The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Night Fever


I was being scolded by Mira while Ambi left us to go change, “I am disappointed with you Giovanni Wyson. Was that really necessary? She just asked a question.”

I sigh getting up from the table, “come on you guys saw how she kept inquiring about the plans for later. I am sorry ok.”

Mira looks at me with a very stern voice, “the person you need to say that to is upstairs. Go now! You could have told her dinner or something.”

I tap my fingers on the counter while biting my lips “I know.”

With a very sympathetic tone looking at Mira and Andi I say to them, “I raised my voice at her in Costa Rica but not like that.”

Andi interjects, “I wish you all the luck in the world for this weekend.”

I tap Andi on his shoulder, “thanks bro.”

Ambi rejoins us in the kitchen looking so adorably beautiful, dressed in a dark blue skinny fit, denim jeans and an oversized crisp white long sleeve, button down shirt tucked into her jeans. The first two buttons undone, sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Paired with cute brown heels, she has a binder in her hand.

Ambi asks, “everyone ready to head out?” sitting next to Mira opening the folder showing Mira pictures she has printed and everything she wants for each event. Andi and I ask for excuse to go change.

Returning to the kitchen Ambi and Mira were still going over wedding details, they were so engrossed they did not notice we returned they both jumped when I said, “ready ladies?”

Mira responds, “Gi you startled us. Yes we are ready.”

Ambi heads straight for the back passenger door and get in with Mira. I lock the door to the house Andi in the front passenger.

In a very formal tone Ambi says, “excuse Giovanni it is the Miami Airport Hotel & Conference Centre meeting at 5pm.”


I keep our interactions on the topic of either the wedding or the new home since Gi raised his voice at me. Getting into the vehicle I gave Gi the address of the hotel the first stop was shopping for our home then the venue for the wedding.

I try to break the ice when Ambi gave me the address of the hotel by responding, “sure sweetheart.” It does nothing to melt this ice. We split up for furniture shopping Andi and I selected the beds for our master bedroom and the guest rooms. Ambi and Mira were selecting beds for my parents house and Gino and Bianca’s home along with furniture for my parents family room.

We reconvene at the dining section, making our selections of the eating tables. We select some other accent features before we knew it was 4pm and the hotel was thirty five minutes away. We will have to finish shopping tomorrow. Paying for the items we selected confirming delivery dates for everything. My parents and Gino and his family will be moving in next weekend, Ambi and I the weekend after. That gives us ample time to assist my parents with the move. Arriving at the hotel, doing the walk through, Ambi seems very pleased with the venue she and Mira are walking through the venue while on a three way video call with Ambi’s mom and Bianca.

They are all on board with the Hindu ceremony taking place here. I don’t remember much details from Daniele’s or Sergio’s Hindu ceremony except for getting dressed in very elaborate indian wear and Sergio and Anish both rode horses too I don’t think I will have to do that. I’ll have to remember to ask Ambi but when she is in a better mood. I am listening to Ambi ramble on and on with her mom and Bianca, technology has really advanced they are on a three way video call. I feel a bit of relief doing the walk through. At least Ambi did not want to cancel the wedding. Andi is helping me with the surprise for tonight, fingers crossed the weekend goes as planned.

Finished as the hotel, we head for home. With Ambi still not speaking to me Andi decided to coordinate the event for tonight. Pulling into the garage Andi instructs, “ok it is 5:30 I need everyone to be ready by 6:15 got it? Dress code classy.”

Everyone nods in agreeance, we exit the vehicle the ladies head for the shower first. Giving us time to go over plans. Andi puts his hand on my shoulder, “relax Gi everything is in place. I did not leave my children in New York for the weekend for Ambi to give you the silent treatment you better fix this.”

I put my hand on Andi’s hand saying, “I will bro don’t worry. Thank you again.”

Andi responds, “you fucking better. I want to make love to my wife tonight. It’s rare we get a weekend with no children.”

We head upstairs by this time the ladies should be finished in the shower. I walk into our room Ambi is in her closet sitting at her dresser putting on her make-up. Grabbing my towel I head straight for the bathroom.

I am going along with this evening for Andi and Mira. They flew all the way from New York to help Gi plan this evening. After applying my make-up I pull out the dress I wore for Aki’s wedding reception. It’s a long, A-Line, V-neck, red satin dress, with a side split on the left. I have a rose gold strappy three inch, stilettos with rhinestone beading on the straps in my shoe closet downstairs. Earrings are rose gold accented with rubies in a dangle hanging from clusters of round diamonds in each earring. My necklace also in rose gold, a key necklace pendant, with rings of diamonds and rubies that surround a round diamond in the centre. Dressed I head out before Gi could exit the shower.

Getting downstairs grabbing the keys for the car, the house and my shoes. Shutting the door to the house I leave the house key on the door for whoever is locking up. I start the suv, open the garage door I sit in the back seat waiting, I message everyone to let them know I was downstairs. Mira walks out first she is beautifully dressed in a turquoise satin dress, with halter neckline, mermaid style skirt with a side slit. Followed by Andi dressed in a sharp slim fit dark grey suit, white shirt and a turquoise tie. Then Gi, I glance at him he is locking the door, dressed in a navy blue slim fitting suit with a white slim fitting shirt and a red tie. Mira is stopped from joining me in the back seat by Gi.

Giovanni gets in the back seat with me, still upset with him I can’t help but melt at his sight and smell. Why does he have to look and smell so good I maintain distance between us, sitting as close to the door as possible, looking out the window the entire drive. I suddenly feel familiar fingers on my arms, my blood runs cold as I recall how Gi shouted at me. I grab the key pendant on my necklace, Gi stops when he realise I am not responding to him.

Andi, Gi and Mira engage in conversation about the new headquarters while I continue to gaze out the window. We finally pull into a parking spot at the marina. Getting out I playfully say to Andi, “I got dressed up for this? You said classy Andi? You are taking me fishing?” I chuckle at him.

Andi comes to my side holding my shoulders pushing me towards the boats that are docked. “Yes if you can successfully fish in a fancy dress you’ll make a fine fisherman well woman.”

I scream out, “I’m wearing three inch heels you want me to break an ankle or both?”

I grab hold of Mira’s arm, “Mira save me from this crazy husband of yours please.”

Mira hooks onto my hand, “I got you babe. Excuse my crazy husband. He means well but his excitement gets the better of him.”

Laughing at Andi, Mira and I walk arm in arm walking towards the boats, Andi and Gi walking ahead of us. The guys stop at this beautiful yacht. Named Mira, she helps me get on the boat.

She starts narrating the story of how the yacht was named, “being the daughter-in-law of the first born son, dad and mom wanted to name the boat MIRA.”

Mira gives me a tour the main deck, the boat is modern and sleek with the look of a speed boat. We were on the main deck, starting with an outdoor seating area that lead into the lavish living room. Which flows into the modern deluxe dining area and the grand kitchen. There is a corridor that leads to two half baths. Ending with a VIP suite. The lower deck has the engine room, life raft storage, six bedrooms and bathrooms. The upper deck is the ultimate in luxury and comfort with generous seating areas and a stylish bar. We remain on the main deck in the living room until they leave the docking area. The timing is perfect as the sun is setting.

Seated on the sofa Andi and Gi joins us, Gi was holding two wine glasses while Andi was holding the other two. Standing the guys hands Mira and I our glass, Andi raises his glass, “to Ambi thank you for making Gi so happy and to Gi and Ambi here is to a lifetime of love, happiness and togetherness. We love you both.”

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