The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 6 part 2

Alexa's pov

My phone rang interrupting Xavier as he was about to give me an answer. But I reluctantly answered the video chat seeing that it was Katie and I had to make sure she knew that Trevor knew she really did not cheat. Also I need her to apologize and admit that I can make her life a living hell.

"What the hell do you want Katie, I am in the middle of a very important conversation."

"Ooh and what is this very important conversation about?"

"Katie, that is none of your business."

"Oh so now that you made new friends you don't want to be friends with me. I get it, you're too cool to talk to me. By the way I called to say I am sorry and you better tell Trevor the truth."

"Katie that's not it, it really is none of your business, it is none of my business either, but he told me. It's just a friend telling me a secret and I can't tell anyone. Oh and Katie no one can replace you. I wouldn't have answered if you didn't mean anything to me. Oh, also Trevor knows that you didn't really cheat on him."

"Thank goodness, anyways what is this I hear about you hanging out with a boy?"

"Well I ran out of school crying, and you know the one boy I talked about, well he followed me because I forgot my backpack, and we were just talking in the middle of nowhere."

"See I told you Mr. Hot guy would notice you."

"Katie you are like the worst best friend ever. I guess he probably knows by now that I called him hot and to avoid situations like this again his name is Xavier."

"Nah, I am not the worst and I have to go yell at Trevor." And with that I hung up and turned back to Xavier and say,

"Can we just pretend that never happened?"

"How can I pretend that the most beautiful girl did not just call me hot."

"Okay I will tell you what happened and why I was crying." I say as long as I start to blush. "Well it turns out my secret is equally maybe a little less crazy. My Grandma died about a year ago and she was everything to me so I took her death really hard, and I am going to tell you two secrets so I don't run into any more situations. I still...sleep with a stuffed animal, but that's only because it is the last thing I have of my Grandma. Now this is not the big secret. What I mean by situations is that, I have no idea why I am even telling you these things, but when I went to sign up for school on Friday I was about to get in the car to leave but I saw you leave the school and I thought you were hot so I was staring at you and my brother noticed and threatened to tell you that I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Anyways, back on topic, I took my Grandma's death hard. Supposedly she died in a car accident but last night I found out that a werewolf killed her. I ran out of the room crying and my parents found out that I was reading books with Werewolves in them when they strictly told me not to. I told you that I always hoped that I had a werewolf mate but when I found out it crushed my dreams. Now there is another factor into this but I have already told you way too much and that other factor is why I am avoiding my parents." By the time I am done telling him I am gasping for breath, but I couldn't tell him my parents want me to become a hunter he would kill me.

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