The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Ole Years

I woke up when my alarm went off at 7am I turned it off before it woke Ambi. I snuggle back with her watching her sleep, checking the time thirty minutes later still in bed with Ambi on my chest our bare skin against each other. The last day of the year, I’m a married man, married to the most perfect princess. She is beautiful, smart, blunt, confident, sincere, kind, caring, sexy as fuck and she can cook. I was single when the year started I had two engagement parties (to the same person) and now married after two ceremonies, what a year! Ambi started turning in my arms “good morning gorgeous, slept well?“ admiring my beautiful wife waking up.

Ambi replies, “good morning Mr. Delicious how are you?“

I smile, “once I’m waking up next to my gorgeous wife life will always be great baby.” Kissing my wife on her forehead.

Placing her head on my chest, “I can’t believe the year this has been, when the year started marriage was the last thing on my mind and now I’m married, I moved out of what I thought would have been my forever home, I gained a huge Italian family I don’t think I can handle any more surprises for this year.

I roll Ambi on top of me so she is on my chest facing me, “I have one more.”

Drawing circles on my chest, “oh really?” she asks.

I hold her hand kissing it, “yes and don’t ask me what it is you will find out later.”

Ambi pouts getting up off me making her way to the bathroom naked, “you’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days with these surprises.” I toss one of the decorative pillow at her, while I lay there admiring her sexy naked body making it’s way to the bathroom. Ambi giggles the cutest girly giggle as she tries to doge the pillow. Gosh I love that woman.

I am in my shower stall it's the last day of the year. Still in disbelief I am ringing in the New Year with the man never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision someone so perfect. I know perfect does not exists but my goodness Gi exceeds my version of perfect. Marriage was the very last thing on my mind. I guess love finds you when you least expect it.

Gi gets into his shower stall. I finish and get dressed in another cute matching shirt Gi’s shirt has the puzzle piece shaped in half a heart so does mines his says ‘I’m Her missing Piece’ mines has ‘I’m His missing Piece’ the shirts are black the prints are in red and white. Gi pairs his with white shorts and I with white slim ankle pants.

Walking into the kitchen Nish, Danielle, Samara and Shreya were making breakfast. “Namaste, good morning. You all ready to party the night away?” Gi asks.

Nish, “as ready as we will ever be.”

Danielle, “definitely.”

Samara, “the twins more than me they have been dancing since they woke up.”

Gi, “they must take after their aunt.”

Shreya, “so is Mayank (their last child) definitely the Ambi Murlani blood.”

I retort, “my babies are making me proud.”

Shreya with her hands on her hips, “I have boys Ambi all boys.” she chuckles.

Gi, “any of the guys up yet? Wanted to get started on setting up the back. Bi has three parties to do for later so we have to do this on our own.”

I join, “the party is starting at eight, we will need forty minutes to an hour to get dressed, we start cooking around four. You have seven hours chop chop get to work.” snapping my fingers.

Gi grabs me tickling me kissing my neck, “ordering me around already Mrs. Wyson.”

Nish and Danielle, “please we haven’t had our breakfast yet stop!”

Gi looks up at them, “well feel free to go stay at our old house.”

Smacking his arm, “Giovanni Wyson that is no way to speak to your sister and sister in law.”

He turns to me, “did you not hear what they were saying to me in our house dear?”

Shaking my head , “what will I do with you.”

Gi continues his cheekiness, “well there are a few things you can do to me or with me. I can tell you and show you but I don’t want to ruin your precious sister in law and darling sister’s appetite. Since you care more about them than your own husband.”

“OK stud take it down I will deal with you later go do your work.” Kissing his forehead sending him off.

Giving me puppy dog eyes, "is that a promise?"

I sigh, "no I give you my word now go."

Nish yells after him, “Brad, Reggie, Aki and Jeev are out by the pool.”

“Thank you my sweet sister in law.” He echoes.

The ladies finish up with breakfast, we have breakfast on the patio as it was nice out, mom and the crew are making lunch and bringing it over. The guests staying back are the ones at my old home, my neighbors home, the guests staying at Gi’s parents, Andi and Gino’s. Dad’s sisters left yesterday. Mira, Elena and Alexi’s family are still here.

After breakfast I start on the brownies and cakes, the children asked for treats to eat now. I whipped up some jam thumbprint cookies, chocolate chip cookies and coconut macaroons. I quickly do a three way call with Mira and Bi, “hey I know Bi is busy are we getting cakes for these bratty husbands that belongs to you all?”

Mira, ”no the cheesecake you making will suffice we can put candles on it.”

Bi, “Gino will be happy with the red velvet. I have happy birthday cake picks I will bring them over later.”

“Wonderful love you, be safe see you all later. Have you all decided on what we are wearing later?”

Bi, ‘I don’t have time whatever my hands grabs later I will wear. See you later doll love you.’ Hanging up.

I finish up in the kitchen just about noon. Everyone was in the pool house I told them my kitchen was off limits until I was finished. Trying to take a mental count the party later is going to be about 100 people. I clean up the kitchen taking a plate of cookies with me to the pool house. Everyone was getting set up to have lunch then work on the food for the party.

Gi takes me to see how he and the guys transformed the back yard yet again keeping the party strictly on the back patio we have a sixteen feet square dance floor, an eight foot rectangle, twelve sixteen sixty inch round, tables spread out on the patio. The food area and bar on the upper patio deck that is covered. White tablecloths adorned each table with pink champagne table runners with white and pink champagne coloured votive candles and glass ornaments neatly scattered along the runner completing the look are pink champagne charger plates.

Suspended from the ceiling of the transparent tent are white and pink champagne spiral streamers and one foot long string of lights. Lights were wrapped around the banister of the railings of the patio. Over the dance floor along with the themed décor mistletoe is also hung.

Seated having lunch Sergio blurts out, “I hope everyone has their red underwear for later.”

Mom wide eyes, “red underwear?”

Nira more subtlety, “yes mom it is an Italian tradition that they wear red underwear on New Years Eve to bring good luck.”

“Oh very interesting.” Mom replies.

“Anymore traditions we need to know about?” I inquire

Sergio answers, “yes you got to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“Ah that explains the mistletoe over the dance floor.” I point out.

After lunch we clean up, relax a bit before they start to prepare food for later. “Everyone has their outfit picked out for later?”

Nira replies, “something from my suitcase that is clean.”

Gio laughs, “don’t worry sweetheart I am sure something will turn up.”

With the men on food duties I retrieve to my room to take a nap around three. The rest of the ladies were off doing their own thing. I am awaken from my nap by Gi diving onto our bed, “I miss you gorgeous.” Kissing my forehead.

Stretching I get out of bed, “you guys finished?”

Gi, “they should be finished in about an hour or so we are good for time.”

I use the bathroom, Gi and I make our way downstairs. Walking into the family room I let out a scream. There were over forty dresses hung with tags on them. I turn to Gi, his face blank, leaned against the wall his arms crossed, staring at me there was a softness in his eyes, with a bit of modesty.

Alexi, Mira, Nish, mom, aunt Laila, Nira, Shreya and Dani rushes in , “Ambi why were you screaming?”

I point to the dresses displayed in my family room, they are awestruck, the dresses were all elegantly crafted some with beads, lace, sequins. My dress was the centre attraction a stunning yellow, silky chiffon, long evening gown that had an embroidered sheer deep v neckline bodice with shimmering sequins and beads. An open back gives it a captivating look. The figure-flattering long chiffon a-line skirt opens in a side slit and ends at a dramatic floor length. Walking over to Gi, “your surprises always seem to astonish me thank you.” kissing his cheek.

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