The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Out With the Old

Gi still emotionless, “just showing appreciation for everything you and all your ladies have done. You all really were the masterminds us guys were just the muscle power."

Leaning in whispering in my ear Gi inquires, "how do we get back to our room without being noticed?”

Biting my lip, “umm where are the limos? Go check on the guys I’ll send the ladies off to get dressed. We can move the party up to seven.”

Gi kisses my forehead, “they are out front. Sounds like a plan. I am on it.”

Gi turns his attention back to the ladies who are busy admiring their dresses, “ladies I hope you like the dresses. Izzy and Aki helped with mom’s dress, uncle Ish with grans and Vin with nans.” Making his exit to the pool area.

I walk over to the dresses picking mines out, “OK ladies I say we move the party up to 7- 7:30 what you think? It is 5pm, mom the limo is outside they can take you and the rest of the ladies home to get dressed. The other limo will bring the men once they are finished or you can bring their clothes back here. We have enough bathrooms here.”

Adding, “we want the drivers to spend New Years with their family so they will drop you all here by seven-ish and get back a little after two to take you all home.”

Mom, “that is really thoughtful. Sounds good ladies let's head out. We will bring the guys clothes over it would save time.”

Nish, “we should get the children ready first.”

Dani, “yes great idea.”

The ladies dissipate to their respective rooms and homes. I head for my room with my dress in hand. Walking into the walk in I hang it in my closet and proceed to get undressed. I am startled when I feel hands on my hips, pressing his lips on my lower back. Trailing kisses up my spine reaching my first vertebra he continues kissing across to my left shoulder back to center then to my right.

Taking my right hand in his he continues kissing from my shoulder down to my wrist finishing with my fingers. Now standing in front of me bare chested in his briefs. Picking me up bridal style he walks us to our bed. Placing me on the centre of the bed, his granite hard cock springs to life when he takes his briefs off.

Positioning himself between my legs, “my goodness princess you already so fucking wet.” Rubbing his cock on my wet pussy, I contract my muscles preventing his cock from entering me. He looks up at me, I flashed him an evil smile.

With a smirk, “two can play that game sweetheart,” he starts sucking my clit so hard I gasp making me loose concentration, no longer clenching my muscles. I grab hold of his hair he takes his cue to enter me. Slamming into me, I roar “oh fuck!”

Gi smirks “payback baby.”

He pulls out slowly, inching his way back out. “on your knees princess”, on my knees Gi spanks my ass a few times before he slams in, I let out a moan with each slap “you can’t keep this pussy from me. This is my pussy, mines all mines.” Slamming into me I hear his balls make contact with my skin. With his next slam I grind my hips into him, a sexy moan escapes his mouth.

"Oh fuck woman," Gi wraps his hands around my hips while we continue moving. Increasing my tempo I feel my muscles start to clench around his cock.

“Oh fuck baby I’m almost there,” Gi whispers. I press my shoulders into the bed with my head turned to the side. Looking over my shoulder I look at Gi as he is grinding into my hips his face serious, his jaws clenching. He tilts his head up releasing a grunt, I feel him shoot hot waves inside of me. Still in me Gi leans into me holding me he rolls me over on our side while we try to steady our breathing.

I ask, “the guys finished?”

Gi his breath now steady, “they had about thirty minutes, some already started cleaning up and some went to shower. As much as I want you all to myself I am going to miss all those lads.”

I take Gi’s hand in mines, “I will too as much as I enjoyed being by myself, I want them closer now. Part of me not wanting to be around them was the constant reminder I would get from everyone that I was still single and getting older with every passing day.”

Continuing, “although I was always of the opinion that it would happen when the time is right to the person I was meant to be with. They saw it as lost time.”

Gi snuggling into my neck, “I understand what you mean. Life leads us down some roads only few are brave enough to traverse coming out stronger and wiser. Not everyone will see it that way only those who have walked the trail will know.”

Smacking my butt, “let’s get ready to party shall we Mrs. Sexy and Fabulous.”

Getting off the bed we enter the bathroom, Gi pulls me into his shower showering together. Stepping out of the bathroom, walking into our walk I was in my corner Gi was in his. Rather than two separate walk ins we have one massive one, my space is on the right his on the left a mirrored design with an island of drawers and a round sofa in the centre. I put on my red underwear, I don’t want bad luck to follow me I just got married, a low back body slip. I do my hair in an up-do with the front parted on the side with a sexy side sweep. The low bun is rolled into a swirl shape. For my makeup I do a bronzy look finishing the look with berry pink lipstick. Stepping into my dress I am hit with the whiff of Mr. Delicious he walks over helping me fix my dress.

I am looking my self over in my full length mirror when Gi places this gorgeous necklace with a natural yellow radiant-cut diamond within a two-color setting of round-cut yellow and white diamonds enhanced with additional marquise-cut diamonds around my neck clasping it in place. I am admiring the necklace when he hands me a jewelry box containing earrings to match, natural yellow radiant-cut diamonds framed by halos of both yellow and white round-cut diamonds in beautiful two-tone stud.

“I was going to give it to you last night, but after I selected the dress I decided to save it and give it to you tonight. It completes the set” taking my right hand placing the engagement ring on my finger.

Gi stands behind me hugging my hips resting his chin on my shoulder, “you look better than I envisioned.”

Placing my hand on his cheek, “thank you my love.”

Gi spins me around facing him, he is wearing a slim fit, midnight blue suit. A crisp white slim fit shirt and a yellow tie to finish his look. He kisses my lips slowly parting them with his tongue we remain engaged in our lip lock for a few minutes, our kissing interrupted when Andi calls to say everyone had arrived. Gi sighs, “I’m married and he still cock blocking good grief.”

I chuckle at him, “let’s go stallion. The night awaits.”

Making our way downstairs joining everyone in the back patio, everyone takes their seat. Gi and I join Gi’s parents, grandpa, Andi, Mira, Gino, Bianca, Sergio and Nira at the head table.

Andi takes charge of the nights proceeding, “good evening everyone thank you all for celebrating the New Year with us. Welcome to the official Wyson family home, back in Brazil our parents hosted all the family events. When my brother Giovanni met his bride it was a united decision that the hosting of functions be passed over to Giovanni and Amberline, with the assistance of the other family members. Tonight is the first official event hosted by the gracious host Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Wyson.” Everyone claps.

Andi continues, “still very much the head of the Wyson clan I invite grandpa to say a few words.”

Grandpa, “a toast to the future, a toast to the past and a toast to our family and friends, both far and near. To a bright New Year may we all have good health, be surrounded by family and a lot of love.”

Andi, “thank you grandpa. I now invite my father our real life hero the man responsible for our continued successes over the years. Dad and mom have been the driving force ensuring we keep on the right course. Making us the men and women we are today.”

Dad, “Thank you son. I wish for you all may every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity, happy new year. Here’s wishing you all the joy of the season and to Gi and Ambi may this home be filled with the pitter patter of tiny feet in the months to follow.”

Everyone cheers to dad Gi belts out, “tell your sons stop interrupting me.”

Andi looking at Gi, “thank you dad, we now officially pass the honor to our host Mr. Giovanni Wyson.” Gi is standing Andi playfully smacks the back of his head before taking his seat.

Andi called on me to give my first speech as host he playfully smacks me for my wise crack about him blocking me from getting Ambi pregnant. I playfully elbow him, even though we are all grown and married with families we still maintain a playful side whenever we can.

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