”

Daniele “yeah I’m bored.”

Ambi “OK let’s go, we’ll be back shortly.”

Returning home about an hour later. Gi and his entourage have returned from their mission, they are in the patio by the pool getting the meat ready. I head to the kitchen to prepare my secret jerk seasoning. I start up my music, dancing doing my work finished with the jerk seasoning marinade I start with the cheesecake. The more I work on today the less I have to do tomorrow.

Nish joins me in the kitchen jamming up her behind on mines “princess they are ready for you they moved fast.” I take the seasoning out to the pool patio, they season the chicken placing them into zip-lock bags placing them in the refrigerator to marinate till tomorrow.

I’m back in the kitchen the cheesecakes are in the oven the aroma in the kitchen is splendid a perfect blend of sweet and vanilla, sure to make anyone’s mouth water. Gi joins me in the kitchen, “sexy what you making? It smells great,” hugging me from behind.

I hold his hands pushing them away, “oh you remember me now?“

Gi puts his hands back around me holding me tighter than before, “Ambi none of the other guys got attitude from their wives.“

Me, “I did not marry any of them did I? I am inquiring where my husband went.”

Gi sighs, “Ambi are you always this inquisitive?”

Me, “yes I was born that way baby.”

Gi adds, ” you are funny babe. I just had something I needed to do with the guys that’s all.”

I exclaim, “fine have your way, I have to get back to my deserts.”

Gi inquires, “what you making?”

Ambi, “don’t ask unless you are going to help.”

Gi, “hey what is with the attitude?”

Ambi, “I am not giving you attitude. If you are going to help stay and help if not scram. I am making strawberry cheesecake, tiramisu cheesecake the cakes are in the oven working on the dates bars next, then the lemon. Tomorrow I’ll make the brownies and red velvet cake.”

Gi “sounds delicious. What you need help with?”

Ambi “help me with the dates they need to be pitted and chopped”

Gi “Yes boss”.

My mom joins us in the kitchen followed by the rest.

I solicit mom’s help, “if there is any left overs in the fridge I want it cleared out then decide on what you all are having for dinner.”

Mom, “yes ma’am I’m on it.”

Ambi ”thanks mom.”

By 10pm the house was quite, Gi offered to clean up the kitchen I head up to our room to shower. I notice clean sheets on the bed my aunts must have changed them, I take out the gift I bought for Gi from the drawer I had it hidden in placing it under the pillow of my side of the bed. Gi enters our bathroom but heads to his shower, there is no wall or glass separating our showers just the tub I have full view I admire Gi’s physique he is in such perfect form. Finished with my shower I get out getting dressed. I slip into a delicate white lace, sheer mesh and microfiber, teddy with a modern plunge neckline, with a strap back. I throw on a knee length white silk, classic shawl collar three-quarter sleeve robe.

Sitting on our bed waiting, Gi walks out of the bathroom a few minutes later and heads for the closet. He emerges wearing only a pair of shorts sitting low on his hips showing off his perfectly defined v line, his torso exposed even though I have seen him many times it still leaves me mesmerized. His physique, his shoulders, round and protruding, I can’t get enough of him. I want him in me, all the time! I am married to this guy still hard to believe he is mines all mines. He sits on his side of the bed I take the box from under my pillow sneaking up behind him, wrapping both arms around him, placing my chin on his right shoulder. I noticed the surprised look on his face “what is this?” taking the box from my hand.

“I bought a gift for my husband to give him on our first night as husband and wife but we were too busy partying.” I reply.

Gi opens the box to see a silver-tone stainless steel case with a silver-tone stainless steel bracelet, rotating black ceramic bezel. Black dial with luminous silver-tone hands and index-Arabic numerals hour markers, scratch resistant sapphire crystal watch.

Gi “wow babe thank you I love it.” kissing my cheek.

“Turn it over,” I instruct him.

Gi ” ‘true love grows stronger with time’......aww honey it’s sweet I love it.”

Ambi “you’re welcome.”

Gi leans back causing me to fall back first on the bed his weight on top of me. He flips himself over, now facing me, he loosens my robe parting it exposing my teddy “you look so fucking sweet Ambi”.

I extend my hands to him, “if you don’t find it you can’t touch me.”

Gi sighs, “ok,” taking my arms in his hands he starts examining my hands. After a few minutes of searching he finds it on my left upper forearm. Moving in to my lips kissing me passionately, he moves his hand down to my pussy pulling away from our kiss, “crotch-less hmm naughty” he slides his shorts off, he is already rock hard. He takes my teddy off wasting no time he slides into me. He felt deeper than usual, rocking his hips into me. I counteracted by moving in motion with him, Gi increases his tempo, I move with him. Our hips are grinding moving together. Reaching for my breast he starts squeezing them, making me moan out, “oh fuck Gi.”

My muscles clench around Gi’s rock hard penis I’m about to cum, he sucks down on my breast while he shoots up in me. We remain on the bed until our breathing normalises, Gi still in me. Pulling the covers over us we notice coins on the bed I look at Gi puzzled. He explains, “another Italian tradition. My mom would have had your mom help her since both mothers were supposed to do it.“

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