The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter 13

Trevor pov

When Katie left with Xavier, that just left me and Xavier's friend Renzo. And let me just say damn he so sexy, wait did I really just say that? Just because me and Katie's relationship has been rocky lately, and akward after we had sex, doesn't mean I should go out and say other people are hot and sexy, and I just said that about a guy. What the hell is wrong with me? Renzo looked intimidating as hell but as soon as he spoke I could tell that it was just his appearances.

"Let's go for a walk." Even though I found this situation weird I nodded in agreement.

"What's your name?"


"Hmm, Trevor." Hearing my name roll off his tongue like that sent shivers through me. After walking for a little bit we stumbled into a bookstore.

"Can we talk in here?" Wow his voice is so deep and husky yet soft at the time, like he's talking to a little kid and I am definitely not a little kid. Wait what the hell am I thinking, why am I paying attention to these things, and why the fuck do I feel so nervous in his presence right now? Soon I realized he asked a question,

"Sorry what did you say?"

"Can we talk?" He asked as the bookstore Lady left. Now we are completely alone in the store.

"Sure. What do you want to talk about?"

"Well…" Renzo said as he started fidgeting with his hands. He looked really nervous. My eyes started to drift up to his huge biceps and they were so big. I considered myself fit but compared to him he was so fit and fucking hot. I am an average fit male, I have a six pack and all that, but just looking at him had my mouth watering. I bet he has a huge dick to. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID I JUST THINK? Did I seriously just think that, I am not even gay and hear I am staring at him like he is eye candy. I need to fucking snap out of it, so I focused on what he was saying. "I think we should sit down." I nodded my head in agreement and we sat down on a bench slightly facing each other. "I need to ask you a few questions before I tell you what I am about to tell you."

"Ask away." Man that sounded cheesy. He probably thinks I am a freak, ugh why should I care, let him think whatever he wants.

"Well do you know anything about werewolves?" Yep, I know everything about werewolves. I had to listen to Alexa explain everything in her new book to Katie every day at lunch, and soon enough I read one to see why she was addicted to those books, and now I am addicted, but no one knows not even Katie.

"Yep." I said popping the p.

"So you know they have mates?"

"Yes, I know about mates, hunters and everything else, but it's not like they are real."

Honestly if someone said that they were real I would believe them. Alexa got me addicted to those books and now I kinda wish they were real, it would be cool.

"Well I am a werewolf." Really.

"Cool, okay so I have a question."

"Wait you believe me?"

"Yep, now can I ask this question?"

"Go ahead."

"Well, basically I know you can mindlink, or maybe not it's different in every book, but can you mindlink, and if you can, who specifically can you mindlink to?" He chuckled at my words.

"Well we can mindlink with our pack members, and with our mates, or human mates once we mark them. We can also hear our mates thoughts, but you can mind block them if you need to but it takes practice." Great because I have been wondering that for a while. I swear it's different in every book.

"Also I have another question, if you mark your mate, does it just scar or does a tattoo like mark appear? If it is like a tattoo then what would it look like if you marked someone?" He chuckled at my question, again. "What's so funny?"

"Well you're just so curious, and by the way you're talking it seems like you read all those romance books about werewolves. But it is more like a tattoo, and you don't know what it will look like until you get it, all I know is it will have your mate's wolf on it." He said while smirking.

"I only read those books because Alexa, Xavier's girlfriend, I don't know if you guys have met yet, but Alexa is obsessed with those books and after a while I tried one to why she was so addicted to those things, and now she has got me addicted, but don't tell anyone I read those things, not even Alexa. I have a therapist, and she says that the reason I read those things is because I use them like drugs, to take away the pain. But also it has another purpose, to fill in the spot." I couldn't finish my sentence because if I did I would become a blubbering mess and spill all my life's secrets. How am I supposed to tell a stranger I have abusive parents, I know I recently escaped them but they still left a big gaping wound. I live on my own now and provide for myself. I haven't even told Katie.

"What spot?" I think he saw the pleading look in my eyes because he quickly changed the subject, and I am glad for that. "I need to tell you something else. I am just going to lay it out there…I am… you and me are...mates." My eyes went wide, I am not even fucking gay. I will admit I do feel a tiny bit of attraction towards him, but I didn't think of it that way, I was just admiring his body.

"Well that makes things a little bit complicated because I'm not gay." His face sunk after I said that.

"Have you ever considered it." He asked as his face brightened with hope.

"Nope not until now." I mean Katie's and mine's relationship has been rocky ever since we had sex, it just didn't feel right. But does that mean I could be gay? I mean there is a slight chance, but don't you think I would have had my suspicions?

"But don't you feel the bond? Aren't you attracted to me at least a little bit?" Maybe, but how am I supposed to answer that question. Renzo suspected he wasn't getting an answer, so he tilted my chin up towards him and gave me a very soft and tender kiss. Oh my god that was the best feeling in the world. He left my lips feeling tingly from the sparks and my stomach with butterflies. I was in a daze and involuntary I reached up and met his lips again. Half a second later the bell of the door rang but we ignored it, we were too in the moment. What snapped me out was hearing a familiar gasp and looking over to find teary eyed Alexa.

What do you think? Do you maybe see their relationship going somewhere, like maybe another book?🤔🤭 One question though did this chapter make you heart melt because it did mine while I was writing? I never expected this book to go so far so Thank you for reading. Please like, comment, review, and share with freinds. Thank-you again.❤❤

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