The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Not an Ending but The Beginning

"You damn right because even if you try to return us like Izzy said we nah leaving." Sergio joins in.

Gi hugs me kissing my forehead, “I am sorry princess I was going to tell you the night you gave me the watch but I was afraid I would get the silent treatment. I wanted to start the year off on a good note with you.”

I smack his arm, "idiot."

“Is the refrigerator empty?“ I ask.

Mom replies, “only jerk chicken and some duck from last night I think that was on purpose.”

Izzy jumps in, “the extra jerk chicken was for me to take home.”

Gio joins, “no man I live further it’s for me.”

Yash adds, “hey I have to get too.”

Gino, "I'll take the duck."

I open the refrigerator belting out, “oh look you can all take some with you. Is this coincidental it has three portions?” Taking out three zip lock bags.

Reggie butts in, “none for me Ambi? Not fair I am your favorite brother in law.”

Anish smirks, “I am the favorite."

Brad, "excuse me I am the favorite."

Andi, "I gave her the man she is married to I am the favorite. Wait Gino we don't need to fight. We got the main ingredient.”

I state, “nobody is getting jerk chicken anytime soon you all are on a time out.”

Everyone lets out a sigh voicing opposition.

Mom exclaims, “Ambi I thought you were exaggerating but I have to agree with them though it is the best.”

Laughing heartily, “mama do not encourage them please.”

Charlie and Tyler walks over to me hugging me, “guess no left over jerk chicken for us. Take care princess. Please do not let this guy boss you around.”

“Safe flight guys. I will make you all some next week, you two are the only two brothers in law I like right now.” Walking them out to the limo. I hear the guys in the background protesting giving me reasons why they should be the favorite.

Andi gave the drivers the rest of the day off, we will take the rest to the airport. Standing in the driveway we wave goodbye to them, walking back into the house rejoining the last of the crew in the kitchen.

Mom very serious, “I have something to say.”

Everyone quiets downs giving mom the floor.

Mom continues, “when Ambi and Gi picked us up at the airport they pitched an idea to us and after giving it some consideration we decided that we will take them up on the offer grans, Naan and I are moving to Miami. When we get back to Vancouver we will decide what to do with the house.”

Izzy the first to respond, “great works out perfect for me we are making the move by March next year. I was worried about leaving my mama in Vancouver.”

Aki blurts out, “thank goodness I was worried how I was going to break the news. Samara and I are expecting baby is due June 26th and I got a job offer with a hospital in Miami I start March 1st. We will be moving down by end of February.”

We all rush to hug Aki and Samara at the same time.

Izzy exclaims, “congrats guys. Nish it’s just you, uncle Ish, Jeev and Veer in Canada now. Yash and I are moving business to Miami.”

Nish adds, “well somebody has to remain in Canada so you all have a place to crash for Canada thanksgiving.”

Andi places his hand on Brad’s shoulder, “Bestie can I convince you to move?”

Brad laughs, “I’ll let you know what the wife says.”

It was time to take my family to the airport. Arriving at the airport everyone checked in on their flight giving us an hour until they had to be at the gate, we decide to get some drinks. They start reminiscing about the wedding and how much they enjoyed having all the family together. There is yet another sibling huddle before everyone heads off to their departure gates. I burst into tears hugging my mom and grandmothers goodbye until March at least.

Gi, Mira, Bianca, Andi and Gino try to pacify me ensuring I was in a good frame of mind to drive home.

A very concerned Gi, “princess this is why I did not want you to drive. Are you going to be ok to drive home?”

I reassure them, “yes I can drive babe.”

Arriving home we park in the garage. Gi walks over to my suv opening my door helping me out. Exiting through the garage door, Gi sets his phone up on the front porch to take pictures, he picks me up bridal style, “welcome to our home baby it’s officially the home of Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni Wyson,” walking me over the threshold. Setting me down by the steps he retrieves his phone from outside, reaching me he shows me the pictures of us, “this one is going to be hung in the family room.”

Picking me up once more walking me up the stairs to our bedroom. Placing me in the middle of our bed, he slowly unbuttons his shirt then pants. I gesture to undress myself but Gi stops me, he climbs onto the bed straddling me, kissing me he reaches for my back, unzipping my jumper. Pulling me to his chest he slides the jumper off my upper body. We are interrupted by Andi and Gino shouting calling out to Gi.

Gi sighs, “I am taking back their keys.”

Getting off the bed walking out I remind him, “put some clothes on Bi and Mira may be with them.”

He turns to me, “they are in my house trying to prevent the course of nature.”

I give him a look he hesitantly grab some shorts walking out into the hallway.

I hear them from our room Andi’s voice, “Gi come on we are chilling by the pool.”

Gi replies, “Ambi and I are busy. We will join you all in a bit.”

Gino shouts, “come on you all can do that later.”

Gi belts back , “we will join you all in a bit.” I hear footsteps, Gi reenters the bedroom. Locking the door making his way back to the bed, he reaches for the bedside cabinet fishing around until he pulls out a remote pressing some buttons I hear ‘Body’ one of my favorite songs on the speakers.

Gi is undressing me when Andi and Gino starts pounding on our bedroom door. Gi raises the volume to drown out their pounding. We couldn’t help but chuckle at them, it was part of the Italian tradition to play pranks on the bride and groom on their honeymoon, I guess they are a bit late on that one. Gi totally ignores them he continues caressing my body with kisses. Gi strips down to bare skin, a living work or art, his tanned skin so tempting. Gliding my fingers over his chest, “there is not an imperfection on this body.”

Gi takes my hand kissing it moving his way up to my shoulders and my neck. Pinning me to the bed, my toes curled into the sheets, Gi slowly slide into me. A soft moan leaves my lips, Gi was slow and rhythmic moving up and down my body, I let him pace this one, the soft moans and heated breathing, the splash of our upper bodies sounding so erotic. Gi increases his tempo, I reciprocate moving my hips with his. Gi lets out, “fuck baby you are so sweet.” Continuing his motion increasing his pace letting out, "fuck babe I'm ready." He presses his chest into mines releasing in me. He remains pressed up against me until we catch our breath, laying in each others arm enjoying our time together. "It feels so good not having to pull out." Gi chuckles.

Getting out of bed we get cleaned up and dressed for the pool. Gi glanced out the window and saw everyone out by the pool. Gi got dressed in pair of blue and white swim trunks, I in a one piece swimsuit with a sexy hollow out design in white and blue.

Joining everyone at the pool Andi and Gino are laughing hysterically at Gi, “payback dear brother remember what you did to us on our honeymoon.”

Gi walks over to his brothers holding them both in headlock he kisses their head, “love you guys.”

I make myself comfortable on a lounge chair watching Gi with his brothers. The children and everyone else were already in the pool. I lean back into the chair my thoughts trailing, thinking about my life, some may say I got my happy ending but my life does not end here, this is my happy beginning. The beginning of another chapter in the life of Amberline Wyson wife and more than likely mother before the end of the year if my husband has his way. Placing my hand over my stomach smiling to myself.

Gino’s boys gets out of the pool walking over to me, “aunty Ambi join us in the pool please.”

I sit up smiling at them, “aw I can’t say no to these two adorable faces.” Kissing their wet cheeks.

“Let’s get in.” They take my hand and we make our way into the pool.

Standing in the shallow end of the pool, Gi starts splashing me with water, the boys splashes him back for me. He inches his way closer to the boys and I. Lifting them up in each arm he kisses them, “oh you boys like your aunty Ambi more than your uncle Giovanni?”

A playful scream leaves their lips, “yes she is pretty and makes nice cookies and watch movies with us.”

Gi continuing with them, "oh and uncle Giovanni does not."

They giggle, "no you can't make cookies."

Setting them back down he tickles them. Wrapping their arms around Gi they both scream, "we love you uncle Vani." before swimming away. Gi grabs hold of me smiling the biggest brightest smile I have ever seen , “this is the life babe. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive.”

Thank you for taking the time to read my books. I do hope you enjoyed the story thus far.

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