The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 12 Part 2

"Why the hell would you do that?" I asked after picking up the food and going to stand next to Xavier. Luckily none of the food came out of the to go boxes.

"Alexa step away, now!"

"Don't yell at me, and why should I listen to you?"

(I am including a language my mom taught me and now I am teaching you, so basically you just put dig in the middle of a syllable. Like werewolf is wer-dig-er-wol-dig-olf. But if you still don't understand I will translate.)

"Aldigexa, stdigep adigawadigay frodigom thadigat werdigerwoldigolf." (Alexa, step away from that werewolf.) Brandon said in our family's secret language.

"Hodigow didigid yodigou knodigow?" (How did you know?)

"Idigi hadigave bedigen tradigainindiging sindigince Idigi wadigas eidigighttedigen. Sodigo Idigi knodigow ondigne whedigen Idigi sedigee ondigne." (I have been training since I was 18. So I know one when I see one.) At that point I was so mad I switched back to English, he knew. He knew how Grandma really died for like a year, he lied. How could he?

"I can't believe you fucking lied, you knew for a year and kept it from me."

"I had to Alexa, Mom and Dad told me not to tell you, you were only supposed to find out when you turn 18. I found out at that age too."

I glared at him until I heard Xavier whisper,

"Hunters." Great now he figured it out. Shit, he figured it out, I thought as my eyes widened. What am I supposed to do now? That's when an idea sprung in my head, but it was one of the worst ideas I've ever had. If I leave Xavier, we will all be fine. I am the cause of this mess so I have to fix it.

"Xavier," I said hesitantly, but he didn't look at me, "Xavier I need to tell you something." I said a little bit louder and he looked at me. I really couldn't tell what was going on in his head.

"Xavier it's true, my family are hunters, I only found out the day I left your house and came back to school crying. You have been the best thing I could ever wish for. I love you better than books and that is saying something. I love you so much, and I might be crazy but I do. But I can't do this anymore." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek. "I know we can't be together because my family are hunters. But for that short amount of time was the best of my life. You probably don't love me but just know that I will forever love you. I hope you can find someone else better than me. But my heart belongs to you Xavier. I love you." Then the next thing I know is hearing my footsteps as I ran away and my vision being blurred by tears. My feet took me to the only thing I have left, books.

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(I am sorry but I am the biggest procrastinater, so sorry if I take forever to update, but I did just start school and once I got used to the schedule it was a little easier to write, also I am a straight A, do all my homework type of person so during study hall at my school I write this book, another book I have started or practice Italian which I am learning, so I do have a busy schedule. Also the Italian is not a class I take I am teaching myself, so it is harder.)

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