The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Night Continues

Andi extends his hand to Mira, “my dear wife care to join me on the upper deck?”

Mira glances me a smile walking away with Andi, “I would love to my darling husband."

I drop my jaw in shock that they are leaving me with Gi when they know I am still mad with him. Mira glance back at me smiling, leaving Gi and I in the living room. I make my way back to the sofa by the window looking out at the view. A few minutes later Gi joined me, pressing his chin on my shoulder, moving my hair away from my face he kisses my neck and cheek, shutting my eyes I feel the tears forming.

Like a string of pearls that had just burst in slow motion tears start rolling down my cheek one after another. I feel Gi’s fingers on my cheeks wiping the tears away. “Baby I am sorry for raising my voice. There is no reason for what I did. Will you please forgive me?” Gi places his hands to my face kissing my forehead remaining perfectly silent. I open my eyes staring Gi in his eyes, I move his hands from my face.

Gi holds my hands in his, “if you don’t want to talk to me that is ok, at least let’s eat. Dinner is ready.”

I take a deep breath, getting up off the sofa I make my way to the dining area. The table is set for two, the lights are dimmed giving a very intimate and romantic feel. Which also allows us to have a better view. Gi pulls out the chair for me, he then walks off to the kitchen returning with two plates of Tuscan bean and vegetable soup. The food had to be ordered as they had no time to cook this. The soup was delectably delicious, Gi was doubling up as the waiter, he takes the empty dishes back.

Gi retrieves the next course, he is being a very gracious host tonight. Returning with two plates, one has stuffed chicken breast with herbs, cheese and tomato, with a serving of rosemary potato and green beans. The other plate has seared sea bass served with a sweet potato mousseline and roasted wild mushroom. I opt for the chicken while Gi has the sea bass. Halfway through our meal Gi swaps plates typical Giovanni, “hey that is rude.” I yell.

“Rude is you not sharing your plate with me.” He teases. Finished with the main course Gi clears the table returning with tiramisu cake and Italian lemon cake, we eat off each other’s dessert plate. Gi removes the dishes from the table while I walk back over to sofa making myself comfortable.

Gi joins me in the living room after a few minutes, “gorgeous you ready to talk to me?” sitting next to me.

I smile at him, “talk to you yes. Gi having you yell at me like that it hurt Giovanni. My father never raised his voice to me like that.”

Gi gets up grabbing a pillow from the sofa tossing it at my feet. He sits down on the pillow burying his head on my lap. “Ambi I give you my word I will never raise my voice at you not in private or in public ever again,” looking up at me.

I lace my fingers through his hair, “how did you know it was red?”

Innocently he replies, “you know I stalk you right.”

I can’t help but laugh tugging on his hair, “you are so silly Giovanni Wyson. How is it the same man that makes me cry is the same one that makes me smile?”

Taking my hand kissing it, “because he sometimes gets carried away trying to prove his love to the woman of his dreams that he drives her crazy.”

I bring Gi’s hands to my lips, “you are like a maze mister.”

He takes my hand bringing it to his lips kissing it, “I know you only have five gowns, the green, the yellow, the dark blue, the red and the white one with the flowers. When I was getting dressed I notice the empty hanger, it was a process of elimination.”

Gi has his head on my lap apologizing, “you really are a stalker Giovanni Wyson, how did you know I own five gowns?” I reply.

He gets up off the floor extending his hand, “I only stalk what interests me and the only person that interest me is you. We share a closet sweetheart and I am very observant.”

I put my hand in his, “right stalker.”

I stand Gi places his hands around my waist. “I am your stalker Amberline Wyson. Dance with me please?”

I look up at him, “uh Wyson? don’t you mean Murlani?”

Kissing my forehead, “nope I got the last name right. You were born to be a Wyson. Just think about it, if you were born into the Wyson family I would be a brother or cousin or something.” leaning in kissing my lips.

I giggle a little, “I guess if we were related kissing you would be awkward.”

“But I’m still a Murlani,” I inform him as he spins me around.

Gi smiles, “only until December 29th, then you are officially Mrs. Giovanni Wyson.”

We continue dancing, “did I tell you how gorgeous you look?” Gi asks spinning me again my back now against his chest.

I reply bluntly, “no, but keep that up and I will revert to the silent treatment.”

Gi speaks into my ear, “as much as I hate it I would take a lifetime of eye rolling over one minute of silence from you. Your silence is like a stab to my heart.”

Gi spins me around one more facing each other, he hugs my waist. My arms around his neck, I feel Gi’s hands move to my lower back. “Amberline you look exquisite. When you walk into a room, you have the grace of royalty. You are a mind of engaging intellect, a quintessential convoy for a perfect dinner. A woman of elaborate and lasting beauty. I love you gorgeous.” This Italian makes it difficult to stay angry with him. He knows how to use his words.

I blush at his words, “Mr. Delicious you do have a way with words most times.”

He pinches me, making me smack his hands away. The boat was turning to head back to the marina now. Gi and I make our way to the sofa, “I mean it gorgeous you look stunning in this dress,” Gi whispers while trailing his hands up my leg that is exposed from the slit.

I reply, “thank you I bought this dress for Aki’s wedding reception. The jewelry was a present from my dad and gramps when I bought the dress. They got me the jewelry to match.”

Gi smiles holding my chin, “your dad has left me with a very huge task of caring for his princes.”

My voice like melting honey, “yes he has. Growing up I never asked for anything. I was happy wearing hand me down clothes from my sister and brothers. So my parents would spoil me for no special reason, my brothers and sister also even Yash and his brothers when they go out and sees something I might like they would get it for me.”

In a very orotund voice Gi says, “message received loud and clear dear. You really wore your brother’s clothes?”

In a quiet gentle voice, “yeah their t-shirts, shirts and some shorts they outgrew they would pass down to me it never bothered me. It was clothes, I was happy.”

The boat is docked we wait for Andi and Mira to join us in the living room.

“So Ambi how was the evening?” Mira asks greeting me.

I look up at Gi, “it was engaging. I appreciate what you and Andi have done for Giovanni he is lucky to have you two in his life.”

Andi joins in, “hey we did not do this for him we did it for you.”

I put my hand to my chest, “thank you Andi and Mira for helping with this evening. I loved it.”

Mira and I in arms with each other we make our way off the boat, the guys are doing their safety checks securing the boat. The chilled night air hitting my skin gave me goose bumps. Gi notices he takes his jacket off putting it around me, “gorgeous here you go.”

Prompting Andi to take his off and give it to Mira. We stand by the boat waiting for the guys to secure everything. Piling into the vehicle I request, “no a/c please I need to warm up.”

Andi obliges, “sure thing princess.”

Mira agreeing, “thanks Ambi.”

Gi puts his arms around me, “you got me here princess I can warm you up.”

Arriving home, I take my shoes off leaving them on the side by the stairs. I take Gi’s jacket off and hang it on the post of the railing.

I head for the kitchen asking, “anybody wants tea or coffee?”

Mira follows me, “yes please tea.”

I fill the kettle up placing it on the stove. The guys have joined us, both wanting tea.

Andi very sternly, “Giovanni I don’t ever want to hear you raise your voice at Ambi like that again.”

I try to pacify the situation, “after this moment we are no longer speaking of that incident. Gi learned his lesson, he will not repeat that mistake ever again.”

Andi comes over to me shaking my hand, “if you handle every situation like you did this one your marriage is sure to last a lifetime.”

Gi interjects, “I told you brother she is special.”

Mira joins in, “yes she is very special.”

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