The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter Two

Alexa's pov

"OMG Katie you won't believe what just happened to me. I was getting in the car after signing me up for school and all, and this really well built, tall, and handsome as hell guy walked out of the school so I just stood there ogling him. Since I was in the way of the car door Brandon was getting impatient so he looked where I was looking. Then he looked back at me with a smirk and said if you don't get in the car I am going to get his attention and yell that you still sleep with a stuffed animal. So then I said you wouldn't dare. He almost did until I got in the car. But I only let him tag along if he promised not to embarrass me. How could he?"

"Alexa was he really that hot?!"

"Katie that's not the point, but yes, do you remember Zack from freshman year?"

"Yes, OMG was he that hot?"

"No sorry Katie," I said in the most disappointed voice, "He was ten times hotter!"


"Okay Katie calm down," I said cutting her off.

"Sorry I just got excited, there are like no hot people in this school …. except for my boyfriend."

" I know, but it's not like he would notice me anyways."

"Alexa don't say that, you are way prettier than me and Trevor noticed me, and now he is my boyfriend. Maybe he will notice you. You will just have to wait till school starts." After talking for a few more hours I unpacked a little and went to bed.

2 Days Later...

Xavier's pov

I arrived at school and started walking towards my locker to get my books ignoring all the girls who throw themselves at me. It really pisses me off when they do that, can't they tell I am not interested. I don't know how they don't get it because I have been very rude and cold.

When I get to my first class of the day I sit in the back, like usual. Malcolm, the Beta and my right hand man sits next to me and then class starts. After about ten minutes there is a knock on the door, then she walks in. She is around 5'4, she has chestnut brown eyes and hair that matches it that reaches to her mid back, she is wearing ripped jeans, a black crop top, a jean jacket on top, and a pair of beat up converse. Right there is my mate, my other half, the one I have been waiting for.

Immediately I mindlink Macolm to sit in the empty seat in the front so her only choice is to sit next to me. Luckily he does not ask questions because I do not want to explain, but I'm sure he knows.

The Day Before School Starts...

Alexa's pov

"Katie what the hell am I supposed to wear? I have nothing!!" I yell as I show her my closet on video chat.

"Alexa calm down just get a pair of jeans, a crop top, and that jean jacket. I will even wear my jean jacket tomorrow so we can match." Me and Katie have this tradition to wear our matching jean jackets every Friday. But I guess this week we will wear them on Monday and Friday.

"Thanks Katie you are a life-saver. What am I going to do without you? Anyways now that the mid-life crisis is over, are you sure you want to visit during spring break, I can always visit and you don't have to go anywhere?"

"Alexa Ann Foster I do not know how many times say this but I will visit!!!"

"Jeez, I was just making sure."

"Plus when I come and visit I can meet all the new friends you made."

The next day…

When I first get to school I go to the office and they assign someone to show me around. His name is Bryan and he has the same classes as me except for the first class of the day. When I get to my first I am 10 minutes late but it does not matter. I step inside and the teacher introduces me to the class. Then I look around for an empty seat and there is one right next to the hot guy that I saw.

Throughout class he kept on staring at me. Even though I should have been weirded out, I kinda liked the attention but I would never admit that to anyone.

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