The Alpha Made My Dream Come True

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Chapter five

Alexa's pov

After Xavier drops me off I go and search for my family but I can't seem to find them with all these boxes in the way. So I yell out,

"Is anyone home?"

"Yes in the living room honey." I hear my mom shout. When I enter mom and dad have sad and worried faces on.

"Mom, Dad, why do you guys look so worried?"

"Honey sit down next to Brandon, I think it is time to tell you how Grandma really died. So you know how we hate everything about werewolves and we won't let you read books about them?"

"Yes, how does that have to do with Grandma's death?" My Grandma was the world to me, she was my best friend, and she gave me a stuffed animal and that is why I still sleep with a stuffed animal.

"Well werewolves are real," then silence, "and we are werewolf hunters and around your age we start training. That training helps you fight them and spot the differences between humans and werewolves. We would like you to start that training." Then more silence as I sit and take this in.

"Why, why do you hunt werewolves, what did they ever do to you?"

"Well it's in our blood that's what we do. And how Grandma died was not in a car accident it was by a werewolf." Then I ran out of the room crying. Grandma was my best friend, she was the person who I loved the most. Her death was the hardest on me. Not on my mom, on me. I have always fantasized about werewolves, and now I find out they are real and I am supposed to hunt them and one killed my Grandmother, the one I loved the most. My dreams are crushed now. I have always dreamed of having a werewolf mate. Even though I thought they were not real I guess I still had a little hope. But I am supposed to hunt them. Nope I will not do it l, they never did anything to me except kill my Grandma, but that was only one.

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