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Alternative Ending 1

REMEMBER, this was written before I wrote the sequel and so does not affect it in anyway!

April 26th 2018

Her boss had told her not to come back until next week. Ever since she had started working for him, she hadn’t taken a single day off of work. She had worked voluntary over-time. It had gotten to the point where she spent more time in the office than in her own apartment.

Audrey had thought that no one would notice her, but she had been proven wrong when her supervisor, a Mr Bill Ryker had called her into his office earlier that day.

She was glad that he had noticed her hard work, but that smile soon turned upside down when he had said that she was working too hard, so hard that he feared that she would soon burn herself out. Audrey didn’t know what to think of the conversation that she had, had with Mr Ryker earlier. The end result of it was that she takes some of her vacation time to rest and do something other than just work.

When she had refused, Mr Ryker took it into his own hands to order to not come back to the office until the following Monday, giving her a full 4 days by herself.

For Audrey, working so much was a blessing. Anything to forget her own problems. Even if it meant that she buries herself in her work.

Audrey had ordered herself a pizza. She had received her pizza, eaten it and then put the leftovers in the fridge, all in less than an hour. It was eight in the evening and she had nothing to do, but it was too early to go to bed. Especially since she had nothing planned for the next day.

Drying her hands on a towel after having washed the dishes, when her phone buzzed again.

I miss you.

It buzzed a few seconds after that.

I’m sorry.

Audrey sighed, turned her phone off and left her phone on the kitchen counter before heading into the living room.

It had been months since she had last seen Calvin, but that didn’t mean that she had completely forgotten about him. Especially since he texted her every few hours but that didn’t mean that she still loved him.

Audrey should have left sooner. The repercussions would have surely been less.

Calvin had been angry at first, when he had first discovered that she had just disappeared on him. That only made Audrey angrier. He had been angry for about the first week, texting in all caps and demanding that she come back to him so that they could fix their problems.

That had made Audrey throw her head back and laugh. As if there was anything left to fix.

Calvin had ruined things between them to the point of no return years before Audrey had left him. She had just been to blind in false love to see it. Audrey knew that she deserved better, that she was in a toxic relationship, but she had been

She felt ashamed now, thinking about it. But that was her past and that’s where it deserved to say.

Calvin deserved to stay in her past.

She had spent too long on him and now, it was time that she thought of herself.

After the first week or so, Calvin had stopped texting her for a few days and during that time, she had breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he had finally let go of her. How wrong he had been.

Once he texted her a few days after his last text, he had come back...different. His texts were desperate, begging for her to come back. Audrey was proud to say that not once since she had left him, did she ever consider going back to him. Not even for a second.

She was glad that she wasn’t as weak as thought herself to be.

It took him a few more days to drop the bombshell that he had got himself tested again. He had found out the truth, and he had unravelled that lie. The fake letter that she had sent to his office.

Audrey was surprised at how long it took Calvin to realise that the letter was a fake. Surely, he should have seen how unethical it would be for a real doctor to disclose such sensitive information by means of a letter. They had been visiting the doctor regarding their fertility -or lack thereof- for well over a year, but she pinned it on his delight that she was the issue, that he had overlooked that one small detail.

Many might not understand why Audrey had done such a thing. Audrey sometimes questioned herself but, in the moment, when she had planned fooling him into thinking that she was infertile when in fact it the opposite was; she just wanted a clean break. She didn’t want to be the one to break the news to him, even if it meant that she would be able to take great satisfaction from hurting him with the truth.

Audrey knew how paranoid her ex-husband was; she knew that he would see the past the letter and get himself tested. At least by then, she would be long gone.

Sighing, Audrey switched channels on the TV using the remote until she landed on a random documentary.

It was a Thursday night and she had nothing to do. Her brother and his wife were on holiday until the end of next week, and she had buried herself so deep in her work that she hadn’t had time to make any friends outside of her colleagues. And even then, they were all at work while she was moping about her apartment.

An hour or so passed -Audrey wasn’t really sure of the time as she watched the documentary on some rainforest- when the doorbell rang.

She wasn’t expecting anyone, but she got up to open the door anyway. Pressing her hands against the door, she looked through the little glass peep hole in the door, her face contorting in immense surprise.

Audrey froze momentarily, before she hastily unlocked and opened the door.

The man on the other side smiled, holding two big bags of Chinese takeout. “You know how hard it is to track you down?”

Audrey was speechless. Her mouth opened and closed several times before she could force any words out. “How did you find me?”

He merely smiled and walked past her into her apartment. He had a quick look around before he turned around to face her. “A friend of mine works in the same office as you. I mentioned your name and he recognised it. I had your address within the hour.”

“That’s creepy.” She said with a smile.

He merely shrugged. “I texted you but your phone is off.”

Audrey’s eyes trailed to her phone which was lying on the kitchen counter, turned off.

The man noticed where she was looking. “That ex of yours still bothering you?” He asked, and she nodded in answer. “You really need to change your number.”

She nodded her head in silent agreement. It was the first thing she would do tomorrow, but for now, she would relax, just like her boss had instructed.

“Anyway,” Joe began, “I bought Chinese.” He told her, shaking the bags of takeout in his hands.

Audrey smiled, grabbed his elbow and dragged him into the living room.

It was about time she gave the man a chance.


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