The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 11 part 2

Trevor and Katie are sitting at the table Renzo is heading towards. Trevor isn't even gay, he probably is though and just doesn't know it. What are Trevor and Katie doing here shouldn't they be with Alexa? Before Renzo reaches the table I stop him. By putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Renzo, promise me something?"


"Don't kill Katie."

"Who's Katie?"

"I forgot you don't know them. Katie is Trevor's girlfriend but don't kill her, okay?" At that Renzo was balling up his fists.

"Why not, he is my mate?" He said while gritting his teeth.

"Because Katie and Trevor are Alexa's best friends. As your Alpha I command you to take a deep breath, calm down, and not kill Katie."

"Fine." If Katie dies that will take a toll on Alexa. While Renzo was trying to calm down I went over to Katie and Trevor's table.

"Hey Katie, where is Alexa?"

"Oh hey, um Alexa and her brother are shopping, and we were not supposed to come along so for all we know is that she is on the other side of this mall."

"Okay well Katie I kinda need your help."

"What do you need?"

"Well let's just say, Alexa and I will be going to a very fancy party and I need to get her a dress. I figured you could help." I couldn't tell Katie that it was a Luna ceremony because then she will ask what that us and I can't tell her.

"Okay I will help under one condition."

"And what is that?"

"Promise me you won't break Alexa's heart, she is my best friend, and if you hurt her in any way I will kill you."

"Fine I promise. Now can you help me." I would never hurt Alexa, I love her too much.

"Sure." After Katie agreed, Renzo came walking over.

"Well Katie, Trevor I would like you to meet my friend Renzo. Now Katie you will come with me and help." Then I turned to Trevor, "and Trevor you will go with my friend Renzo here." I said while patting Renzo on the back. "But don't worry he doesn't bite, well good luck."

I said while pulling Katie along.

"Wait why can't they come with us?" Katie asked.

"I don't think they are going to want to go shopping with us. Plus we need to focus on finding a dress for Alexa, we can't have any distractions."

"Okay, well to find the right dress, I need to know what kind of party this is, is it like a wedding, or is it just like a party?"

"I would say it's like a wedding." Except it's when Alexa officially becomes my luna. So it is kinda like a wedding.

"Okay so what is your budget?"

"I don't have one. I don't care about the price as long as Alexa will like it."

"Okay well how about you pick a store and I pick the dress?"

"Okay." Then I led her to the store where my family usually gets our clothes.

"Welcome Mr.Steel, how can I help you today?" The store clerk asked.

"Well I need to find a dress for my girlfriend, so can you lead us to the V.I.P section." After leading us to the V.I.P section the store clerk askes,

"Now do you guys need any help picking out the dress."

"No, I think Katie here knows what Alexa likes, right Katie?"

"Mhm," Katie was looking around looking starstruck, "You really weren't kidding about not caring about the prices. This is one of the most expensive stores and we are in the V.I.P section."

"Well, why don't you start looking for a dress and come find me when you find one."

"Okay!" Katie looks like a kid in a candy store and she's not even the one getting the dress. About 40 minutes later Katie comes back with a dress that is off one shoulder, it is black and it has an ombre effect so it fades into a blue, and it has a belt encrusted with diamonds.

"It's beautiful. You did a great job. Now I am assuming Alexa is somewhere in this mall?"

"Yes she is somewhere shopping with her brother."

"Well can you give her these and when she asks who it's from just say that she will know when she sees what it is?" I asked while holding up the bag containing the necklace and earrings.

"Sure." Then I waved over the store clerk.

"How may I help you Mr.Steel?"

"Have this dress sent to my house."

"Yes sir."

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