The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter six part one

Xavier's pov

Shit, Shit, Shit, I made her cry. Currently I am running after her but I let her run ahead a few minutes so I don't seem like I run too fast. I don't know how long she was running for, but when she finally stopped she was really out of breath and plopped down in the middle of a huge field. Luckily I had my backpack with me so I had a few extra water bottles with me. I also happened to bring her back pack with me. I plopped down right next to her and asked,

"Want some water?" She had her back to me so when I said this she jumped and screamed,

"Ahh, fuck you scared me. Wait what are you doing here?"

"Well you forgot your backpack, and I did not expect you to run so far, and I didn't see you as the ditching school type of person."

"Sorry about that, with the state that I am in right now I should not have gone to school but I did not want to face my parents."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well let's just say I found out some news and I am just avoiding my parents."

"Okay let's make a deal I will tell you a secret of mine and you tell me what happened, deal?"

"Okay, fine but you tell me first and promise you won't make fun of me and don't think I am crazy once I tell you. I am only agreeing to this because I need to get this off my chest or I will go bonkers."

"Okay I promise. Now what you're about to hear might sound crazy but it's true and I have proof but just hear me out okay?"

"Mhm, trust me it is not as crazy as what happened to me last night. But go on."

"Well...I'm a...werewolf." I said nervously, I lied when I said I was the most nervous I have ever been to tell her, I am even more nervous waiting for her answer. She just stared at me with the most terrified look.

"Okay, I know this is crazy and I promise that I would never hurt you. Ask me any question." After I said this she looked less afraid. I could tell though that something was nagging at her.

"Does Malcolm and everybody at the lunch table know?"

"They are also werewolves."

"What position do you have?"

"I am the Alpha." My wolf was very proud to tell her this. He took pride in being the Alpha.

She looked me up and down and said,

"Makes sense." I chuckled at her response and asked,

"How does it make sense?"

"Well I am very good at studying people and I think you know that by now, but during lunch you had this energy around you that felt powerful that you were more dominant than the others. I could tell they respected you. Which makes sense now. And that explains why you have your own house. It also explains why I was right about your weakness." I guess it probably did explain a lot of things.

"So do you have any more questions?"

"Yes actually I have a lot but I won't ask you them all right now, I just have one more if you don't mind me asking. Why me, if everyone at the lunch table are werewolves, why did you let me sit with you guys?"

"Well-" Then her phone rang, cutting me off. Its

like nobody wants me to tell her that she is my mate.

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