The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Alexa Ann Foster has always dreamed of having a werewolf mate, but when she finds out how her Grandmother died her dream gets crushed. Xavier Steel became the alpha of his pack at 17, he has been searching fot his mate for two years now. Then he finally meets her but can he look past what her family is.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Alexa's pov

"Ugh, why are there so many boxes?" My family and I just moved from Boston to Minnesota, Duluth and I haven't seen so many boxes in my life. I have one older brother and his name is Brandon, he just graduated high-school and I am a senior. My parents decided to move to settle down. I am happy to move and start a new life but I will miss my old friends especially my best friend Katie. She was always there for me. When I say that she was there for me what I really mean is when I break up with a fictional character or someone dies. She was there for me even though they were fake.

I am a bookworm and I read to escape the real world. So when I read it is like I am in that world. That is why I like reading books when they are in the main character's point of view so I feel everything they do. I have always dreamed of finding my true love, just like the people in the books I read. Honestly if someone said vampires and werewolves were real I would believe them. Bringing me out of my thoughts my mom shouts,

"Alexa, get ready. We are going to leave to register you at your new school." So I get ready and hop in the car then my brother hops in the car and I ask,

" What are you doing, you're not the one getting registered into the school you graduated, remember?"

"Yes but, what's wrong with wanting to hang out with my little sis? Plus if it gets me time away from dad I am in for anything. "

"Fine you can come as long as you don't embarrass me."

Xavier's pov

I am in the principal's office again because I beat up a kid. It is not my fault. He made me mad and I can't control my anger. But he should know better, I have a reputation for getting into fist fights. Back at home and the pack house it is fine because we are all werewolves and I am their alpha. Nobody disrespects the alpha and gets away with it. But at school nobody knows what I am, besides the few pack members that come here.

I became the Alpha of the pack at 17 which was not that long ago. When you turn 16 that is when you can finally meet your mate but I have lost hope because I have been searching for 2 years. I am happy that I took over the pack but your mate is your other half and without her you will be lost, so I have been down for a while and that is why I keep getting in fights. I just need to get through the rest of the year and I will graduate. But it would be a hell of a lot easier with my mate.

"Xavier this time we are letting you off with a warning but next time you will get suspended, do you understand?" principal Colby asks. I just wave her off and head to the parking lot to go home since there is only 40 minutes left of school. As I am unlocking my car I smell the sweetest sent, it smells like vanilla. So I look around the parking lot only to see a car drive off. My mate must be in that car. It annoys me so much that she drove off but I will have to wait till Monday to meet her because I do not want to make a fool out of myself.

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