The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 10

Alexa's pov

"What's your status?" Katie asks from the passenger seat.

"What do you mean, what's my status?"

"Well there is clearly something going on, is he your boyfriend, and what is his name?" Okay I guess I am going to have to lie to her but I hate lying to her. But I will have to prepare for screaming.

"Well he' boyfriend and his name is Xavier." After saying that Katie squeals like a little kid and I laugh at her because she acts like a little kid.

"OMG, Alexa, I told you that you would get Mr. Hot Guy's attention. But you didn't tell me he was that hot. Have you seen him without a shirt on? If you have, did he have a six pack?"

Um, yes I have but in the most awkward situation. But it was more like an eight pack. But if I tell Katie this then she will just ask me with more questions, but then if I don't answer now she will still ask me questions then expect me to answer them all at once, so I decide to tell her the truth,

"Well yes I have seen him without a shirt and well, it was more like an eight pack."

"Alexa you are the luckiest person ever." Well shit I hope Trevor's not paying attention, just as I thought that Trevor spoke up from the back,

"Hey!" Uh oh, Katie better figure something out fast.

"Trevor you know what I meant that Alexa is very lucky to have someone like that and I am lucky to have you. You know I love you. Don't take this the wrong way." Good save Katie.

"Fine, whatever." I could tell something was off between them, but I don't want to seem nosy so I am going to keep it to myself. But I wonder if it is affecting their relationship.

When we get home I begin to get anxious. I will have to face my parents sooner or later but I would rather face them never. They are going to be pissed that I left this morning without saying goodbye, especially on my birthday. I don't want to talk about what happened the other day. I don't want to be a fucking hunter and werewolves are innocent. I love Xavier, I know it only has been a few days but, I guess being mates does that to you. If he found out my family were hunters, I don't know what he would do. I didn't notice I was crying, until I felt wetness on my cheek.

"Alexa, what's wrong, why are you crying, you better knock that off right now it's your birthday, no crying on your birthday."

"Sorry, I was just thinking." And that was the truth, I was just thinking. If I can keep Xavier separate from my family life then I will be okay.

"What the hell were you thinking about to make you cry?"

"Let's just say my parents and I got in a fight and I have been avoiding them. Now I will have to face them and shit is about to go down." Honestly I have no fucking clue what's about to happen but I know it's something big. So summoning up all the courage I have, I get out the car, and enter our house.


"At school," I say as innocently as possible.

"What about after school?"

"At a friend's house working on a project."

"You left without saying goodbye one morning then you do it today on your birthday! Not to mention we haven't seen you since that night."

"Well I have had a stressful few days, and the other night has something to do with it, but believe it or not there have been other crazier things that have happened to me in the past few days. So it's not my fault that I forgot my birthday." I don't know where this side of me came from but I have never spoken to my parents this way.

"Katie, Trevor can I speak to Alexa in private." Oh hell no I do not want to speak about that subject.

"Whatever you have to say to me dad you can say in front of them." If they stay then he can't talk about it, so I won't let them go, problem solved.

"No I can't tell them you know that Alexa."

"Exactly if they stay then we won't be able to talk about, and I don't want to."

"Alexa you have to start training to protect yourself."

"No dad I don't, maybe what has happened to me is putting a target on my back but anyone who kills me is like signing their own death certificate."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You don't even know do you dad? Well I got to go out with Brandon so bye bye."

"Not so fast," he said, stepping in between the door and me, " You are not leaving this house without talking to me in private."

"You can't tell me what to do, I am 18, I am an adult now."

"Well this is my house and my rules." Fine if he wants to play it that way I can play along.

"Well then I will come back when I want to have this conversation with you." With that I stormed up stairs and started packing my bags.

Once I was done I called Katie and Trevor over to my room, told them to get their bags, and told them the game plan.

"Okay so me and Brandon are going out on our birthday tradition, you will be in the same area and meet us at the car, at around four. Then Brandon will drive us to my boyfriend's house and we will crash there. Any questions?"

"Are you really serious, what happened that you guys needed to talk about?"

"I told you shit was about to go down, and it went better than expected, also I can't tell you what we were fighting about. Follow me." Then I went to Brandon's room.

"Come on we are going."

"But Dad said you can't leave the house until you talk to him."

"How do you know he said that?"

"Well you were yelling so it was kinda hard to not hear what it was about."

"Well then you had to hear me say that I am 18 now and I can do what I want."

"But Dad says it's his house and his rules." Good point, but I don't live here anymore. I don't know where I am going to go, but Xavier won't mind if I crash at his place.

"Once I step out of that door I officially don't live here anymore. So come on let's get going."


"No but, are you really going to let dad ruin our tradition? Plus we have to go now I have dinner plans."

"Fine but only because it's your birthday." Then I headed to the front door,

"Where do you think you're going young lady?!"

"Out, and I can do what I want because I am an adult, and don't you dare say this is my house and my rules because as soon as I step out this door I don't live here anymore. Now maybe if we just forget the other night happened and never talk about it again then maybe I can move back in. Goodbye dad." I don't know were this fierceness came from but I like it.

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