The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Happy New Year

Standing tall I glance around at the head table, all our guests, family, all the extensions. With my glass in hand I quickly reflect on the past year, “on January 1st I set out that this year was all about business and growing the company. As luck would have it with some help from my nosey siblings along with my wife’s probing siblings and cousins yes Yash I know you and Alexi were part of it too.”

Yash, “me? What did I do?”

Gi, “you are married to my sister in law’s cousin so yeah you were very much a part of their plan.”

Continuing, “thank you all for being so intrusive but really we could have saved a lot of time and money had you just introduced Ambi and I back then, because trust me I would not have said no to this beauty seated next to me and by beauty I mean Ambi not Andi. I was not going to and did not take no from her.”

Pausing as everyone erupts in laughter yet again.

Adding, “I want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of our wedding festivities and for staying on to ring in the New Year. I wish us all nothing but success, good health, good fortune, may our families be blessed with love, laughter, happiness and togetherness.”

I continue while Ambi and Nira gets the birthday cakes for Andi and Gino, “God willing we will all be here a year from today ringing in the New Year together again with a few additions.”

“In closing I would just like you all to join with me in wishing my brothers Andi and Gino a very happy belated birthday. Ambi and I are grateful they allowed us to be the center attraction on their birthday. Happy birthday guys we love you thank you for being the best big brothers anyone could ever ask for we are so fortunate to have not one but two amazing big brothers.” Ambi places Andi’s cake in front of him and Nira, Gino.

After Andi and Gino cut their cake, they take the cakes back inside, “I officially invite you all to have dinner with us.”

Tyler was on one end then Sergio, Nira, Bianca, Gino, mom, dad, grandpa, Mira, Andi, myself, Ambi then Charlie.

During dinner Gio exclaims from his side of the table , “Ambi I am moving to Miami. This is the best jerk chicken I have ever tasted.”

Ambi blurts, “I will give you the recipe.”

Andi joining in, “Gio do not fall for that trick it does not taste the same Alexi and Elena can both both attest to that.”

I add, “yet again Ambi’s jerk chicken has gotten her into hot water.”

Ambi smiles, “I’ll just stop making it all together that’s all.”

Charlie yells, “no way! Are you crazy? Every time I visit I am requesting this.”

Ambi playfully nudges Charlie, "you too Charlie. I thought we were friends?"

Charlie chuckles, "friends?! Us?"

A disappointed Ambi, "what?!"

Charlie tugs on Ambi's nose, "we are family dear sister in law."

"Ah I see Giovanni has taught you well." Ambi says.

Wrapping up dinner I take to the mic, “family, friends, ladies, gentlemen and all the beautiful children I am happy to announce the dance floor is officially open.”

Yash opens the dance floor with ‘Ah Feeling To Party’ I take Ambi’s hand leading her to the dance floor followed by everyone else including grandpa, grans, nans, Ambi’s mom and all the children. Everyone remains on the dance floor for a little over two hours, some left to either get food or drinks rejoining the dance floor. Yash announces the countdown.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one I grab my wife kissing her .......“Happy New Year my wife!” Ending our kiss, "damn that felt good."

Ambi blushes smiling at me, “Happy New Year husband.”

We greet our parents and grandparents, Nish grabs hold of Ambi in a hug joined by the rest of siblings, their spouses followed by my siblings, their spouses, the cousins, their spouses and children resulting in the largest family huddle I have ever been part of. I hope someone got a picture of this.

The partying continues wrapping up just after one. Surprised we even had left over food which was just some jerk chicken, curried duck and cheesecake. I think the guys purposely did extra jerk chicken so they could take it back with them.

I am still in disbelief that I have my own family. A husband, in laws, parent, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins. They are all gathered here to ring in the New Year with my husband and I. After the speeches ended Andi and Gino got to cut their belated birthday cake, after dinner everyone hit the dance floor children included. The time went by quickly, Yash was announcing the countdown. The clock struck midnight my husband pulled me into a kiss that seem to have lasted forever. Breaking from our kiss we greet and hug the rest of our family and friends.

Nish grabbed hold of me and nostalgia kicked in reflecting on the year and how much my life has changed personally and as a family. My mind full of emotions thinking to myself I was never one to rush anything. The many nights spent alone on my bed wondering what was in store for me. I have always been a firm believer that love happens when it’s the right person for you, it will happen when it supposed to happen. Some people find theirs early some find theirs later. In the end we all find what was out there for us.

After our huge family huddle we continue partying for another hour. Everyone pitches in to help with clean up, calling it a night just after two. The first group has to be at the airport at nine. Gi and I have Abi and Amara, mom took Arav and Ash. Aki was a little tipsy so was Jeev and Sergio. I think Izzy and Yash had hand in that. They are going to have fun tonight, Gi and I take turns getting ready for bed. I take Amara, Gi has Abi both falling asleep with them on our chest.

Waking up at seven, the twins were still asleep, Gi and I alternate bathroom time. I got dressed in an emerald green straight leg V-neck jumpsuit, Gi in a matching green shirt and slim fitting black jeans. Dropping the twins off at Aki’s room. Samara was already up Aki was still asleep, our kitchen seem to be the heart of the home. All the guests that are flying out at eleven are gathered. We bid all of them farewell before the limo took them to the airport. Everyone who were staying at Mr. Clarence’s home cleaned it up and cleared it out.

The guests at Gino’s and Andi’s home left early this morning, after dropping their guests off they swung by our home with Mira and Bianca. Next on the schedule to depart are uncle Ish and his crew, Charlie and Tyler with the help Rose and Andre. We family huddle, I just love our family huddles, Jeev, Yash and Veer are very close to all of us especially Nish and I as they have no sisters.

Jeev gives Gi a stern warning, “be good to my baby sister or else you will have to answer to me and I mean it not even one tear. If you think I am playing ask Brad.”

Gi nods, “I will Jeev, Ambi is my world.”

Andi joins in, “it took us too long to get them together he better not mess it up.”

Charlie, “I am with you Andi, GLW does some contentious things sometimes. It makes me question if he was dropped on his head.”

Brad interjects, “tell me about it Charlie, Gi you are smart though you make me wonder sometimes. I tried bringing Ambi up for Gino’s wedding but you did not remember me.”

Gi chimes in, “No offence I only remember pretty faces.” Like pulling off a band aid Gi continues, “truth be told when I got back from Brazil. Andi and I were in my room he mentioned to me that Ambi had a striking resemblance to Nish's sister and if she was in fact I should hold off on saying anything in case she thought she was set up.”

Gi adds, “I don't know about Ambi but after I laid eyes on her I was not going to say no to her or take no from her.”

Confidently continuing, “had you all told me about Ambi back then even if she was not interested I am Mr. Determined! I would have turned on my charm just like I did back in Costa Rica. I would have gotten the right girl and categorically stating you all did not do anything other than ensure Ambi stayed at the same hotel. There were over 100 guests at the hotel that Saturday. I happened to be in the lobby at the exact same time Ambi was checking in it was just my luck not your doing. I only knew about Ambi being related to Brad when I got back to Brazil.”

Charlie cuts in, “with it being a new year and all I will also like to start a new. Andi gave us orders to have Giovanni in the lobby at that specific time he did say much but now I know why.”

Shocked at what I just heard, “OMG I can't believe this. If I ask for a divorce grans will have my head on a golden platter. I knew about everybody’s involvement including my own mother before the 2nd engagement party, but I am married to the man of any woman’s dreams. I have loving family members who kept my husband a secret so the love is questionable I would have to be crazy to return you all.”

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