The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 8

Alexa's pov

"Sunshine don't cry." Xavier said. Next thing I know is I am running out of the room. I didn't know where to go so I went to the only other place in the house I know, the library. I quickly dash into the last aisle of books, but when I do I find a door about 3 feet tall, I open the door and crawl in. The ceiling is only about 4 feet tall. Inside the small secret room are lamps, blankets, and pillows. I can't believe this library has a secret room, if I lived here I would spend all day here and make sure that the door was hidden so no one knows where I am. Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Baby are you in there?" Fuck he found me I just want to be alone with a book in here forever.

"Leave me alone please." I said while crying.

"Baby don't cry it's fine." He says as he crawls in, in only his boxers. Fuck he looks hot with his six pack, huge biceps, and tattoo on his chest. Quickly snapping out of the haze that I was in, I cover my eyes.

"Xavier put some damn clothes on."

"Sunshine, this," he says pointing to himself, "does not matter. What matters is you, are you sick and baby why are you crying." So I decide to tell him the truth even though I know he does not hate me and he never will, I say,

"No I am not sick, I hate cheese and you said that I need to eat everything on my plate, and I couldn't tell you that I hate cheese because I wasn't talking, and Xavier never do that again I can walk by myself, you need to stop babying me. Anyways so I tried it and couldn't keep it down, I tried to run to the trash can but you wouldn't let go and you turned me around to say whatever you were going to say, then I puked on you. Then my stupid brain decided to place the thought that you would hate me because I puked on you so I started crying. Also it is that time of the month so I am very emotional." Then he took me in his arms, and it was killed me when I made contact with his skin, and he said,

"Don't say that ever, I will never hate you ever, got that, and as for it being that time of the month I already knew."

"Yes when I ran and had a minute to think clearly, I knew that you would never hate me, Also how did you know?"

"Werewolves have a heightened sense of smell so I could smell it."


"Xavier Leo Steel get your ass over here right now." A voice yelled, cutting me off.

"Shit." Xavier cursed.

"What happened and who is that?"

"That's my mother and I have no idea what happened." Then he pulled me out of the little reading nook and over to the living room. In the living room stood a woman, two inches taller than me, with black hair, and blue eyes.

"God, Xavier put some clothes on." Then I say,

"That's what I said." Then the women turns to me and says,

"It's so nice to meet you, what's your name?"

"My name is Alexa Foster."

"Well come here and give me a hug, my name is Heather." Once Xavier came back downstairs fully dressed she asked him,

"Does she know?"

"Yes mom she knows, now why are you here?" Xavier responded.

"How dare you not tell me that you found your mate! Instead I had to find out from the pack! And Malcolm told me that he saw you running half naked into the library, why is that?!!"

"Mom that is a long story, but basically what happened was she puked on me then she ran away crying. Also I didn't tell anyone except for Malcolm and she only found out about an hour ago."

"Fine I guess that is a good enough excuse," then she turns to me, " but are you okay, why did you puke?"

"Well, I wasn't talking to him because he wouldn't let me walk to the car by myself, and I said put me down or I will not speak a language you will understand. So then he put me down in the car when I wanted him to put me down so I could walk to the car by myself. So I started speaking Italian, of course Malcolm knew how to speak Italian so then I resorted to not speaking at all. Then Xavier made me a snack but I hate cheese and he told me to eat it all and I couldn't tell him that I don't like cheese. So I figured maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I remembered, so I ate a piece and swallowed but then I couldn't keep it down and puked all over him and so I ran out of the room crying and then I guess he took off his clothes and ran after me. So yeah it's a long story."

"Okay, well I am glad you are okay." Then Xavier said,

"Mom, it was nice seeing you but I have to get her home."

"Fine, but you have to come to family dinner tomorrow, and bring Alexa, okay?"

"Fine Mom we will be leaving now." Then Xavier took my hand and pulled me outside.

"Sorry for that." Xavier said.

"Don't be sorry, your mom was nice and I can't wait for tomorrow night." I really am excited, his mom was so welcoming.

"You actually want to go." He asked me.

"Well yes why wouldn't I?"

"Nevermind let's just get you home." So then we got in the car and he drove me to my house.

When Xavier drops me off and I go into my house, immediately all the memories of the night before come rushing back. When I am with Xavier it's like all my problems disappear. But now he is not here with me. I quickly head up to my room but when I turn around after I close the door, Brandon is sitting on my bed.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room Brandon?"

"I came to warn you Mom and Dad are pissed that you left this morning without saying goodbye and you keep coming back home late. Why do you keep coming home late?"

"I am just at my friends house to work on a project."

"Is this friend a boy or a girl?"

"A girl." I lied.

"Whatever Alexa I am going to make myself dinner, do you want some?" I don't think my stomach can keep food down right now. Not after the cheese I ate. So I say,

"Nope. I am good."

Then I lie down on my bed and fall asleep thinking about Xavier.

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