The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 11 part 1

Xavier's pov

Ugh, I can't believe I let her walk away from me. I am pissed, not at her, at me, I could never be pissed at my beautiful sunshine. I am mad at me because I let her walk away. But if she must go then I guess I will let her. But she will have to make it up to me. First I will have to give her a birthday present. So I get my phone and call Renzo. Renzo is the third in comand, and he has 6 sisters. That's probably why he is gay, I mean you can only have so many women in your life. Since he has 6 sisters he might be able to help me get a present for Alexa.

"Hey Renzo I need your help." I said after he picked up the phone.

"Yeah, sure, what's up?"

"Well you see, as you might have heard, I found my mate. Today is her birthday which I just found out and I need you to meet me at the mall in like 30 minutes so I can get her a present. You have 6 sisters so I thought you might be of use."

"I will be there." Then I hung up.

At the mall…

"Hey Renzo, how is the pack doing?" I haven't checked in with them lately because I have been occupied.

"They are fine, we can discuss this later we have more important things to take care of. We got to get her the perfect gift. Let's start off with, what does our Luna like to do." Luna, I totally forgot that she is going to be the Luna. I like the sound of it, she is going to make a great Luna. We will have to have a Luna ceremony, and I will get her a dress while we are here.

"Well Alexa likes to read, but I don't want to get her a book because we have plenty of those back at home. Other than that I don't know what to give her."

"Okay well, all my sisters like jewelry, but you can't just get her jewelry, it has to be something sentimental. You will know it when you see it. "

"Okay then let's go." We will go to every store in this whole city if we have to.

After looking through two stores we moved on to the third store and that's when I saw it, a necklace that has 'You Are My Sunshine' written in cursive with Diamonds and a sun with orange and yellow jewels. It is perfect. I had the cashier put it in a yellow box and put an orange bow on it. Since we are working on the project together I found out her favorite colors are yellow and sometimes orange. Then I bought a pair of matching earrings.

As soon as we stepped out of the store Renzo sniffed the air and said,

"Mate." Then headed off down towards the food court. I headed after him to see who would be joining our pack. When we got closer, I saw who he was heading for and when I realized who it was my jaw dropped.

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