The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Friday Madness


Still seated at the breakfast counter Gi walks over to me kissing my cheek, “sweetheart I would love to help you plan our wedding it’s my first and only marriage. I will help you later, I love you sweetheart.”

I put my arms around his neck, “you always find the right words to save your sexy ass. Be safe, you coming home for lunch?”

Gi replies, “I am a lawyer and a business man I need to choose my words carefully. You did not make me lunch so yes I'll see you for lunch.”

We share another kiss before he heads out. I head up to the office to start the wedding plans.

Gi messages me ′I am at the building. Miss me yet?′

I respond ′ remind me who is this?

I located a hotel close by our new home to facilitate the out of town guests. The manager offers us the use of one of their halls for the ceremony. I call my mom to get her input.

Ambi ‘Namaste mom, how is everyone? Before we do the final touches on the wedding invitations. I just got off the phone with the hotel manager, they offered us the use of their hall at an unbelievable price. I was thinking to do the Hindu ceremony there? I just emailed you pictures of the hall that the manager sent me. We will do a site visit today once it looks good we can proceed with the planning.’

Mom, “we are great sweetheart. That sounds great baby, you and Gi are really sticking to your word no stress for me.”

Ambi, “Gi is very determined and I am very organised, we make a good team.”

Mom, “yes you do both make a great team. You really were made for each other.”

Ambi, ‘thanks mom. I found a store that sells Indian wear in New York too all outfits are taken care of.’

Mom, ‘Wow ! You my daughter really are amazing.’

Ambi ‘thank you mama. Just decorators and flowers, Bianca is an events manager. She said leave it up to her just tell her what I want.’

Mom, ‘OK sweetheart I will leave you to do the rest of the planning. Give my love to Gi, take care be safe. Love you.’

Ambi, ‘bye mom love you too. Give everyone my love.’

Ending the call with my mom, confident that the hotel will be used for the ceremony and I already had the address of our new home I forge ahead selecting the wedding invitations I add it to the cart once I am pleased with the venue I will make the purchase. Finishing with that I check the time and it was only my wedding planning to do list for today is almost finished. Just a menu and some other small details.

Just then Gi messages me, ′ I haven’t seen you in forever.′

I respond ′Remind me who is this? I am engaged and my fiancé is a very serious and jealous man.′

My phone rings checking it’s a call from Izzy, I answer “hey Izzy, namaste how are you? What do I owe the pleasure of this call?“

Izzy, “hey sis namaste was just calling to see how you doing? Gi told us what happened? How is the wedding plans?”

I hear Yash in the background, “yo Ambi what is the scene?”

Ambi, “well I am a little better I am on leave until January 2nd, I get to concentrate on planning these functions. Gi is at the office they are getting the building set up. We found a new home. Will be moving in next month. I am not selling this house though I’ll probably rent it out or get mom and our grandmothers to move to Florida. How are things with you all? How my children?”

I continue talking with Izzy.
Izzy, “Oh man that sucks no honeymoon for Gi. Ambi how could you do that to a guy that is just mean. We are great we miss you. We are heading to a meeting now love you bye.”

Ambi, “bye guys and give everyone my love.”

Before I put my phone down I get another message from Gi, ′Lucky man what are my chances of stealing you from him?′.

I read his message but don’t respond right away. I head downstairs reaching the bottom of the stairs I hear the doorbell. I’m making buffalo shrimp lettuce wraps, I did not have shrimp at home so I ordered a delivery from the grocery it must be them. Opening the door I am pleasantly surprised to see Mira standing in front of me. “Mira?! What are you doing here?!” Pausing for a moment, “come in sorry I forgot my manners.”

Locking the door behind us after Mira settles in, I gesture for Mira to have a seat in the living room.
“ tell me what brings you here?” I inquire.

Mira, “Andi dropped me off said he was going to meet up with Gi.”

Still curious I ask, “How did you all get in? Nobody called me. Did Gi know you all were coming? Andi didn’t want to show you the new building?“

Mira continues, “I told Andi I want to see it when all the work is finished, besides I wanted to talk wedding plans with you.”

I continue, “Mira we could have done video calls if you wanted to see me. I am offended you did not tell me this last night.”

Mira chuckles, ”I feel offended you don’t want to see your sister in law in person.”

I shake my head in amusement, “I love having you here but who is with the children? Gi did not tell me you all were flying in. These Wyson men.”

Mira, “Andi wanted to surprise you. Mom, dad and grandpa will be staying with them along with Maria then Charlie and Tyler will fly down after the close the office. They just love the children and the children love their uncle Ty and Charlie.”

The door bell rings again, it has to be the grocery this time. Gi will be here for lunch soon, I need to have lunch ready. I open the door happy to see the grocery delivery. I check to make sure they sent everything I pay them closing the door behind me. I send Mira up to the room to relax and freshen up while I start lunch. I am turning off the stove I hear the garage door opening, perfect timing.

My favorite voice echoes through the halls, “gorgeous where are you?“

Loud enough for him to hear without shouting, “in the kitchen. Be warned you are in trouble.”

Gi walks into the kitchen, he is holding flowers a bouquet with yellow lilies, orange roses, bells of Ireland. I smile at him with my arms crossed, “oh apologizing are we?“

He walks over handing me the flowers kissing my lips. Pulling away from the kiss, “no I bought these to invite you to dinner tonight.“

I put my fingers to my lips, “I’ll have to check my schedule but I must say it does not look promising.”

Gi looks at me sadness in his eyes, “oh really?”

I look at my fingers, “well my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are visiting.”

Gi leans in holding my chin and kisses my lips, “well I’ll just have to get rid of them.”

I turn to get a vase from the cupboard snipping the flowers arranging them in the vase.

I ask Gi, “did Andi tell you they were coming?”

Gi, “yes they did.”

I set the vase on the counter, “hmm any other surprises Mr. Delicious?“

Gi pulls me into a kiss, “the rest of your life will be full of surprises. Now I am hungry let’s eat.”

While I’m getting the plates, “we are not waiting for Andi and Mira?“

I hear a familiar voice, “we are here no need to wait, what deliciousness did you make today Ambi?”

I walk over to Andi giving him a hug, “hi Andi thank you for the surprise I made buffalo shrimp lettuce wraps.”

Andi, “sounds delicious Ambi always have us eating healthy. ”

As we get seated around the breakfast counter, “you’re welcome Andi. So what are we dong this weekend?”

Gi fake coughs, “what do you mean sweetheart?“.

I continue, “Andi and Mira are here that means something is up so spill it one of you. What is going on?”

All three their game face on, Gi “sweetheart just enjoy lunch.”

We continue eating Ambi starts conversation, “so I found a hotel close to our new house. The hotel manager is giving our guests a 25% off a night and 45% off on one of their halls. I was thinking of taking them up on the offer and using the hall for the Hindu wedding ceremony. Mom is on board once we are? What’s your take?”

Gi goes along, “sounds great. We can check it out today while we are out shopping for the homes.”

Ambi continues, “sounds great. I’ll set up the site visit when we are finished with lunch. So what’s up for later?”

Gi snaps raising his voice at me, “Ambi! Can you STOP with the inquisitiveness, you will find out later.”

I finish eating in silence.

I notice Ambi biting on her inner upper lip in between having her lunch. Ambi finishes her lunch first and leaves us at the counter getting up, “excuse me, I’ll be back I have to change.”

Andi scolds me, “Gi what was that? You better apologise right now!“.

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